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    1. * Off furs a han shayk insted :roll: * Congas, AP ;)

  1. OWL !!   Yoo bit mai lip !!

    1. Oh my Starling! I am so sorry!

      1. Sparrow me!! Yoo didit on porpoise!

        1. Aifink hims wuz robin u wen u wuz distrakifyed.

          1. A parrot-ly so !! ** Ohai folks :D **

            1. Hawk!! Kallz da Polleecemenz!

  2. Tihs is nawt a real kiss …
    * just a peck awn teh cheek *

    1. Yew keep dat pecker away frum my cheeks. ;-)

  3. Heez wun faw teh birds !! (Liek hims father, ackshlolly)

  4. Ai doant tihnk doves hav tu wurree taht teh owlols will replays tehm faw wedding ceramennies !!

    ** Teh owlols wud prolly juss sit tehre in confusion, blink nd say, “Who, Who?” **

    1. Who letz de owls out…Who Who Who?

    2. Do yew take dis man…
      Dis wun rite here.
      Teh wun standing in frunt of you.

      1. Duz he haz a byootimus pee-grene bote?

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