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    1. (to teh toon ob Old Man Ribber)
      ♪ ♫♪ Old man Winter
      Dat old man Winter
      He muss noes sumfing
      Butt(!) dont sez nuffing ♪ ♫♪

      Ohai, AP adn conga sunny layshuns on yor top spot! :-)

      1. Ohai CB, adn fankeez!

        ♫♪ Yoo adn me, we swett adn strayn
        Tryin tu fynd a sunny-beem wurff its naym
        Chekk dat sill, lift dat blynd
        Get a littlol tanglold adn u must unwynd

          1. Ohai, CB, AP andz ebbeewunz:

            Handsumm Smudjj Kitteh
            putz in ‘Speshull Oardurr’ for
            Sunnee Beemz tooday!

            Handsumm Smudjj Kitteh
            typedz owt ‘Speshull Oardurr’ in
            “Pleh!”, “Pleh!” Tripplikitt!!

            Handsumm Smudjj Kitteh
            den sent Oardurr “Upstayrz” wiff
            Noo CatzNip Mowssee!!

            Handsumm Smudjj Kitteh
            haz boan to pikkz wiff Ceeleengz
            Cat. Nawt Fishee Boan!!

            Handsumm Smudjj Kitteh
            oardurrdz Brandz Noo Sunnee Lamp
            awn t3h Innturr Toobz!!

            Handsumm Smudjj Kitteh
            seez ‘Yoo Pee Ess’ truck cummeengz
            wiffz Grayt Beeg Bawkss!!

            Handsumm Smudjj Kitteh
            feenkz dis Besstest Day EBBURR!
            As Lamp amz pluggdz in!!

            Handsumm Smudjj Kitteh
            hoapz Prittee Wun nawt misses
            borrowdz AMEX cawrd!!! :D


            1. Tuuk u lawng enuff
              Tu get teh bakkup sun lit
              Du be kwikk negst tyme

              1. *AMEX staytmint arribes too weaks laytur*
                Dee lucks ACME Sunnee Lamp – elebenty munnees
                plus tacks, chipping adn mangling

            2. Ohai Jack! Ai lubs teh ohaiku! Teh cry sis! Teh drawma! Teh determinayshuns! Teh happeh ending – at leest for Smudj! :-)

              1. Ohai, CB and AP!

                Handsumm Smudjj Kitteh
                may haz prakktiss “Innosent
                Luuk” 4 nekkst too weekz!

                Handsumm Smudjj Kitteh
                knoez awll will beez foargibbunn
                wiff Prittee Wun Nap!!

                Handsumm Smudjj Kitteh
                can haz Flooffee Belleh Rubz
                undurr Sunnee Lamp?!!! :D


              2. Ohai Jack! Smudj noes hims belleh floof am impawsiblol to resist. Belleh floof am hims best deefenss in awl dispyoots. :-)

  1. GIB IT BAKK!! right nao!!

    1. Ai hayts dis horriblol wyte stuff!! *wappity-wappity* Gib bakk mai sunnybeem NAO!

  2. ai fink there’s sum righteous smytifying due…
    ohai AP! yo hab fleet fingurrs tonyte!

    1. Ohai nb! Ai wuz juss luukin at teh nooz bowt awl dat sno goin awn. Wowz!

      1. we’re getting sleet in mid ohio–ai hopes it izza slow night in homecare hospice tonight–mai shift iz ownlee half dun adn ai downt want to go dribin arownd tonight!

        1. Aifink teh sleet am heddin heer to western PA shortly, den will do teh chaynj to snoes obernite. Be eggstra cayrful owt dere, neenerbeener.

          1. fankees, cb! ai will!

    1. Otay ebrywun … pownss awn teh frog!

      1. ewwww!! yu’ll get warts on your pinkie toepads if yu do!

        1. erm…maybe it’s toe-ds, nawt frogs taht gib warts tu helpless kitteh feet?

          1. Adn hims sittin in … a swamp! Nawt goin der.

            1. Whale if U wuz stukk inna swamp, U wudd steel sunnybeemz tuu.

  3. Wii pakked it safely awai for summers, Kitteh….wii thot wii’d decorate outside to match YOO!

    Great piccy adn capshun, CB!

    1. Yesh, adn dont complayn – we cuds hab naymed yoo snoebawl.

      Ohai, shepmom adn fanks!

      1. Ai habs a frend wif a midnight kitteh named snobawl…

        1. Yor frend has a grate senss ob hyoomur. Kitteh can has idendity cry sis?

          1. Sumfing rong wif dat? Shirley naught.

            1. Shirley yoo dunt meens to imply dat ai wuds im pyoon kitteh!

              1. Frankly I wooden put it past yew. ;-)

              2. dat iz teh Lois blow, aifinkso.

  4. It cud luuk liek dis heer by a day frum nao. Teh snoes am starting tonite. Smudge will miss his sunnybeems.

    1. Dis is wye aiz glad ai libs wayr ai duz (NoCal).
      Tuday wuz sunneh wiff kuul breezez. Myte start raynin agen soon, tho.

      1. Ups heer in Skedaddle wii iz finking ob bilding an ark…

    1. *luuks ask ants at teh gnu guy in town*
      *duzzunt bye innosint luuk*

      1. Klikk awn teh gravatar linkee adn yool see hooz unner teh mask…

          1. famble fam blooblol?

            1. Noooo, no prollem atoll. Heh heh, um. . .
              *looks for neerest egg sit*

              1. *steppes in fore a cloaser luuk*
                Mai, whatta sweet innosint luuking bebbeh!!! :-)

            2. O MAI! Whut a tootie pi liddol bebbeh!!!!!
              *schmooz awl ober*

  5. Don ya worry no no
    Is time for the crow
    And dance a ho ho
    And the ice cream show

    1. *dansdans-hoho-dansdans-crocro-dansdans*

      *wunnerz wut ai juss did, adn iffn ai will regretting it*

      1. *puts bideo ob AP doin whatebber seh just did on teh innerwebs*

          1. *nomz teh iys-kreem ennywayz* :oops: *wiff wippy-kreemz adn choklit soss*

            1. Addz sum krikkut sprinklolls tu APs iys-kreemz

  6. Uh-oh … no midnyte lol yet. 8O Mebbe teh whirld did com tu an end!

    1. *wayks up teh nekst mornin, luuks owtside*
      Otay, teh whirrld am still heer, fur nao.
      *adds shreds ob freez dried sammins to AP’s ise kreem*
      *adn a cherry on top* :-)

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