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Day: August 12, 2013

Caption me Puzzle!

Cheezland wud be nuffin wifowt teh kittehs an uvver aminlols tu capshun! Many ov tehm be anonynomamous wuns from ICHC’s supply, but teh bestest is when we gets tu see teh same kitteh faces playing role aftur role fur us tu enjoy!

Here be teh game: this slide show has 6 pics uv kittehs who own Cheezpeeps and have been on teh FP repeetidly. (Sadly, fur space issues, I cud nawt use ebree singlol kitteh whu deserbs tu be here, an I polojyze most humblee tu tehm an tehir human servints – if this wurks, mebbe we duz wunce or twice a munf, or sumfing. Also, I wented wif only kittehs, nawt the goggies an such whu also kwalified.) Nayms haz been remooved frum file names, an teh pics has been numbered. Sum are pics taht has been here befoar, sum am cropped frum capshuned, sum frum gallery, sum am nawt seen prevyusly.

See if yu can naym all six! Ansurs tumorro, along wif 6 moar! (Also Fursday an Friedegg, but nawt Whensday coz uv parayd!)

PS, yes, iz nawt in a slydeshow – that onlee wurks on blogs that am hosted on, an we iz nawt. Did nawt want tu risk adding new plugins tu site this week!!! ~p








nownsingment – by Serena!

Photo (of Serena) and caption by damommza

Photo (of Serena) and caption by damommza

Happeh annibirfary week, peeps! Ebreewun deserbs a big cheer an a cookie – we did nawt let teh awsumist community in teh whirld die coz uv stoopy greedy commershalisms, we surviveded! (Histry heer, if yu arribed layt or need a reminder!)  Cheezland am nawt about the admins an mods. Cheezland am about the peeps making lols and sending in pics, an about teh commenters, an teh lurkers, an teh peeps whu donayted munnies, an, well, EBREEWUN. If yu am reeding this, know that yu am a part uv why Cheezland am still here!!!

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