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    1. Congrats, CB!

      1. Fanks, anni adn top ob teh day to yoo!

    2. Wuzzit teh 8th dimensun? Did yew say ohai tew John Bigboote?

      1. Or Dr. Lizardo? And where are yr cowboy chaps?

      2. Dat’s won aiz nawt familyur wif, butt! ai founded it on teh imdb. Ai lubs dat dere is a caricature naymd Genrule Catburd.

    1. Just to ketch up wif myself. Ohai, PB!

      1. If taht am teh sauce of yoor weeriness ?? ;) [ Ohai tu yoo, CatBurgh nd conga spacewarps ]

        1. Fanks, PB, adn congas to yoo too. :-)

      2. Ai donut relish teh thot ob meeting myself wen ai still hadda tired.
        [mustards awp teh strength foar uh chance encownter wif eggsaucetd NC]

        1. NC66 – I hopez yoo katchup onna yer sleepz soon!

        2. Aifink NC66 has a hongree. *wips up eggs serbed on d’ohnuts wif mustard adn relish on teh side*

  1. An noe wunner – erf had moobed awn sebrul yeerz wile her wuz awai!

    1. No wun parties liek it’s 1999 ennimoar !!
      ** Nawt eben mee ;) **

    2. [Ernest Hemingway *schmoos* annipuss]
      Didja feel it move DAT tiem? ;-)

  2. Plz to get noms frum teh food synthesizur fingy.

    1. Sawry, teh soylent green haz gon braon :?

      1. :shock: *wunners if teh transportur fingy can transport teh contents ob teh kitteh fud warehowse into my lokker*

        1. We’ll hab tu see if wi can fit yoo into teh collander !! ** ai mean, calendar :roll: **
          [wot is taht fing … a frunt-loding wosher ?? Ai canawt tell :) ]

          1. Ifink Iz da inside partz ub a passtee pan. Da part yoo liff owt Ta dwain da Noodle

          2. Now dat yoo menshun it, it cud be teh drum frum a frunt-loder, butt! nawt a berry big won. As for dis collander fingy. . . :-)

            1. Maebee izza worm hole fingy … Luks like wormiez cud fits froo doze holez

              1. ♫♪ Teh wormiez crawl in, teh wormiez crawl owt… ♫♪

              2. *groan* Dat taeks meh bakk tu grayd-skool daze! Ohai NC66! Ai lub yur hollerday abatar fingy!

              3. Ohai Cholius. Fankeez.
                Sum daze ai doan fink ai eber left.
                Oy, teh fots dat roll arownd in my branium. :roll:

  3. Neggst tyme letz uze teh transportur, ‘kay?

    1. Ai dunno, BF. After seein whut happened to kitteh in a purrvious lol, aiz nawt shoor ai trusts it. :shock:

      1. Technolology cannut bee trusted, liek wen yoo axidently sets teh microwave tu 15 minnets insted ob 15 sekkonds ??
        ** ai mite hab dun taht :roll: :oops: **

        1. :lol: Me too!!! *flashes bakk to oatmeel bubblin ober teh tawp ob teh cup*

          1. Ohai, pb, CB andz ebbeewunz:

            Stawrgayt Ess Jee-Wun
            Kittuhn pawndurrz followeengz
            Kurrnill Jack O’Neel!

            Kurrnill Jack O’ Neel
            awllwayz luukeengz 4 trubbill.
            Jusst lyke a Kittuhn!!

            Kurrnill Jack O’Neel
            nawtz awllwayz fawllz in Lubz, lyke
            Capptinn Jaymz Tee Kirk!!! :D


            1. Wunnermuss, jus wunnermuss! Kirk allus habs da wimmens afta heem aifinkso. Da unatainablol man he wuz.

              1. O, aifinks he was attainable, just nawt keepable.

            2. Ohai, Jack! Rite yoo are. Aifink James Tee Kirk wins in teh ript shirt contest. ;-)

        2. Did NEfing goez BOOM??

      2. *lookz bak*


        Otay, jus kawl meh a galaktik kab.

        1. *lookz askantz*

          Otay, yoo am a glaktik kab ;)

          *runrunrunrunrunrunrunrun… luksbak… am ai sayf yet :lol: ?? *

          1. Saif? Noe.Wen u leest eggspekt itz……eggspekt itz!

            Butt u hazza GMTA wif CB :lol:

            1. *wunners whut to eggspekt if it am uneggspekted*
              *gets a haddock finkin abowt it*
              Oooh, shinee! *bat bat bats at teh reflekshuns in teh spais capsool*

            2. Ai woant bee sir prized if ai haz a sirprize ;) * Slaps ohai-5 paws wiv CB *

        2. ♫♪ phweeeee ♫♪
          [Bruce Willis pulls awp]
          I can taik yew az far az Fhloston Paradise

          1. Oooh, will Ruby Rhod be dere?

              1. Weer green, totally green :smile:

      3. Transporters don’t cawz mayhem foar kittehs, hyoominz do.
        [poots in transporter, hits the shuffle button, and activates it] :twisted:

        1. :shock: Yoo pooted in teh transporter???

          1. Why? Did teh bæcon smell ufnny olive uh sudden?

  4. Butt (!) hao will fluffeh git bak? We need uh bæcon.

    Hangs maplol falvord pork strip lazer poynty fingee in wurmhole.

  5. ai gotz a happee endeng storee bout a kitten naemed Fluffy! Berry tymely. Mai superiorvisor’s wief adoptided teh two callieco sisterz uf mai Stevie an Seamus wen we reskued tehm. Shee naymed tehm Fluffy an Yoda. Fluffy hadda trubbles eatifying an gotz teh respiring infekshuns an coodn’t mew :(
    Yestiday tehy hadda tehir opperashuns fore teh spaying an teh V-E-T remooved two beg polyps frum Fluffy’s troat an now her is mew mew mew ing!! Ai sed she is maeking ups fore alla tyme she kouldn’t. :) ai lubs teh happee endeings!

    1. O dat’s wundermuss MQ! Ai lubs da happeetayl endings az well. (Fluffy shud git wif mai heeting Squeek – dey cud tawk volyooms!)

    2. Yays fur Fluffy finding her voice!!!!!

      (Iz gonna be days tehy wish her still lost it ;-) but is awsum!!!!)

  6. Ai’m in yur Jefferies tube, re-rowting teh powerz to teh distillery in teh enjineering department coat-cupboard, aifinkso. *Hic*

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