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  1. Otay. Wuns upon a tyme…

    1. … der wuz a kitteh. A beri ordinaree kitteh, libbin a nordinaree lyfe…

      1. :shock: How cud yoo?!?! Dis is noe ordinaree kitteh!!! Dis is teh Kween ob all hur survase.

        1. Ai juss tellin teh storee. :roll: Adn nao its bedtyme. Gnyte, cheezland!

  2. Whut sort ob adbenchurz shud we hazzing?

    Argyoo teh valyoo ob poetree wiffa vogon
    Brybe ur way ontu a spaysekraft azza hitch-hyker
    Chatting wiffa vending masheen furra milyun yeerz

    1. Doo teh kross wurd wyle waitin fur a passin UFO
      Excape teh demololishun ob teh Urf
      Flie mii tu teh moooooon…

      1. Go and make the galaxy’s best roast beast sandwiches
        Hold on tight to your towel
        Islington, accidentally learn to fly in

        1. JooJanta Super Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses will be needed
          Knock down your house to build a bypass
          Leave the home planet just in time

          1. Mice, get instructions from
            Needs Babelfish to understand teh words
            Only wants a kuppa tea

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