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go ask a glass ob wadder

Photo (of Twinkle) by muchcat Caption by bayshang

Photo (of Twinkle) by muchcat
Caption by bayshang

Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, chapter 6:

“No, don’t move … you’d better be prepared for the jump into hyperspace. It’s unpleasantly like being drunk.”

“What’s so unpleasant about being drunk?”

“You ask a glass of water.”



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  1. Glass uv waddur nawt b teh anserin me…

    1. Mebbe I shood ask uh Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster insted…

      1. … cuz win it gitz drunk, I gitz drunk …

        1. Iz like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon, wrapped around a large gold brick. *nods*

          1. Sew DATZ watt happinded… I wuz wundrin…

            1. … uv awl the fings I has ebber lawstid, i miss mai mynd teh mostist…

              1. It duzzint bother mii. I don’t mind much at awl. ;-) ;-)

              2. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

                Tweenkill Kitteh sez:
                “No maddur wayr U goez. Dayr
                U amz!” Awllso sez:

                “Hooppee Kittehz haz
                Blankitt, Towlol andz Baybill
                Feesheez 4 owr Eerz!”

                “Reellee needz Noo Eerz
                Pluggz. 2 nawtz heerz t3h Yuckkee
                Voagunn Powettree!”!!! :D


    2. Con-drank-ulations on teh nawt-sekkund, Aahz!
      Aifinks teh wadder’s just kinda gurgoling at dis point…

      1. Fanky, bayshang! Let’s sillybrayt! Butt (!) U can haz enny idears watt 2 dreenk? I finksew nawt uh hole lawt uv peeps wanna Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster…

        1. Wile we figgur owr wut tu drink, mebbee wii shood order dinner. Mebbee teh Speshul ob teh Day will come arownd adn introduce itseff.

          1. *snikker* Mai kuzzin winted 2 uh stake hows, n ordurd uh stake. Dey askiz, “Haow U wont it kuukted?” Mai kuzzin sez, “Nok awf teh hornz, wyp itz butt (!), n sind it owt.”

            Troo stoaree!!

            1. Ohai, hao’s teh noo kitteh?

              1. Ohai, Princess Taya! Herz iz teh dewin jess fyn. Herz wuz teh skeerd at nawt-sekkund, n hyded unner teh bed, butt (!) herz b teh plaiyin wif mai kidlet naow n purrin REELEE lowd!

              2. Dat’s gud dat hur iz settlolin in. Wut iz hur akshual naem?

      2. Oh, bayshang — I jess nowtissted dat U didded teh kapshun awn dis lol! Con-CAT-enayshunz awn teh FP!

        1. Fanksyew, Aahz! Ai see dat yew ar annuver HHGG peep. Ai lubbs awl fibe buuks in teh trilogy.

  2. Oh, noes! I missed towel day!!!
    *searches frantically fur towel*

    1. *psst* Heer, mai cween — I can haz 2 — U can haz teh wun uvvem

      1. o, fankeez Lord Aahz! U am most kind!

        *takes towel and fastens it rownd neck and wears it like a cape.*

    2. *passes teh cween some pnuts*
      Yew’ll need doze after teh jump intu hyperspace. Proteen replenishment, dontcha kno. :D

      1. *jumps*
        Hmmph. didn’t eben make it to deh ceiling, let alone to hyperspace.
        *noms pnuts anyway*

        1. [inflates bownsey howse foar teh cween]
          [which haz been retrofitted wif an improbability drive]

          1. Ohai guise!! *Comes in wiff assistant wheelin a kart fulla Perfectly Normal Beest samwiches adn jinnin tonix*
            *Assistant wanderz offstage, hummin “Luv me tender” kwietlee under hims breff*
            Innybody wanna nextra snakk??

            1. Mmmmm….fanks, Lungdoc! Teh skills ob teh master sandwichmaker are rare indeed!

          2. Ai just herd a bowl ob petunias say, “O noez, nawt again!”

            1. An improbability factor of 8,767,128:1 against.

          3. *Improbably drivez into a swimming pool*

            1. Dat wuz berry improbablol dribing, cween! Ai sure am glad yew haz yewr towel wif yew!

              1. Applawz! Applawz! 10, 9.9, 10, 10, 5 (stoopy Russian judge)

                Nao, teh kwestyun iz…hao did teh cween git retrofitted wif an improbability drive? :-?

              2. Well, shii duz haz a Hart ob Gold. :)

              3. or ebay?

              4. **Unobtanium nawt inclooded.**

  3. A bit of extra absurdity, first read a very long time ago and every so often I go look it up and re-read it for giggles: The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Next Generation

    *yawns, waves an wanners off to bed*
    Lub yu guys!

    1. (Has anywun notissed that teh aliens in teh last few radio epidoads sound a nawful lot like teh stupid aliens in, wassitcalled, GalaxyQuest, silly Star Trek spoof movie? Oar iz I just obertired?)

      1. Mebbe dey wuz frum teh saym hood? Oar…hmm..mebbe dey wentid tu teh saym skuul? Wuz relaytid fru marridj? …Otay, ai gibz up….(sints ai nebber herd teh radio eppysodas oar seed teh moobie tu witch yu reefer….)

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