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  1. Nawt her kuller at awl!…

    1. … an teh styel wud nawt flattur hur figger!

      1. .. as big as a ship nd split tu teh hip !! (congarats, Anni ;) )

  2. Tehn shi reelized shi had it awn bakwuds :oops:

    1. An rite wai rownd wuz eben wuss!

      1. Then shee sawed da hat!!! :shock:

  3. Teh tarten plaid an polkee dawtz wuz bad enuff…butt (!) teh fevverz awn teh hed-peece..*batbatbat* may nawt hab bin teh bestest *batbatbat* ideeya fur teh *batbatbat* oak asian…

    1. LOL, GM :lol:

      .. nd teh burnt orange trim; made frum reel oringes nd smelling of smoak !!

      1. Aifink teh bryde cud fynding uvver waiz tu gib teh gruum a “smodlering luuk”….

      2. …nawt tew furgit teh huge manatee bows on teh rear and sides…
        congrats tew wun ob mai lubblee cheezpeeps!

        1. An da wuns ober hers dekklelowtaj

  4. Oh the Huge Manatee!

    Nao take dat dress orf, Hugh. Zelda needs tew taik it in uh liddlol

  5. Congarats tew NC66 an Noelle!!!!

    1. Fankeez smom. Still gawt tew set awp N’s gravatar. She’s going to join me. Den we have tew ketch awp an awl teh congarats. Cheezpeeps awr the best!

      1. Ugh! Gravatar is giving me fits.

        1. *bonks gravatar wif teh burfday wand*

          1. Fanks BF. I fink dat did duh trick. Nao if ai jes locate teh operator of teh new cheezland user account….

            1. Grabatar and user account nawt akshully rekwired, yano…

              1. Pshh! You know about his OCD, right?


                Ohai everyone. I just borrowed Shirley’s picture.

              2. Shirley yu donut fink yu can get away wiv taht???

                O, adn ohai!!

              3. Confused. :-?

                Not sure if addressing me or Shirley. ;-)

                *looks for comma, doesn’t see one*

                Ohai miniminsmum. Nice to meet you.

              4. cans ai cawl yoo shirlee?

              5. Shirley you can, considering the avatar. :mrgreen:

                Sorry not talking much yet, getting dirty looks from the kitty gallery cause breakfast has turned into lunch.

              6. By teh way. Dat message wuz from N handed tew mii awn a written note az shii dashes bak an forth tew teh kitchen.

              7. Ohai! Welcome to teh unsanity (unsane, but usually nawt unsanitary eksept fur teh goggies at moments) taht is Cheezland!!! :D

              8. N wanted me tew let yew know dat her cawmpooter is restarting in 5 minutes. It decided tew dew updates.

                Shii sez:
                Ohai PK. Poor goggies. I love goggies.

                It’s troo. Shii is a dog person and ai yam a cat purrson. I try nawt tew hold it against her (her pet preference dat iz ;-) ) eggcept when teh bed iz fulla canines adn mii adn the kitteh’s are exiled tew my cumfee chair.

              9. Fur CC’s sake, no tell mai purrkids, but I duz lub teh goggies. Growed up wif berry wunnermus wuns.

                But I lerneded frum teh Newfie just hao unsanitaree teh goggies can be, no matter hao wunnermuss. Drool ebreewhair!

              10. ebbreewun call mi a cat purrsun, but ai sez ai juss lubs awl animuls, if ai cud hab a goggee in mai condo, ai haz wun. a teenee weenee wun. ai grew up wif goggee, hampsturrs, jurbils, parakeets, meeses, kittehs, a horse, rabbut, et set era

              11. Dont’ let him fool you. I love ALL animals. Including the kitties. We are lucky with the kids that adopted us. Angels sent us a Swissy. Big mouth, no druel. :)

              12. Ohai, ABN nd welkom tu this happy place :D

                * Brings a lovely garland taht automagicly places itself on wun’s hedd *
                Yep, made of self-raising flours

              13. lol, pb, ai missez yur punz

              14. Yoo knoze wair tu find me ;) * purrs *

              15. Hoo Iz “wun” yoo be speechin ub??

              16. Ohai, Abi!!! Welkum tu ower whirrld!!!
                *extends floofy paw uv french chipz*
                Ennywun NC lubz, wii lubz too!

              17. conga ratz aon teh penden nupshuls!

              18. Congrats, ABN! Walkum 2 owr wirld!
                (U doan’t hab 2 be mad 2 plai heer, but it halps!)

            2. Iz mating sara moaneez tudae fur yu an ai iz happee fang yu ver ver muchiz

              1. Ohai nca66! Conga rats to yoo an’ Noelle!

              2. Yes, thank you very, very much.

  6. heers teh burfday fairy to say HAPPEE BURFDAY to BabblingBrooks an evreewun else hoo haz a burfday today! i haz bringd yummy fudjy burfday caeks, almund caeks wif fluffy orinj frosting, iskreem, sparkly party punch, fansee shiny party hats, an goodie bags filled wif lite-up paddlolball games, mini photo books for phots ob yor favrit aminols an peepls, kandee, an fuzzy kitteh stikkers wif googly eyes! :D an a big swish ob teh burfday wand to making all yor burfday wishes come troo!


    The Kafleen the Donkey Burfday Song (by Kafleen the Donkey):

    It’s yer burfday
    an dats wunnurmuss
    it’s yer burfday, it’s troo!
    ebben doe deres
    uddurs sharin it
    dere is onlee WUN SPESHUL U!

    an anovver swish ob teh burfday wand for NC66 an Noelle!


    1. Happie Burfday to ebbrywun wiv burfdaze tuday ;)

      Ooo, lite-up paddlolball … * turns off teh lites nd plays a game of “guess wair teh ball is?” ;) *

      Thx, Burfday Fairy :D

      1. ohai, mai fren poussinboi! hoap yur noo yeer is goin happilee?

        1. *BOOP* —- * runs in nd tacklols Mugglolmary … roll, roll, roll … halps her up *
          Hey, yoo !! Yes, goeng well .. nd yoo ??

          1. *dusts corn feddee owf *
            oh, iz gud, ebben tho ai nawt be habin teh jawb an iz on teh dole, ai bee deelyted wif lyfe. noo baybee bois of teh kitteh kine an doin stuff ai lubs, laik beedin, cleenin wif ocd thruowness, doin haws fings taht need doin fur laik 15-elebuntee yeers…
            *surprize takklols pb, taking him off gard*

            1. * falls off seet with teh boop .. lands awn awl four paws*
              Saonds liek yoo can haz teh less stress, MM :)
              * Ime a careflol cleener … it mayks me sneeze so ime careflol tu avoyd it *

              1. *pushes pb’s seet obur an he tips on teh floar* heeheehee, yoo cleens laik mi, but ai nao habs ram bunk shus ait munf owlds playin berree berree hard ebbree dai sew ai hazza dew it wuns a munf…
                mush less stress, an if ai cans git obur bein sew mad at formur werk jerks it bii ebun less.

              2. {{{mugglemary}}} *WHAPS* FWJ’s

    2. Happity birfday tu awl deh burfday peepz!!!

      *putz on shiny party hat*
      *stikz fuzzy kitty stikkerz on ebbreewun shii can catch*

      1. happitayl burfing day tew ebbreewun heer!
        ohai mai leej!
        haz bin raynin fur too dais heer, an tempra chur bi drawpin tewnite sew yoo no whut that meen.

        1. uh-oh! icy roads!! :shock: Plz to staying warmz and dry.

          1. peeps wuz awlreddee hittin eech odder tihs mornin, wuz icee in low spawts. ai jus stays owt ob teh wai an laffs.

            1. I reeeeeeely hatez deh icey rodez!!!! I haz totalled twu carz in deh carpy winter wetherz. Wun on ice and wun in a white owt.

              1. ai relee hayts it tew, an moastlee frum going tew norf karolyna at xmas tyme whair tehy had lawts ob ise stoarms, an nao wii gets moar ise tahn sno!

              2. Awr doze icey rodez, oar racey rodez? Jes chekkin. ;-)

              3. Iz racey rodes wiff sum laycee icee on demz —

  7. As a three-time bridesmaid, I completely understand.

    1. wutz rong wif lime green puffy sleevez and a pinky polka dot bow on ur backside?

      1. Adn nuffin else? :shock:

        1. Wiff seben inch chartrooz thi hi platformz bootz!

        2. Wiff teh matching shooz dat yoo haz to hab died speshul in dat lime green. Yesh, is berry pretty.

          1. omcc, wun ob tehs weddins ai hads tew hab teh shoos died an went tew check on tehm an tehy hadda forgettin an mai shoos wuz still wet on teh big dai…such memreeees. i hung onto teh shoos wai lawngurr tahn teh dressus.

  8. “Yule be ablol tu were it eghen” she sed.
    “It’ll luk grate” she sed.

    1. Dey awlwayz say dat. Teh peenk taffatah am mai faborite cazual weer.

      1. It am purrfekt fur taht kwik trip to teh wally-mart!

        1. Weeellll…. Dat jest mite bee twoo

          1. ai see tihs at wallymart, aifinkso

            1. Ai see fings at Wallymart dat ai doan reely want to see.

              1. an iffn yoo nawt seez dem yerselfz, yoo kin awlwaes lookee onna da walmartpeeps photo plase …. :shock:

              2. Ai has a skeard ob dat site. *shudders*

              3. yaikes, walmartz is bad enuff, ai avoyds it laik teh plage, mayks mi sad fur days afterwurds.

      2. Jest hab too get inbited to prom … :roll:

        1. Ok, kitteh has deletified mai commint. Ai gess shii did nawt approve. *sigh* Ai nawt can retype awl dat.

          1. ur kitteh am editor?

            mai kitteh managez tu hit majik keyz and duz fingz i nawt noe wuz possiblol tu du frum deh keeboard. :roll:

            1. Kitteh makes commints awn teh Book ob Fayces. Kitteh myoots teh video ai am watchin. Kitteh’s faborite am puttin’ awn teh caps lock SO IT LUKS LIKE AI’M SHOUTING.

          2. {{{{{Saaski}}}}} I hates wen da commint getz deletified — iz awlwaes da wittiest kommint I eber maed an it jest nebber gets re-typititty typt da saem wae …

            1. Oh, yes! Ai was sew witty yoo wood hab wet yurself, sew lettuce awl fank teh kitteh fur editting it sew no wun had to hab teh embarrassed.

              1. Iz otay — mostlee wee hab a flannik handee — in kase der iz a need, yoo knoz – ta pee inna flannik …

      3. >snerk< ai hads
        avacodo green lawng dress ( wuz shortined an ai wuz maid tew wair it a lawt)
        orchid taffeta lawng sleevless (hilareeyus if yoo big busted) an a shawrt liddlol jakkit, an razzberree pink lacey number.
        last too went tew gudwill berree kwicklee.

        1. I can’t imagine whai u nawt want tu keeping dem az treasured mementoz.

        2. Sownds lubberly. Wai yoo no kepted dem?

          1. cud ooze dem onna Halloweenee furr Zombie brizemade kostumez …

            1. Mai siscat mayd us ware lime green (SEW lubby wiff teh compleckshun, amirite?) an doze hyooj-brimmed wite hatz wiff a buncha yello dayzeez awn it. Mai hed wuz tu big (ai hab berry fick harez), sew mai dadcat had tu running tu teh laydee hat stoar an fynd a biggur wun for hiz fick-heddid dotter..lettuce juss say myne didunt match teh uvvers an leeb it at dat…. :roll:

              1. Yoo cudda jest tied da smallish wun onna wiffy a ribbon and a beeg bow unner yer chinny chin chin!!

              2. Uh huh an juss WARE yu wuz wiff teh brite ideeyaz in nineteen an sebbenty sebben???

              3. Hrm … 1977??? I wuz inna Ohai skool — playin inna da marchin band … habbinz fun fun fun! (wee hadda warez gyoofy hats den too)

                We wuz RUFF … We wuz TUFF …We played moosik!!

              4. Pebbles nawt likee her bridesmaid hatt neeffer — clikky may naem too seez it …

              5. Butt it haz fevvers! Fevvers onna hat am sew versatile. Can weer it agen fur sher.

              6. Butt she cud nawt reech dems to bat bat bat demz. She wuz nawt happi – as her fase showed!

            2. mai fren yoozed hurs as a halloween costume, ai phinallee jus gave up on mine.

  9. *phew*
    [sits doan adn rests frum running fru duh cawmints]

    Fank yoo EBERYWUN!!!1!!!elbenty!!!
    If I missed sayin’ fanks tew N-E-wun, ai sawry. Lubs yoo *schmoo*
    Dis izza wunnermouse all day party. :-D :-D :-D

    N is still playin’ ketchup. [throws a *kiss* her way] *SMACK*

      1. Um…hoo’s there?

        plz tell mii ai didn’t oberluuk fanking EM

            1. Slowz down!! I kin nawt ketchup to yoo!!!

              *giggol snerk* * tee heee*

              1. :roll: ;-)

                Hey! Lookit dat. We broke teh hunnerd cawmint mark awn dis LOL.

              2. sillybrate!! sillybrate!! dansdans to da moosick!

    1. Uh oh! N just noticed teh linkee awn teh rite tew teh kitten shelter webcam.
      Someone wave sumfing shiney in frunt ob hurr tew git her attenshun back.

      1. *Follows N to see teh kittehs* :D

        1. *follows pjp to see teh kittehs*

      2. Wut have I dun? We’re loozin dem PK.
        Kwik. Fink ob sumfing!
        *attachez springs twu feet and butt*

        *BOING* *BOING* *BOING*
        [bownsez orf wallz an duz uh boogie danse in between bownsez]

        1. *luuks awai frum kittehs for a sekund*
          :eek: Wow, dat luuks liek ufn!
          *boogie dans dans wile trine to nawt get bownsed awn* :-)

        2. :shock:


          *clappity clap* *frows da munnies at NC* *ping* Opps — sowwee, dat silber dollar wuz nawt sposta go to yer hed …

          1. No worries. It’s better dan teh wooden nicklolz I yooshully get.

            1. Kin yoo standz onna yer hed an spits da wooden nikkolz??

              Dats wut my momcat klaimz shee hadda doo ta keepz alla herz kids happi …

        3. *sigh* I tolded Seanya taht, when her axed me to add that linkiee, taht it was a trooly dangermuss fing to put a linkee to live kittins in teh hanz of cheezpeeps….

        4. *Hans NC da kandified baykin flowerz frum preebeeus LOL *

          Iz nawt saef ta bee bouns bounc bouncin alla round — taek deez flowerz furr safetee ..

          An den yoo kin dooz da baykin dans dnas dans!!

          1. Fanks EM. I feel mush safer nao. :-| *shrugsz*

            *wiggloz and pops liek uh sizzlin’ slice* *dansdansdans*

        5. *Joynz in deh bowncingz.*

          ˬ ▫ ᶷ ° ͦ .ˬ ▫ ᶷ ° ͦ .ˬ ▫ ᶷ ° ͦ .ˬ ▫ ᶷ ° ͦ .ˬ ▫ ᶷ ° ͦ .

          1. Heer — donn furrgetz yer safety baykum roze ..

            *hanz cweenz a kandified baykom rozee roze*

            1. oh, fankeez!!!
              *sniff sniff*

              hmmmmm …….

              lookz like a roze, smellz like baykin, workz like a safety harness. berry strange, deze erflingz.

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