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  1. Him iz a bit prikklolee!

    1. guud moarnungyo anni and congrats on leeding teh way!

      1. “moarnungyo” = “moarning to”

        1. Doan’t wurree! Ai aer dislesksik! Ai kan yooshullee sort fings owt tho!
          Thx fur teh congrats – we hab a tye!

          1. yep, a tiebetween teh onlee-est peepz on teh lol this moarning/afternoon/eebning (pick what time appleyez to you)

            1. PB muss be habbin pyooter prollems agane – oar haz gon fur a biek ried wile it is nawt 2 hawt!

              1. Tawk uv teh …um…fello! Him postid saem tiem az me!

              2. awl you gotta do is remark on absence abd it turns into presence

              3. Tehre’s presents involved :) ?? ** Blinks eegerly **

              4. Niver tunite, Anni !! Woz chit-chatting across teh street wiv teh naybers !! (Nd ai doant ware a wotch :roll: )

  2. If onlee ai cud rmembr wair ai put eet

  3. * note to Prysma* This is in ‘Echidna pictures’ in Googlol.

  4. you nose wildlife is not so wild akshulleh when they start making doh queue men trees bout demselbs!!!

    1. ;)
      Yoo tihnk, gibbon time, Aminlol Planet cud re-edit
      Eddie Echidna’s home movies nd lolliday snaps :D ??

      1. Ifinksew dat Iz nawt opossum furr naminlol planet Too maek NEfing eet wantin frum NEfing it hadz

    2. ohai nenne and pb! you saef and naet too hot in straylya, pb? you had a guud thyme riding teh horse, nenne?

      1. Yes, ime safe, thx Q. Ai wuz owt in teh car tuday nd drove thru teh hills just as a fresh bush-fire started tu burn frawm less tahn a kilometre away !! Teh volunteer firemens nd wimmens were soon tehre nd ai herd teh helicopters came, tuu. Up north in Gnu Sowth Whales, they haz wun hunnerd fires going tuday :? Tehre wuz rain in teh city today of … wait for it … zero point twu millymeeters (less tahn 1/100th ov a ninch) :(

          1. Thx, Q :)
            Haz a gud werk day, tuu !!

      2. I did!! My beast of burden was Solveig, a lovely meir of the Dølahest-persuasion! we had fun, but I’m still to chikkin to gallup…

        1. Ai bet PoussinBoi woodn be too chikkin. :wink:

          1. Hee-hee, OCM ;) ** Ai wud yoo kno … nebber ridden a hawss nd taht am nawt goanna change :razz:**

            1. Stikk to teh bicyclol then, PB. :)

              1. Teh cloasest ai can fink ov is: “Oh, mai po’ neez”

              2. taht ain’t teh partz taht hurtz affer a horsie backs ryde :)

              3. In fact, that’s one of teh VERY fyoo plaices that do NAWT hurt affer a horsie backs ryde… ;)

  5. Weddings can be prickly occasions when peeplol get nervuss !!

    1. Teh fotograffer hoo tuk mai weddin pics wuz raver prikklolee!

      1. LOL !!
        Ai did teh offishlol fotoz faw a neff-yoo twenny yeers ago nd hims mum-in-lore wuz egseptionly prikkly tu mee :roll:
        Spoaz it’z tiem tu ferget taht nao

  6. time tu going. SYL

    1. bye bye!
      *puts Q’s packed lunch, sneeks sum eggstra bikkies in the bag, a thermos wif fragrant applol-sinnanom tee*

  7. Nervuss fotograffer haz ants in hims pants !!

    ** tehy’re hims snak befaw teh reception **

    1. No wunder him iz nervuss!! Teh ants shood be in himz lunchbox!!

  8. Godd morning/ebening peeps. Iz dis teh way to teh weddink? Ai haz come along to say
    to teh happy engaged cupplol.

    1. Ohai tu yoo, OCM ;)
      It’z prolly tuu early faw a native ov callyforny tu bee owt ob bed nd lolling in cheezland .. ime shoor heel catchup later, tho !!

    2. Ohai ozcatmum.

      Nice to meet you.

      Thanks! *bounces up in down in pouch* I think. :-|

  9. ooooo….. wedding fotos!! *gets ready tu photobomb NCs wedding pix*

    I will needing a(n)
    Atrocious hat
    Big smile
    Creative outfit

    1. Dandandansing
      Ebry bunneh dans naow
      Fotaw graffer

      1. Gu raytin
        Hipz swayings
        Imajin moar dans moovs

        1. Hare pullin
          Insekt eetin
          Jell-O shot puttin

            1. lipstiks, redd coulored fore kissin
              mascaras fore teh aye batten
              noo shoos, any eggscuse fore noo shoos

              1. Orangutan mask
                Peace sign with fingers

              2. Qrazee sunglarsis
                Red noze, borrowed frum passing clown
                Sine sayin “congrats mr adn sune mrs nc66”

              3. Tawphat wiff fevvers
                Umbreller tu keep teh sun awff
                Vampyre waxx teeff

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