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  1. Hmm, picherdz awn toste…..

    1. …we shaer. u hab teh toste, Ai hab teh pilcherdz!

      1. Okay, kitteh! Ennyfing for u!
        Congrats, Annipuss.

        1. Thx OCM!
          (saw 2 laet dat dere wuz sossijiz unner teh toste)

          1. I was being kwiet about dem, hoping kitteh woodnt notiss!

            1. Awl teh moar fur us, eh!

              1. *nods* I never eetid sossijes or bakin for breffist befor I went to TTI! I still nawt eets for breffist geer, butt(!) I did wen I was dere.

              2. Sossij an bakin aer part uv teh Full Ingerlish Breffuss – shud reelee be blakk puddin nawt bangerz tho. Ai nebber hab kukked breffuss at hoem an juss bakin wen awai.

              3. *shudders* Black pudding. Urk.
                I wood hav eggz, bakin, mushrooms an croissant, maybe sossijes. Den nuffing until dinner at mite!

              4. Pilchards are sardines and used for bait, EM

  2. Aww – Irish red-hedded kitteh must batbatbat teh toste away tew get at teh yummee cuuked brekkfist.

  3. Capshun:
    Dere. Dat bit. Its bernt!
    Try agen, hooman.

  4. if yool just hold teh toste for me, I’ll likk of the butter—then yu can hab it back..

  5. “dis syde’s nawt gots enuf budder onnit”

    2 haurs till Spanky goes too teh V-E-T. Ai’m stressded.

    1. {{{{{{{maryqos & Spanky}}}}}}}

      1. thangs agan! thare’s a gyant corm feild akross frum teh V-E-Ts & ai shore dunnot want too bee tryeing too fynd mai boi inn thair (awlso teh corm stawlks maek me awl itchified)!

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Happy Beans iz tappity tappin cuz is faymus!!!! Thankin yew *schmoo*

    Nao … a capshun … erm … has tu b …

    Happy Beans Oan Toest

    1. Ohai muriell! Plz 2 assept mai paw in frenship!
      Iz a lubblee pikchoor uv a lubblee kitteh!

      1. *headbonks* annipuss! Ai hassa pleezd tu meetcha tu :)

    2. hai muriell! ai lubs yer abiator! pleesed too meetcha. *extinds floofie paw fore a shaek*

      1. Thankin yew maryqos! Mai abatar issa lil fostur kitteh callded Arrullo (means lullaby/coo in Spanish). Hims hassa beri fotogen… fotojeni… hims beri gud wit teh camra!

    3. ohai, muriell and happy beans

      *extends friendly paw of fluffiness*

      1. Ohai puddy_tat! *floofy paw hi5 uv frendsloop*

  7. Okay, guys, to answer a question about downloading pics from the new gallery:

    On flickr, you had the choice of right-clicking on the pic and choosing a size, which took you to the view-all-sizes screen, or clicking on the menu icon (3 dots) to go to the same place. Once you had the size you wanted, you could right-click the pic and “save as” or your computer’s equivalent, or you could click the link for “Download the {whatever} size of this photo.

    On ipernity, the right-click option isn’t there (it will give you one-pixel images – teeny dot). This means you have to click on the word “Settings”, which is just above the CheezlandPix icon and just below the little scrolly thing showing you the other pics in the album, and choose “See all sizes”. Since I’m trying to make sure they’re the right size anyway, “original” should be fine. Then you click the link that says “Download the original format {or whatever size} of this photo”.

    It’s the same basic process, nothing new added, just a different place to click to get to the All-Sizes screen. For anyone who was used to using right-click shortcuts in Flickr, it’s going to be a little different to get used to, and I’m sorry about that.

    If you have any other questions or problems, email me or let me know and I’ll do my best to help out. This is going to be just a small bump while we get used to to the new site. {{{{{{{{{{Cheezpeeps}}}}}}}}}}

    1. I may be doing it wrong, but I does not get that opshun.

      pardon me while i feels confused.

      I can get at the picture if I do something devious in firefocks, but don’t think i are supposed to do that.

      Does you have to join / sign in to ipernity to get this?

      1. Dat’s wat Ai wuz finkin.

      2. No, you don’t need to be registered. I’m testing this in a browser I’m not logged into.

        Do you have NoScript or anything similar that might be blocking active content on the site? I had to make sure that it was allowing ipernity before I could do uploads and such, it might be interfering.

        You should be seeing this:

        1. Hmm, I do need to apologize, there WAS a glitch somewhere – a setting I had changed earlier reverted somehow (might be my fault, might be just one of those things, might have been a result of changing something else), but it’s been fixed again and hopefully will stay this time.

          Between that and checking that active content is allowed, it should work. It does for me, in Firefox, not logged into ipernity.

          1. I still don’t get access to pictures – there is a message note that says I must sign in to get access to these pictures. (I’m also using Firefox with Adblock)

            1. Can you do a screenshot and send it to me with exactly what you’re doing? (screenshot: press the “PrtScr” button on your keyboard, it might save to your Pictures folder by default.)

              ‘Cause, like I said, I can reach ’em without being logged in, and I just had Seanya check on her puter which has never been logged in and she can get them.

              Can you SEE them, and it just won’t let you download them?

              Maybe do CTRL-F5 to make sure you’re loading the current settings?

              Failing that, give me as much info as possible and I’ll email support.

              Anyone else? Can you save/download pics okay? Or not?

              Second screenshot of what should be there:

              1. Ah. Thankies.

                There are a link ” Download the original format of this photo” under teh picshure.

                Didn’t notice that before (may have been me) – it seems to work now though.

                I does not get that opshun on right-click, though.

              2. Yeah, right-click is completely no longer in the picture anymore, ipernity doesn’t seem to use it at all.

                I’m hoping this way will be acceptable for everyone, once it’s less new.

                (And it may have disappeared for a bit, like I said about the settings thing earlier – might not be you!)

                Anyone still confused, plz:
                1) make sure you DO NOT have NoScript or similar blocking ipernity
                2) make sure you’re on the page of the photo you want
                3) follow the screenshots I just posted links to
                then b)

                Then, any further issues, let me know. :-)

              3. thankies!

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