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  1. Ai aer in a wawm glo!

    1. Garsh, dat luuks awfulee komfy! Ohai anni! Congaglowulayshuns!

  2. U mai barsk inn teh glo uv mai raydeeinse

        1. Thnx guise! This kitteh lived wiff a friend of mine yeerz adn yeerz ago. Loveli longhaired white bebbeh she waz. I took teh pixure wiff unfiltered light from teh table-lamp to get taht ekstra warmness. She wazza sweet kitteh, but dang!! If there’s an opposite for teh word “hypo-allergenic,” she was it!! If Ai walked into her house Ai got teh sneezes adn itchy eyes innabowt two minnits, even wifout touchin teh kitteh.

          1. Kitteh luks lyke she noes to poes! Luvely pitcher “Doc uf teh hoomin bellows” ;)

            1. Heehee! Teh “bellows” reference made mii gigglol. Maybe teh analogee wiff lungs helps to ‘splain why Ai alwayz wanted to have a “view camera”–wun of ten wuns wiff teh bellows adn many adjustments adn teh blakk cloff hood. Did yu ever read Lewis Carroll’s poem “Hiawatha’s Photographing”?? Look it up, if nawt…
              it starts lyk this…

              FROM hiz sholder Hiawatha
              Took teh kamera of rosewood,
              Made of sliding, folding rosewood;
              Neatly put it all together.
              Innits case it lay compactly,
              Folded into neerly nuffing;
              But he opened out teh hinges,
              Pushed adn pulled teh joynts and hinges,
              Till it looked awl skwarez adn and oblongs,
              Lyka complikated figure
              In teh Second Book of Euclid.

              This hii perched upon a tripod –
              Crowched beneath itz dusky cover –
              Stretched hiz hand, enforcing silents –
              Said “Be motionless, I beg you!”
              Mystic, awful waz teh process…

              1. Sniker sniker
                By the shore of Gitche Gumee,
                By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
                At the doorway of his wigwam,
                In the pleasant Summer morning,
                Hiawatha stood and waited
                For the morning light to be right
                As it landed on the white kitteh

              2. Finalee teh sunshine glowing
                Wiff teh red of storm-day morning
                Shone upon teh kitteh’s visage;
                Whereupon teh snowy kitteh
                Turned her bakk upon teh kamera,
                Turned her tale upon teh kamera
                Wiffa calm, insouciant waving;
                Adn her hind-end elevated
                Az if in a frendly greeting;
                While her face she hid completely
                Adn refused to show it even
                For a bribe of lots of tuna…

              3. Sam-fran-tastic :D

              4. *clappity clappity* Wundermuss, Lungdoc!

              5. Thnx! Aifinkso we haz all had similololar xperients wehn tryin to getta portrayt of kitteh… ;)

    1. ‘Kay, dats enuff barskin. Naow tyme fer noms!

      1. An den u mai pet me til it iz tiem fur mai nap!

  3. Butt(!) soff, whut lite frum yonder armchare brakes
    It iz teh eest n wite kitteh iz teh sun.

  4. *gigglolsnerk*

    Berybery nyse throne fur da wite cween!

    Fankees Anni fur da info awn da preveeus thred bowt da tapirs, Ai had a nawt-lurked-at-a-NatGeo-mag-in-awile… :oops:

    1. Dass OK – Ai Googlold 2 maek shore it wuz a tapir an fownd teh info at teh saem tiem – Ai thort b4, dat dey wuz rilaytid 2 lolofants – Ai wuz rong!

  5. Guys? Can I haz beems fur teh Cory-Bear?
    Him gots tu go tu teh V-E-T in 4 owrs frum nao. I finded a sore on hims tung, an I are fervintly hoaping we nawt in fur annuver horriblol bowt uv calicivirus lyk him had in Janwary.
    Poor lil bearcat – alreddy unhappy frum teh itchings (teh non-clay litter halps but not toadally) an coz teh wun noms him lyks an duz nawt haz tummy problems wif hadda voluntary recall an is srsly hard to find rite nao, an aifinkso air kwality am making hims sinuses be stuffed up sum… an nao him gots sore tung agen. :-(
    I hazza sad an a wurried fur my bear – I lubs him wiffa feerseness but him only 4 yeers old an keeps having teh helf stuffs come up. Nawt mind so much being purrpetually in debt tu vet (stoopy pet insurance nawt cobering sum fings eben if vet sez iz neessessessary), but hate him being nawt happy.

    1. {{{{{{Cory-Bear}}}}}}} hoep him is awl bedder berree sune.

    2. Beems fur Cory ========== >>>>>>>>>> (pore lil fello) n a big hug fur u {{{{{{{{{ Prysma }}}}}}}}}}.
      Ai hoep it wul awl be ok.

    3. da power ob cheezlub iz knot 2 b denied. ai b sendin beemz ob lub an kourage an strenff>>>>>

      {{{{{prysma an da wundrous cory-bear}}}}}

    4. {{{{{{Corybear}}}}} Muss be braking ur hart P. Beemz fur da furbaby n u tu. :sad:

      1. So much so I haz teh odd mommint uv wunnering if I did him a favur by saving hims lyf. Altho only until him sits up on back feets an reeches up fur me to pikk him up so him can snugglol an purr an I KNOW him hazza happeh, but still, at mommints… :-(

    5. Poor bebbeh corey-bear!!! Aiz sendin heeling beems on ohai yore way.
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>{{{{{{{Prysma and sweetsweet cory-bear}}}}}}}

    6. Launching beeemz over teh lake to teh littlol bear-kitty.

    7. Fanx muchly, guys! Cheezbeems duz teh majiks, have seen it! Makes ebreefing wurk owt the best way it can, yepyep.
      Haz I menshuned I lubs yu peeps? An haz a prowd tu haz frenz taht lubs an cayrs bowt ALLA kittehscritters an reskyues liil orinj orphlings an finds tehm homes an stuffs? :-)

      1. Ai speek fur awl da cheezpeeps wen Ai say we lub u tu n hazza prowds tu be cheezpeeps n halp uvvers n lub aowr litlol kritters n reskyoos. Dis site wud nawt be heer wifaowt u P!!! {{{{{{{{prysma & cheezpeeps}}}}}}}

      2. Whut kynds fuds am it dat am being reclawed? Purrhaps ai cud fynding it heer awna wet coast???

        {{{PK n CB}}}

        1. Natura Pet’s California Naturals Chikkin an brown ryse. Awsum stuffs, an grate compnee, but tehy had a pawsibility uv salmonella an didda recall, an befoar tehy catched up, they realized taht it waz a wider set of possible batches tahn tehy finked. Cording tu email reply I gottid frum Natura: “Expect to see some product return to retailer shelves in a few weeks(from now and the end of July), but most likely the shelves will not be FULLY restocked until the end of August/First of September”
          Tryed haff a duzzin grayn-free an corn-an-wheet-free noms an finlee finded wun him tolerayts but it nawt be az guud. Silly rugrat nawt duz gushifuds much atall, an at leest him eeting SUMFING! But him cleerly nawt lyks it az much, an I nawt lyk teh ingreejent list az much.
          Teh manajer at teh stoar we gets teh CN frum haz been bugging teh supplyer reps constintly an will get ASAP.
          Fank yu fur teh finkings, tho. {{{{{GM}}}}}

          1. Ok – am da sores wut Iz sumtymes kalled “rodent ulcers?” BamBam had dems and dey wuz fixified wiff Zyrtek. Dat wood also halp hims itchies etc. Zyrtek atta same dose as hoomin Iz otay furr kitties. I gibs it to Pebbs wen she gets drippy snotty.

            1. Same stuffs vailablol here az Reactine an it gibs him horriblol dire reer.(So duz Omega supplemints. So duz menny noms…)

              Different kind of sores. :-( Probably him gottid eksposed to calicivirus during hims 3 days azza teeny babycat that him wazzat teh “shelter”. It cozzes respir… risper… breeving issues during flare-ups an can coz ulcerations of teh mouf tissues. Hims getting l-Lysine treets ebree day since teh bad eppysode in Janwary, an mebbe iz why iz nawt BAD sores ryte nao (or mebbe I just catched it kwik).

              Aifinkso eben tho nawt want tu coz him alreddy oberwayt, gonna haz tu get v-e-t tu gibs him steroyd shot an stuffs becoz him tung nawt gonna heel if him keeps abrayding it gainst hims fur alla thyme.

          2. PK, plz luk at uther emayo acct ryte naow. fankeez.

      3. Beemzies adn huggsis tew cory-bear adn mama PK!
        ===~===~===~=============»»»»»»»>>>>>>>>>>>>>}}}}}}}}}} *shmoo!*

    8. {{{{{Cory-Bear}}}}}

    9. {{{{{{Cory-Bear}}}}}}} {{{{{{{{{ Prysma }}}}}}}}}} ai will praye to CC fore liddlol Bear & Yu. Me & awl mai kittilets will send teh beems uf luv & well wishish!

  6. Effen aim Ceiling Cat, whaiz it soe hot???

  7. OIK spam spam ai see spam warning warning will robienson. 1/2 cheezpeeps cover ais. 1/2 cheezpeeps getta whompin spoons owt. Wun Too Free-Whomp awai!

  8. looks like cate blanchet in lord of de rings……

    1. “Cat Blankets”

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