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  1. Brane teh siez uv a planit – still duzn’t werk rite!

    1. Call that job satisfaction, ’cause I don’t.

      Ohai anni! Congas an Happee towel dai! Ahm affeerd it mai bee ravver kwiet rownd cheezland toodai sinse itz teh hollydai weekendz fer uz US peeps

      1. Ohai an thx BF! Iz a hololidai weekend in TTI 2. We get 2 in Mai den nuffin til Awgust an teh wun affer dat iz Krissmuss. Duzn’t maek a lawt uf diffruns 2 me az Ai doan’t hab 2 werk.

        1. An PB’s awai dis weekend – him iz yooshoolee heer dis tiem.

    2. An haow’s dat payne inn awl teh diodes daown ur lefft syde?

    3. It’z prolly awl dem artyfishul dynasore boans…

  2. Deep Thowt sez ‘ah’ll tel u inn seben anna harff millyun yeers’

  3. Imagine having your leg used as a wicket….
    And get stuck amongst friendly but boring mattresses…

  4. Ai hab 2 go shoppin fur noms – wuz 2 wet yestidai. BBL!

      1. Don’t let any vogons read you poetry and don’t panic!
        *stuffs a small towel in Anni’s pockit*

        1. Ai kan hazza towel tew? Mus git tew teh stoar afore it gits tew wyld!

          Bye fer naow!

          1. Of course!!
            And remember – don’t panic!!!

  5. O haow phunnee! Mai owldist kidlet plaiz inna jazz band, n deyz fayvrit mew-zik dat dey playded wuz “Paranoid Android” bai Radiohead! Haow fittin!

    1. …n speekin uv Marvin, heer’z uh liddlol dittee bowt teh lownlee, deprest Marvin:
      “Marvin, I Love You”

  6. Duz yewr planet have oshuns? Ai hate oshuns…

    1. And next time I’ll put the fjords in Africa, it’s just to cold in Norway….

  7. Ohai {{{{{peeps}}}}}
    Whooo hoooo!! Eye haz Sun nd Mon off frum bof werks, Eye am sew eggsited! Iffn Eye donot sho up tu bisit eberbunnee hab a nice fyoo daze off werk. Eye will prollee need a cheezficks tho sew Eye mite stop n tu say “ohai cheezpeeps” :)

    1. Yay fer teh daze awf! Injoy s1f!

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