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Caption me – Cheetahs

Happy solstice, Cheezpeeps!! Northern hemisphere peeps: we’ve made it (well, okay, the 21st akshully) to the shortest day and longest night, and we can has longer days every day now! Southern hemisphere peeps: enjoy your sun while it’s here!

So today will be all about the sun and sunnybeems! :-)

Suggest a caption in the comments!

Photo of cheetah cubs by the Smithsonian Zoo via flickr


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  1. “Got mausez?” “Gots fleez, aifinks.”

    1. gotz frekkles, tu
      ohai AP! Conspotulayshuns! ai iz onna way tu bed, but wanted to keep you company!

      1. Ohai adn fankeez, nb! Yeh, bin kynd ob a slo nyte. Ai ketchin up awn teh DVR stuff.

        1. hope teh dvr am fild wif kitteh stories of great interest! ai’m off–g’nyte!

  2. Dese guysdon luk sunny. Dey luk sorta grumpee, akshually. Grumpee but beeyutiful.

    1. Dey has a sunny pozishun, nawt a sunny dispozishun.

  3. Lincoln: Luuks liek mawm izz bringing hoem Aunty Lopes for dinnur again.

    Avis: Ai towld Hur Ai wanted zeebraz!!

  4. Ohai, AP, neener, carosue andz ebbewunz:

    Kittehz haz a Kurr~uss
    abowtz deez Hewminz!

    Kittehz nawtz surrtenn wutz 2
    duz. Waytz foar Momma!

    knoez Momma haz t3h annsurrz
    andz skayrz t2h Hewminz!!! :D


  5. Ai nawt a cheetah! Ai wun fayr adn skwayr!

    1. :D

      Nope, nope !! Ai saw yoo at teh start wiht yoor fut ober teh lion !!

  6. Cheetah luukin at teh grownd..”Aifinks der mite be sumpfin daon heer fur lunsh..”
    Cheetah luukin strat ahed..”Nebber mynd dat fing, lunsh juss shode up an it’z hoadin a kamra!!”..

    1. ;)

      o.O, tiem tu run !! ** goze off like a flash **

  7. Tehy luk sad coz sumwun cut tehir tree-howss daon :(

    * it had mee stumped for a wylol, tuu ;) *

  8. Isle hab yoo kno taht me nd mai frend am NAWT hyenas with teh meezlols, nosirree :?

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