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  1. Noe, but Ai fink Ai troddid in sum.

    1. *Goez 2 Googlol 2 fyned out wat grey poupon iz!*

      1. O, I C Nawt an ad we hab in TTI!

    2. dat’s why we”re riding inna basket nao!
      Conpoodlelayshuns on yur tawp spot, Anni! izza beautiful day for a walkies!

      1. Thx neenerbeener – nawt so gudfur a wawk heer, it’s cawld an mistee.

  2. O, well done, damommza, well done! Dis am hilarious…
    (& dese two am adorablol)

    1. ai gree! Dat is SEWWW ufnny!

  3. I thought I was the only one with one of those goofy strollers. Mine is a double decker. I bought it to take the fat cats to the vet but it won’t fit in my car!! :)

    1. Our heart puppeh Corky loved to go for walkies in teh stroller when hiz arthritic nekk got too bad for him to walk long wayz… Somehow he alwayz gave the impression of being in charge of teh whole expedition, too. Adn yu shoulda seen teh interestin looks on teh peoples’ faces wehn trhy drove by adn peeped in teh stroller to look at teh babee!! *Wooh… we has seen some uglee babiez todai, but taht wun just izn’t ryte…*

      1. jennetix spearmint gawn ronggg.

      2. LOL!! Sounds adorable! :)

    1. Goggies simplee nawt cut teh mustard.

      1. But we haz some catsup to shares.

  4. Wears da babe inna da bikini wif da startin flag??!! Weeze feeder ta get dis rase startid!!!
    OMCC!!! Wear did da pusherz go??? Wee ordered two berry fast YNGs ta pushify deez fings.
    I kinnawt belleef dis! Alla da tyme we spent onna moddefiekashunz an da pusherz is latte!! Hoomins, Kant lib wif Em, Kant trip em down da stares.

    1. Tawkin uv YNGs – Ai muss go du sum irnin. Can’t get YNGs rownd heer fur lub ner munnee!

      1. no, no–dat’s for teh iron man compytishun–wrong race!

        1. Den whoze sposta be pushin deeze heer DragBugglies!! Mee an mae brudder werked onnem awl nitenitenite an dey iz reddy to burnz upda sidlewalk!!

          We hab a kontract!! Iffn wee noze getz da pushererz and dat bikini flag waber we gunna SUE!! SUE I telz ya!

          1. Ohai EM, Ai has heer a bidness card fur an lawloler, Ai recm…recim…rekmo ohaily sez tehy am goodgoodgood! “Sue, Grabbitt and Runne”

            1. Kin dey pushify deeze buggies?? Iz gettin darkly an me an my bruddar stillz wanna rase …

    2. gud thing ai dunnot haz teh stares at mai hauwse. teh liddlol (nawt so loddlol nao) Stevie & Seamus reely gud at trippin me onna onlee one floor.

      1. they get extra points for that…

        1. also fore giving me hart attak wehn ai cloes teh frigididator dore on tehm

  5. Moar liek “Grey POEP-on”, amirite?

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