1. Nawt kwite enuff rume fur 2!

    1. Must get smaller so boaf to fitting.

      Congz, anni, and happy Mundane to you.

      1. Thx Q! An happi mundai 2 u, 2!

        1. runs inn …ohai annipuss….runs awt …obai annipuss… aiz awf 2 get mai taxez dun. wear iz a splortible kitti foto wen u knead 1?

    1. Thx smudgie!

  2. Happy Monday. Wen iz first Annie verseary of Cheezeland?

    1. Ohai, smudjjee andz ebbeewunz:

      Punnkinn andz Jeffree
      maykz skrumptchuss Punkin Pi. dat
      nawt haz Flaykee Krust!

      Punnkinn andz Jeffree
      amz wayteengz 4 dayr Free O’
      Clawkk Wawrm Sunnee Spawt!!

      Punnkinn andz Jeffree
      amz plawteengz 2 taykez ober
      T3h Wurrld… Kwyittlee!!! :D


      1. *clappityclappity* Fankees Jack! (It be tu tyring tu taek ober werld today – it’s pleh Monday – bess tu leev it tu later in weak)

    2. Ohai, smudgie!
      We had a six-month anniversary party back on Feb 14th – one-year anniversary isn’t until August!

  3. Goe way. Wez sleapin’.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh Punkin and Jeffrey, luv teh naems uf teh OBNP bebbies! Beautimus kittehs, sew berry sleeepie.

    1. Yesh, yesh! Tyme fur a snugglol puddlol, aifinkso.

    2. Fankees Maryqos and Shatzeesmom! Yep those were my OBNP kittehs. Jeffery is still with me and Punkin made to 18 yrs old, pretty good for an adopted stray. Punkin was not about to give up a claim on “her” bed! At that time Jeffery was supposed to be an “outside” cat. Yeah, you know how that works.

      1. that I do!

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