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  1. Ai’m reddee for hitsh-hykin!

    1. lubs teh abatar, anni!!!!

      1. Thx Prysma!

  2. Heez a hoopy frood hu knoz ware iz towel iz!

    1. An wares it so stylolishlee!!!

  3. Haff towel weel trabbel!! … To Egypt ….

    1. Izzat in teh visinitee uv Beetloljoos?

      1. Beetloljoos Beetloljoos Beetloljoos

        1. Itz Shoatym…

  4. Dis wuz wun ub him’s menny in carnationz….King Pup…oar Sistur Gunny Lolophant..eever wun. We miss him ebbry dai, eeben dough we nao habs the Henry-boi (oar teh floofeh kangamaroo az ai cawls him).

    1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{gunnersmama}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      Tehy stays wif us alwayz, an teh hole insyde neber goes away, aifinkso. Cannawt replayse, just find new critters tu lubs.

      O, an plz tu eksplain tu Ariel, doll-fins am frenz, nawt fuds!

      1. I shode Ariel yor comment abowt teh doll fins. Lil tubba lard juss likkifyed hur lips agen an murmurred, “Toooona!”

    2. Nohbunny kin telL MII taht goggies kan nawt smylol!

    3. {{{{{{gm}}}}}} awwww thay stai in aur harts & still kan maek us smyle, luv teh hat, luks lyke he waz reddy fore hiz closeup Mr. DeM.

  5. Mebbe iz anti-splort purrtekshun fur teh hoopy frood?

    1. Dis ams protection from teh Vishuss Bugblatter Beest ob Traal. After awl, it beleebs dat ifn yew can’t see it, it can’t see yew, adn derefore will nawt attack yew. Pull teh towel down ober yewr eyes adn ‘voila,’ yewr inbisibol! :)

  6. goggie looks very happy and safe.

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