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  1. Hims knoz hao tu battlol teh ebil dreemz.

    1. Kuz hims kwikk … adn has grayt big teefs … luukit teh boanz!!

      1. Dats no ordinareh rabbit, ykno! Run awayz!

        1. Hims a killer, alright !! ** muss luk up M.P. aifinkso **
          Congas, AngelPlume ;)

          1. Doze dreemz wud needing insendiery debyses tu get past hims! :lol: Adn fanks!

          1. Connitemarelations….Um…Conskweebunnehlations, AP! Ya. Taht’s bedder.

            1. Fankeez, pjp … its nawt wabbit seezun, is it? Aifawt it myte be dukk seezun…

  2. Bunbun, however … hee luks a bit dog-eared !!

    1. Dat’z him’z war woonds frum deefendin heppless bebbeh kittehs….butt nawt be foold…him’z a feerse killer-attak-ninja-bunneh-kikkin dood!

      1. Wiv thoaz ears, hi ‘ears ebbryfing for mylols nd mylols .. eben a hare fawling tu teh floor !!

        1. Er..dat “hare” fawlin awn teh flore wus Unkel Frank. (We yoosta cawl him Drunkel Frank) He gets intu teh cuukin sherry sumthymez…

          1. * nods * Yoo can talk frankly abowt hims nao !!

            1. *shakes hed* Him juss nawt gibs a dam.

  3. tihs bideo is OT butt very cyute — dog en-kur-a-jing puppy to go down skari stares

    1. Awwww…soooo cyoot!! Fanks fur poastin dat abbycat!

    2. It IS very cyoot nd thx faw sharing it :D

  4. Awf tu mai bed nao. Mai 8 mumf ode Gordon Receeber puppeh gibbing me teh sleepeh-stink ais. Mai kitteh gibbin me teh “Yu NAWT leddin HIM awn teh bed ar yu?” luuk.

      1. *Hopes ye can all juss get along*
        Gud nite, gunnersmama!

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