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Caption me – Buster

Happy solstice, Cheezpeeps!! Northern hemisphere peeps: we’ve made it (well, okay, the 21st akshully) to the shortest day and longest night, and we can has longer days every day now! Southern hemisphere peeps: enjoy your sun while it’s here!

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Photo (of Buster) by nennepus


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  1. Hoo moobed mai sunnybeem?

    1. conbeemulayshuns awn ur nawt sekkond anni!

      1. Thx BF!

        Buster haz a feerse!

  2. This is mai sunbeam! get yer own!

    1. ohai BF! kyoot santa hat on yer abatart!

  3. *sneeks in*
    Fur those whu haz been following Angel’s dyabeetus progress: we haz twu rezults so far onna curve: 5.1 just before her morning insulin shot, 5.0 four hours later. (Target fur kitteh am 8, but 5 am nawt danjermuss.) I hazza hopeful we gonna be abul tu drop tu 1 injekshun per day. :)
    *sneeks back owt tu let teh fun stuffs continyu*

    1. {{prysma&angel}} woot! dat is gud news!

    2. Yay! Dat am wunnermuss gnus indeed!!! Keep up teh gud werks, Angel! :-)
      {{{{{{{prysma adn Angel adn seanya}}}}}}}

    3. *schmoozzeezz fur prysma n angel n seanya* Dat iz berybery guud noose!!!

      Ai will haz tu taek Eddie to da V-E-T – he had an aksident lass nite n den luuked at meh wif dat “Ai’m sorree mawm!” meow he duz wen he kan’t help it. He has alwayz had an “eksyted” GI tingy (wen he am nerviss he will poo, in da kar, awn da V-E-T table – ob korse dat ting is KOLD) n it’s ben getting werse lately – he’s 17 yeers yung n it mite be da sayme ting mai hart-kitteh Pooter had. Her x-ray’d GI luuked liek day-old spagetty but we kept her going awn da steroids n bland fuuds fur 2 moor yeers dan da Dr. thote she wud. Ai haz tu steel maiself fur dis stuff – 3 ob mai kittehs r “old” n dis happins.

      Dun meen tu darken anywuns day tho! Eddie iz strong n Ai’m shur he’ll pull thru!!

      1. {{{{{Cholius an Eddie}}}}}
        Big hyooj beemz hedding tu yu…

      2. {{Cholius & Eddie}} we’re takin Cannoli to the V-E-T after teh lolidays for hims anual check-up. He’s ~13, so i’m always a littlol worried ’bout him. And he’s a bit fedup with me checkin him for lumps or lookin at his teef!

      3. {{{{{{{Cholius adn Eddie}}}}}}}
        Dose ob us wiff kittehs ob machoor yeers can simpafize. Sumtiems teh rode am bumpy, butt(!) dey mayks it wurf wile wif dere lubs adn strenfs.

      4. {{{{Cholius an Eddie}}}}} dunt apologyze fer bein konserned, iz sumfin ebreewun wif furfriendz wurries bowt. Mai gurlie Tucker iz 14 an ai alwais hazza wurried fer hurr. Iz sew hard tew looze dem butt it haz tew bee faised sumtymes. Guud luck tew Eddie an ai dunt blaim himm fer taikin a poo awn teh v-e-t table!

      5. Ai agrees wif ebryfing BF sed, incloodin teh part abowt decoraytin teh v-e-t tabul. My Smudge has dun teh saym fing. Oh, adn dat beminds me ob teh tiem dey shaved hims paw to get a blood preshoor reeding. Teh lektrik shayver was lowd(!!!) adn skayree, adn Smudge empteed hims poor bladdur awl ober teh tabul. Ai fink it was hims way ob saying “pee on dis nonsenss!”

        1. {{{{konserned cheezpeeps}}}} Fankees fur awl da lub n beems!

  4. Happy Solstiss to yew too, prysma! *schmooz*

  5. Mai howse, mai sunbeem, mai floof – deel wif it.

  6. da buster iz a feather duster.

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