By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. Dere’s nuffin like it!

    1. Wawmf an lite at teh saem tiem!

      1. Liek a hunnerd watt lite-bulb :cool:

        1. We aer nawt alloud 2 hab teh wuns dat gib heet naow – hab 2 yooz teh ekonommiklol wuns!

    2. Moon-beems juss doan mayk teh grade, doo tehy !! Ohai n congas, Anni :)

      1. Ohai an thx PB!
        Hab disiedid nawt 2 goe owt 2dai – it’s dark an wet owt dere!

        1. good ideeya to stay hoam and warm, anni

        2. Butt(!) it am nite-tiem heer … Doan tell mee, teh Mayonaisse purrdikshen iz komming troo?

            1. Ai doan beleeb it nd it’z a sillyness tu indulge it !!

              * Sumwun shud gib thoaz doomsayers a gud “dressing” down *

              1. The ownlee fing we can du iz 2 laff at dem awn Caturdai!

    3. Cngrts onna tie, anni and mr. b. I wish the sun wood come up heer. Still dark and cold in Merryland.

      1. Dark an cawld in Lundun – at eleben ay em!

  2. Oddly, tehy yoost tu be cars … (lawng ago)

    1. Nayber had wun uv dem – lubblee awld car!

          1. Taht wud bee in demand naodaze faw weddings !!

    2. And they were teh cyoot.

      1. Nd prolly cheep (relatibly) !! (Mawning tu yoo, Q ;) )

        1. Good combo – cyoot and cheep. Like teh old VW beetles

  3. Luvly foto n congas awn teh LOL, Abbycat :)

  4. I agrees wif you, Kitteh – I lub sunbeems! (as long as I’m in the shade….) :cool:

    1. guud moarning, nenne!

      1. Gud moaning to yu too!!!
        I hoep you hab a gudgud day a twerk! even if it is dark and pleh…
        Remember – the sun has turned – it will only get lighter!!! yay!

    2. * Hans Nenne sum SPF fifty * Nawt taht yoo nead it rite nao ;)

      1. Fankies!
        better save it for later – wuddint want the bite a mindy deaf inch ensew. :roll:

  5. tiem to get up and at ’em. SYL, all

  6. Ai muss goe du sum pleh howsewerks. BBL.

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