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Caption me – Star, PJ, and Zeba

Photo (of noodle's true love Star, baby PJ, and heart-kitty Zeba) by noodle

Photo (of noodle’s true love Star, baby PJ, and heart-kitty Zeba) by noodle

For anyone who missed it, noodle’s love Star crossed the Bridge on Sunday.

Posting this gallery pic in their honour. noodle sez:

yes i would love to have mai cheezfrendz share mai joy and sorrow. star loved our kittiez and all animalz. she was fierce if anyone didn’t treat an animal with love. we were together for 32 years, exactly 1/2 my life. i will miss her every day and night, but she is in my heart awlweighs. she is runnin to see all our hart kitties and goggies  again.
i have good, good friends and family. we will all take care of oneanother.
and my love for my cheezfrendz  brings amazing strength and comfort to my hart.


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  1. Lubblee pikchoor noodle, thx fur lettin us shaer.

    1. star wuz tri in 2 konvince zeba da da littel rascel pj wood knot b a pesky liddel kitten. zeba (wif gud reesin) didn’t by dat storie. but zeba an bonnie (hart kitties) relented an adoptified pj as a phine sun.

  2. mai suite, suite luv.

    1. We are all thinking of you, Noodle, with great affection, and stand ready, willing, and able to give you our collective strength and support.

    2. *hugs an lubbs an kitteh schmoos* {{{{{{{{Noodle an Star an kittehs}}}}}}}

    3. We are so sorry for you loss, Noodle. Of course Star has strengthened you for this! Nonetheless, the loss is just so total. The whole House of Mrrphh celebrates yur suite suit lubz an saloots deh Star.
      Mrrphh, Kitty Rou’, Miles, Jerry, an Sooz

  3. Capshun sujjestyun:” We haz lubs”

  4. My most heartfelt condolences, Noodle. Find comfort where you can. Hugs and beemz to you!

  5. Wut a lubblee pixor, noodle!!! I knowz u will carry Star in ur hart awlwayz.

  6. Star was the bestest sister-in-law forever and ever. and the best pal… too

    1. sue iz mai wundrous twin. am hur nawt secund venchur inn2 cheezland. :grin: well kome!

      1. Welcome, Sue. We hope you come play with us often.

    2. Walkum Sue!

      1. waves floofy pawz at Sue, welcome!

        1. Welcome Sue – sorry for teh circumstenches wut brought yew here, but welcome, adn sorry for yore lawss, tew.

    3. Welcome, Sue. Noodle adn Star haz been a grate addishun to CheezLand adn da cheezpeeps furra whiles. Ai iz so sorry you bof losted a luv adn a friend.

    4. SuburbanPrairie

      Ohai an welkom, Sue. Plz tu assept mai deepist sorriez fur teh loss ub yur deer Sisser in Law. ♥

    5. Welkom Sue!!! *extens floofy paw ov frenships*

      Ai hoap yew come an play heer wif us lawts!!!


    6. Walkom, Sue!

    7. Welcome, Sue! I has a happy you have come here, although it grieves me that it is due to such a sad occasion. Noodle, u and ur fambly and effury who loved Star have mai beams and lubs and hugs. I am so sorry. I remember your heartbrokenness when Star had to go in a home and now she’s gone. I’m glad you have a twin and kittehs to be wif u at this difficult time.

      1. And now mai caterpiggly abatar has disappeared … great. Or is it here?

  7. Thank you for sharing the picture of your beautiful family, Noodle. Cheezland holds you in our hearts, prayers, and beemz. May you find peace in beautiful memories, and in knowing you will be together again.

  8. SuburbanPrairie

    Byootimus. ♥

  9. mai kondolensis awlso noodle, taht is a sweet pikshur.

  10. Fanksew for sharing dis bewtimuss pixor, noodle! My lubbs goze owt tu yew…

  11. Sorree foar your loss {{{{{noodle}}}}}.

    Ai had tu halp mai Sallee crost teh bridj tudai. Hur had teh hart murmur adn teh lymphoma. Hur nawt kuud handlol teh sir jury oar teh kemo inbolbed. Hur wuz teh sebenteen yeerz owld.

    Aifinkso ai will tayk hur foar a walk tu teh meddow and innurduce her tu teh watchmanz.

    1. {{{{{{{{{{{WRR}}}}}}}}}}}

    2. O sew mush sad tudai…{{{{{{{noodlol}}}}}}}{{{{{{{{{{wRr}}}}}}}}…
      Mai leeky aiz, lemme sho yu dem….

    3. {{{{{WRR}}}}}} So sorry to hear this news. Bless you for seeing her safely home.

    4. So sorry WRR.

    5. Oh, WRR. I’m so sorry. {{{WRR and his Sallee}}}

    6. WWR: Dis am indeed a sad day fur da cheezpeeps.
      {{{{{WWR adn Sallee}}}}}

    7. Oh noodle adn WWr ai so sorry for your loss. U boaf am in mai hart <3 ai holed u sofly. May yor rememberrys gibs u kumfert nao adn aweez <3

    8. Whether it is a furry luv or a human luv the hart hurts when they leave us behind. That is why it is so important that Noodle and West Riverrat you both know that all of cheezland is here for you. I am sending both of you beems of love and support.

    9. SuburbanPrairie

      {{{{{{{WRR}}}}}}}} Ai will ask mai hart-goggie, Lucy, tu meet yoo dere, az well. Ai’z sew sawree yoo hastu say kthxbai tu yur deer Sallee. ♥

    10. oh noe WRR, ai din’t see this afore, ai’m glad ai have a lot of shamwows, it is a shamwow dai, soo verry sorree to heer about Salleegurl, my thots are wif yu {{{{WRR}}}}

    11. Ai iz sew sorree WRR!!!!


    12. {{{{{{{WRr}}}}}}}}

      *blows kissies tew awl owr lubs waytin & playin inna meddow*

    13. (((WestRiverRat)))

      Ai has a sad wif u. She’ll be happi wif teh Nightwotchman, but whut about u? U can has comfort? Ai fink ai need a shamwow nao.

    14. {{{{{{{WestRiverrat}}}}}}} So sorry yoo had to say goodbye for now to yor Sallee. My heart breaks for yoo. Sebenteen yeers ob lubs, what a gift. {{{{{{{Sallee}}}}}}}

  12. *drags in a large table*
    *sets out boxes of markers and glitter and glue and ribbons*
    *ties large bunches of balloons in countless colours to the corners of the table*

    *chooses one blue as summer skies and writes “Star” on it in silver glitter*
    *holds onto it and chooses two more, one green as lush grass and writes “Zeba” on it in regal gold, one warm yellow as the sun and writes Bonnie’s name on it in black like her stripes*
    *releases all three together to drift on the breeze out into the Meadow*

    *finds one icy blue-white for blizzard-loving Sally-girl, writes her name on it in rich golden-brown, and sets it free*

    1. *Choozez a mydnyte blu bloon, rites “Star” wif silver glitter*
      *Choozez a cheerful red bloon, rites “Sally” wif bryte blu pen*
      *Choozez a yellolo bloon, rites “‘Niser’s husband” wif green pen*
      *Releesis bloons intu teh Meddow*

    2. SuburbanPrairie

      Fankies sew mush, PrittyPrysmaKitteh. ♥

      *rites lub notes tu mai Dadcat, mai hart-goggie, Star, Sallee, an ScarletKitty hoo ai still miss sew mush*
      *schmooz eech bloon before sending it ober tu teh meddoe*
      *passiz owt shamwowz*

      1. *takes wun ov the shamwows frum SP, den grabs hur an givs hur a beeg hug*


        Lubs yew mai frend!

    3. *Taeks a purplol bloon draws harts onnit fur momma, pix bloo bloon fur mai hart kitteh Buster draws fishees onnit, pix owt calla co culerd bloon adn draws nips adn moffs (hur fabrit tois) onnit fur mai Berny kitteh, adn pix a tiger culerd bloon adn tyes nip mowsies tuit fur mai Skweek kitteh adn nawt lastly pix cow colerd bloon fur mai Roscoe kitteh. Also tu pix owt purty pass tell bloons fur alla duthers hoo has crost teh brij. Smyles wiffa leeky iies*

    4. *grabs brite red ballmoon an writes “Dayle” onnit, whispurs “Wii miss yew” an sends it floating gentloly upwards towards the meddow.*

      *grabs a blak an whyte ballmoon an writes, “The orinjinal Spot” onnit, den grabs a obnp an whyte ballmoon an writes, “The orinjinal Star” an sends them wif mai lub.

      *Finally taykes a pritteh bloo ballmoon an writes “Mom and Dad, you are loved an missed by so many.” , gibs it a schmoo an sends it towards the bridj.

      Fanks Prysma fur doin dis.

    5. Adn a bloo wun for hart-kitty Rosie, who is whole again in the meddow, a red wun for hart-kitty Alexis, orinj (nawt poysin) for hart-kitty Emma, green for hart-kitty Tsali, anudder wun for ex-hubcat Joe, and anudder for mai Momcat. Ai hoaps you has all found each other in teh meddow. Mai eyes, dey are leeking. *takes a shamwow* Fanks SP, I needed that.
      Fankees Prysma for teh bloons!

    6. *Taeks a purplol balloon and a matching purplol pen and writes heart-doggie Henry’s secret nickname onnit, den grabs a silber pen and writes “safe and loved forever” * *Den releeses the balloon*

      *Taeks a festib red balloon and a gold glitter pen and writes “Wii lubs yoo awl furebber!” for alla Cheezpeeps and heart-animlols and releeses it*

      1. Taeks a Sparkloly White Balloon and rites BamBam inna black ink … Adds a footie print frum sister Pebbles ana schmooooo frum da Lady Jane … releesez it wiff a kiss

        Taeks a sekond Sparkloly White Balloon and rites Jazzy Puppy inna black ink … Adds a footee print an a schmooooo frum da Lady Jane … releesez it wiff a kiss

        Taeks a multi-kolored Balloon and Rites ELSA onnit wify Silber ink … releesez it wiff a kiss

        Taeks a HYOOJ Blue Balloon and rite MATT onnit wiff Gold ink … Adds a footee print frum Lady Jane an a smooch frum Me, his mum and His sissy Christine … Releases it wiff kisses unending ….

    7. *chooses an ivory bloon adn rites ” ♥ Smudge ♥ ” on it wiv green marker to match hims lovely ivory fur adn green ais*
      *Releesis bloon adn watches it join teh others as tehy drift to teh Meddow*
      Fank yoo, Prysma. ♥

  13. A sad news week indeed. If we did not love, we would not grieve or hurt. What a pathetic existance that would be! I choose to love and be loved no matter what hurts may come.

    Noodle and WRr, please know that we all are holding you both in our hearts.

    {{{{{{{{{{Noodle and Star}}}}}}}}}} {{{{{{{{{{{WRr and Sallie}}}}}}}}}}

  14. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[WRr adn Sallie nd Noodle adn Star}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Izza ruff week, to begin an such a sad note
    * takes a blue balloon adn writes on it in big letters, S*T*A*R and sends it on its way
    Then takes a fuschia balloon and writes Sallie’s name in bright white and ties a nip mousie to the cord, then lets it float o its way to the meadow*

  15. FankQuews foar awl teh beemz and supports.

  16. onions and petunias

    Hugs and lubs to noodle and wrr today.

  17. *takes an orinj (bnp) baloon, writes Ambercat in golden letters*
    *takes a bloo baloon, writes Star in silver letters*
    *takes a green baloon, writes Sallee in yellow letters*
    *releeses baloons into teh sky*

  18. :cry: {{{{{{{{{{noodle, famlolee adn frenz}}}}}}}}}}

    Asso {{{{{WRR}}}}}

    Losing sumwun am awais hard adn nuffing wii sai adn do kin ebur reely make teh pain bettur, butt(!) at leest yoo hab awl dose yeers tu remembur adn cherish in ur hart.

    Plz tu noes dat wii r heer fore yoo, no matturz wut – be it fer teh shoulder oar juss tu tawk oar eben fer hugs, beems adn boops.

    Hugs adn beems, Bx

  19. Mai capshun wud bee:

    Gentlol souls
    Gentlol love
    Ever cherished

  20. Star and Noodle and WWR and Sallee and all who they loved and all who loved heart goes out to awl of yoo and ai howld yoo in my heart <3 <3 <3

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