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  1. Burds rownd heer aer nawt berree Ohaijeenik….

    1. ….Ai haz bean heer fur an ower an nawt wun haz kum fur a baff!

      1. Ai seize teh problum Jeffree, burdeez liek waddurz inna burd baff nawt kitteh floof.

    2. Jeffrey gonna halp ’em hazza baff, aifinkso!

      1. Yep, dass rite…Halp dem!

        1. Kamoflage – Jeffrey is duin it rong.

  2. Whut? Ahm nawt dewin aneefingz! Lurkin’ fer burdies? Moi? Sertinlee nawt!

    1. Whut a grate pixure icanhazanimlols!

      1. Ai mus bee goingz, toodai am mai mahm’s 87th birfdai! Bye frendz!

        1. Bai, BF Happi birfdai 2 ur mahm!

        2. Happytaylol birfday tu yoar momma, bf!

  3. Consul, the Almost Human

    Pulling high-G corners in the Lotus

      1. Consul, the Almost Human

        Toonces has nothing on Jeffrey.

        1. Troo leest Jeffrey keepin it awn teh rode!

  4. *burP*
    No, ai hazzint seen any burdiez. Wuz ai sposed tu be luuking for some?

  5. Wai yesh ai iz teh monnark ob awl ai sirbay, fank yew fur axin! :)

    1. Ohai, Niall Mor andz ebbeewunz:

      Surr Jeffree ubz T3h
      Flooffee Glubbdz Pawz feenkz dis amz
      Ekksellent Napz Spawt!

      Surr Jeffree ubz T3h
      Flooffee Glubbdz Pawz haz Soopurb
      “Pownss awn Kittehz” Playss!!

      Surr Jeffree ubz T3h
      Flooffee Glubbdz Pawz haz T3h Hye
      Graowndz, NAWT gibbz it up!!! :D



    Splish Splash I was a-takin a baf
    Long abowt a Caturday nite.
    A-Rub-a-dub, jus
    Rewaxin in deh tub.
    Finkin ebberyfing wuz alrite
    Well, I steppt owt uv deh tub,
    Put mai feetz on deh floor.
    I rapt a towl arown mii and I
    Opened deh door. And den I
    Splish Splash .. I jumpt bak in deh baf
    Well how wuz I tu noez dere wuz a party goin on?

    Dey wuz a-splishin adn a-splashin
    Teelin wif deh feelin
    Movin and a groovin
    Rokkin and a rollin, yeah.

    Bing Bang, I saw deh hole gang
    Dancin on mai frunt room rug, yeah!
    Flip flop, dey wuz doin deh bop
    All deh teens had deh dancin bug.

    But deher wuz Lollypop wif-a Peggy Sue
    Gud Golly Miss Molly wuz-a eben dhere, tu!
    A-well-a Splish splash, I furgot abowt deh baf
    I went and put mai dancin shuez on. yay.

    I wuz a-rollin and a-strollin, reelin wif deh feelin,
    Movin and a groovin, splishin and a splashin, Yeah!

    Yes, I wuz a-splishin’ an a splashin’…
    I wuz a-rollin’ and a-strollin’…

    Yeah, I wuz a-movin’ and a-groovin’
    Wii wuz a-reelin’ wif deh feelin’
    Wii wuz a-rollin’ an a-strollin’
    Movin’ wif the groovin’ splish splash, yeah!

    1. Ohai, cweenmj:

      Owr Kween haz a feeng
      foar Bawbbee Darrunn. And Herz
      gawwna showz U it! :D


      1. Just kuz Ifinso Bobby Darin wuz deh bestest singer uv himz day? ;)

        1. Ohai cweenmj:

          Bawbbee Darrunn wuz
          ekksellent seengurr. Eeben
          beddurr wiff “Foalk Rawk”. ;-)


  7. Ohai ebriwun, hoap ur awl habing a gud gud gud weekendz! :-)

    Ai kin has sum beems, plz? :-( Ai hazza deep wurreed…

    *turnz awf lolspeek*

    I was born with a condition called congenital rubella syndrome. I was luckier than most and only suffer from visual problems (it could be much worse, from brain problems to deformities and death). I have no vision in my left eye, and to save my right eye they had to remove the lens when I was still a baby, so I have had to wear thick glasses and more recently also super strong contact lens in order to see things properly. Other than having problems with depth perception and balance et al, I haven’t really had any problems. However, for the last year and a half, I have noticed an increase in foggy vision (it started with once a month, but now it happens about 4 times a week). At first we thought it was due to the contact lens being older than a year, so 3 weeks ago I got a new lens, but earlier this week I clicked that I’m wearing the new lens and my vision is still going foggy 3-4 days a week. I spoke to my optomotrist, who worried that it might be due to swelling of the cornea and asked that I come in when it happens again. So, Friday morning it happened again and I went in and they checked my eye – yes, the cornea was swollen, but (!) there are also blisters on the cornea. :shock: I was then squeezed in for an appointment with my eye specialist and rushed right over. The specialist had a look and confirmed that my cornea wasn’t well and that the blisters were like water blisters, but he had trouble checking my eye pressure and couldn’t give me any answers really until he had confirmed a few things. So, he has sent me to the eye centre on this coming Monday for a specular microscopy scan (endothelial cell count) or something like that, which means he wants to see if my eye is deteriorating. :-(

    *sigh* I know I shouldn’t worry about things I can’t change, but this could (maybe) majorly effect my life, and I’m just scared.

    *turns lolspeak back on*

    Hoap ai didnawt unload tu mutsh! *Hugz tu ebriwun!*

    1. *Sends wishes for all to be okay very soon* Getwell wifakwikness!!

      1. Fankeez Lungdoc! *boop*

    2. {{{{{{{Benni}}}}}}}

    3. {{{{{{{Benni}}}}}}} Hoapin yoar eye wiwl bee beddur!

      1. Fankeez Roofie!

    4. {{{{♥♥BenniBenniBenni♥♥}}}}

      Sooper-Mega-Eye-healing-Beemz frum Bancoober BC tu ar Benni—>—>—>—>—>—>—>

      1. *catshis beems inna bawtlol fer Mundane* *hedbonks GM*

    5. {{{{{Benni}}}} Dat duz sound skeery. I goez wif u in ur pokkit on Monday, ok? den if u feelz skeered u kin just reech in ur pokkit and I will hold ur hand.

      1. Aw, fankeez mah Cween! Ai’ll trai tu nawt skweez ur hand tu tite! *hedbonks adn purrz*

        1. {{{{{{{{Benni}}}}}}} ai’m sending gud gud beems yur wai.

          1. Fankyew, maryqos. *hug*

    6. =========================================>>>>>>>Heeling beems tu Benni==========>>>>> Ai wull awlsew speek tew CC iffen yu wud liek meh tew dew dat faw yu, ‘k Benni? {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Benni}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      1. Ohai, NM. Iz beri sweet uv u, fankeez. *boop*

    7. Beems frawm mee ————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to {{{{ Benni }}}}
      Keep yor spirits ohai, k?

      1. *hugz PB* Fankyew, ai’ll trai mah bestest.

    8. Oh my!!!
      hugsanbeemsanhugsanbeemsanhugsanbeemsanhugsanbeems *deep brefff* hugsanbeemsandhugsanhugsanbeemsanbeemsanhugsanbeemsanhugs!!!!!

      I’ll sneek into yur otter pockit – to keep the situation in balance!

      1. *gibs Nenne a beeeg hug* Fankeez, it wud halp lawts!

    9. Beeg beems an boops for Benni. Good luckk.

      1. *boops OCM* Ohai adn fankyew!

    10. Oh mai, OH MAI, OH MAI
      Hao did ai miss dis yesterday?
      Dat iz BERRYskerry, Benni.
      Lotsa hugs and beems tew you.
      I finkso dat I yam gunna hab tew adda beem-n-hug category tew teh boops wen I git dem fixd.
      Just foar yew.
      Of corse aifinkso teh cheezpeeps might blow dem awp pushing dem so fast if I did.
      Stay strong, my friend.

      1. *imajinz awl teh fingur krampz dat will happin* :shock: Erm, fankeez NC66, butt(!) ai doan wanna be responsiblol fer anni damidje tu fellow cheezpeeps wanting tu send overload uv beems!
        *hedbonks adn purrz* Asso, fankeez sew mutsh fer teh beems adn thots!

    11. Ohai Benni! I send you beems, floofy kittehs, hedbonkz and purrz and lotz of huggz!! I wish you the best {{{{{{{{Benni}}}}}}}}

  8. Where’s mah crow?

  9. ohai Benni – sendning big and strong heeling beemz from teh land down under :-) {{{{Benni}}}}

    1. Aw, fankeez bellaandbonnie! *HUGZ*

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