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  1. Ai’ve had sumfin liek dat!

    1. Congas awn ur tye anni an nennepus! Aifink ah’ll haz sum almoast-koffee naow!

      1. Aihoap so TTI peeps an teh rest uv teh US peeps kahn haz guud wevver fer teh lolidai weekend, noo hamster kan haz ownlee bowt fittie deegreez an pourin rayne rite up tew mundane.

        1. Nawt a prawmising start fer teh supposidlee ‘furst week end uv summerz’. Muvver Nachure, wai u sew kray-kray?!?

          Butt! Ai hazza eggstra dai awf frum pleh wurks sew iz awl guud, noe mattur teh wevvur!

          1. Ai awoked at 1 am – freezing – and terned teh heat bakk awn, It wuz fittie-sumfing in teh howse.

            1. It”z gawnna bee 78F adnn sunnee inz Flollrida. *dukking ….. Ai’m dukking!*

              1. *Sendz grumpee lukz daon souf Italianaz wai*
                *Titenz blakee araond sholdurz n speshullee araond feets*

      2. Thx BF! We hab a bedder dai dan yestidai – still cawlder dan it shud be tho.

    2. *nodnodnod*
      Me too… sebrul tiems even…

      *Gets the nutra matic going*
      *Orders tea and short breads for all*
      *waits patiently*

    3. Ai wunce habbed “cumplimenry” kawfee dat tastfied lyke sawdust mxied wit sum kind ob animalol feed! Eet musta kumfwm da N-D-S-M!!1! :sad:

  2. And it only took elebenty hours to make, too!!

  3. Teh Nutri-Matic Drink Synthesizer am att itt agin!

  4. …butt perfect for a propusion system based on Brownian motion.

    1. Hee hee! Ebery bunnee is teh clued up on teh HitchHiker’s Gyde… Makes mii want to reed it again… I has a jiant edishun wiv alla teh buks in wun volume. Best way tu reed it.

      1. Yep, Ai aer haff wai throo ‘The Salmon of Doubt’ – bits an peesiz uv Adam’s werks an anuvver storee ricubberd frum him’s Pyooter. Den Ai wull start at teh biginnin agane!

      2. There am sumfing tu be sed for lissening tu teh riginal radio shows, or teh BBC TV series, tu. I puttid links tu tehm on yootoob on a Hitch-hiker’s Guide post a cupple days back… Um… heer.

        Sorry, nawt rly all heer.
        *wanders off wif teh Cory-Bear fur a shower*

        1. Ai luvs teh orjinul raydeeo showz! Ai taypd dem awf teh raydeeo wen dey wuz brawdkast yeerz ago, den latur Ai dijitized dem, so nao Ai ken lissen awn mai ipawd wenebber Ai wantz!
          ♫Heer wee r agen, hapee az kan bee!♬

        2. Um… PK???? Nawt to taek kitteh intoo shower wiff yoo ….

          1. Unless it am teh Cory-Bear. ;-) We hazza ritual.

            Seanya hazza bench fingie in teh tub. When I hazza shower, I pull the curtin arownd so Cory can sit on teh bench but stay dry. When it be hot owt, him yells an I pull the curtin back an kneel daon, an him puts wun frunt foot on my sholder an swats an bites teh water spray. :lol: I wud LUBS tu get a bideo uv this, but, er, I ARE in teh shower at teh thyme. :oops:

            When waters am turned off, I hastu grab towels wifakwikness coz him wants UP RITE NAO fur cuddlols an/or hand-rasslol thru towlol (I jenrally sit on teh bench coz him’s a hebby bearcat an taht way can rest him on lap). Iz a fing berry importint tu him taht him lubs tu duz. Sumthymes it taking just a few minnits, but haz been known we spend, like, haffan owr attit.

            When him’s got teh snifflols, I hazza shower hot as I can, an pull curtin across to keep teh steems in wif us so him breeves it, an it halps. Him fawled asleep tehre cupple times, last time him had teh snifflols.

            Sooooo… most kittehs, yeah, nawt take in shower. But teh Cory-Bear, him am a uneek lil beestie.

            1. Ifinksew yoo need Ta puts onna yer baffing sooyt an maek dat bideo!!

              1. Me, on teh innertoobs, in my bavving soot? :shock:

                Mmm, mebbe. Will see what we can du. :-) Him a funneh bearcat, nawt lyk tu be watched during teh shower stuffs (him gets upset if teh uvver kittehs or Seanya comes inna baffroom), but mebbe we can set up bideo an has it run and I edit owt teh boring bits….

  5. Velvet am beautimus, an eber so suffistikated. Im surpised shee(?) dusnt hav a pinkee in teh air! … Doo kittehs hav pinkees…?

    1. Thx, africat. Velvet aaksepts awl cawmplimints az hur just desserts!

      1. An wut desserts is just fur da lubberly Velvet??

        An alliquat ub applolsass
        BooBerries wiff kreme
        Candied cicadahs

        1. Dandy-Lion wine
          Eggstra cweemy cweem
          Fudgee fingz
          Garden greenz (*hork*, scuze me)

          1. Hawt hors d’errvz
            Icee kreem
            Joosee tid bits

            1. Kippur kupkakes
              Lemmon lollies
              Mowse ala moad

              1. Nip tarts
                Oatmeel adn sammin kuukies
                Pi wif crab adn creem cheez filling

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