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  1. wif extra meow?

  2. Fanx, Douglas Adams,for that trilogy in five parts. And happy day after Towel Day, ebreewun!

    And congz to carosue on her high,wide, and handsome seau l’eau.

  3. Ohai, ebbeewunz!

    Wii haz fybe Kittehz
    andz eetch haz free taylz 2 tellz,
    but nawt awll atz wunss!

    Callee~co amz T3h
    Prinssess andz hurz haz handsumm
    Preetoaree~unn Gardz!!

    Preetoaree~unn Gardz
    awllso holds daown T3h Prittee
    Prinnssess Hewjj Doamayne!!! :D


  4. Fibe parts? Nawt sixes? Trilogy nawt in sixes. Fibe? Fibe? Hmmmm. Fibe parts. Hmmmm.

    1. Dat way u can has a nawt sixth!

  5. A true trilogy! !
    Of the best kind!!

  6. A trilology en-tile-told, “My Cat Slate” :D

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