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  1. Ai hazza komfee heer, adn wud lyking tu has a warm tuu!

    1. :roll: Ok. *Moves teh sun back*
      Consunuhay!shuns, AP and Puddy!

      1. Fankeez, pjp. Nao plz nawt tu moobin it arown enny moar, k?

        1. ♫ Liddlol darlin, is been a long cowld lonlee wintre
          It seems lyke years since we had beers… ♪
          There goes teh sun…doo doo doo doo….

          1. Wun uv mai favrit sawngs, PJP! Altho ai merember it a little differently. . .

    2. When teh wurld revolbs arownd U kitteh, sumtiemz teh sun getz shubbed asaid bai yer wurshippurz. Izza hazzurd uf teh pozishun aifinkso.

  2. Ai know it’z yoo coz ai saw yoo at teh window !!
    * Ai may onli bee a cat, butt(!) ai kno wot ai kno *

    1. The nose nose wat the nose nose.

        1. *Passes arwond tissues to all ov cheezland*
          Gudnites everyone!

  3. Ai is the center of teh yunibers!!! Everthing rebolbes round me!!!

    1. * PB throze a lemming-murrang pie in Nenne’s direction to proov this theory * Splat? Or bit?

      1. *the lemming-murrang pie sverves, revolbs round me and heads back doun undah*

        1. * noms a bit qwikly az it parses nd reterns awn itz eat-lip-ticklol orbit ;) *

  4. Dis beminds me uv wen Ai wuz halpin at a bus ebent. A fotograffer cumplaned 2 me dat teh sun wuz in teh rong pozishun!

    1. Hee-hee !! Wuz hims axing yoo to chaynge it ?? ** Haz a gnu respect faw Anni **

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