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  1. Awl him needz iz teh fie-nanse 2 bild it!

    1. Conga Rats Anni! Race yoo to teh Tye Booteek!

      1. Thx fur teh congrats – saem 2 u! U’ll prollee beet me 2 teh tye booteek, Ai aer moobin berree slo dis mornin!

        1. Mii tew! Akshully iz middlol ob teh nite for mii, but mai gnee hurts sew bad ai can’ts sleep, so teh Princess let me owt ob mai crate sew ai coulds sit up for awhile…

          1. Dat iz nawt gud – Ai hab a bad hip dat duz dat – moastlee OK in teh dai, but nite-tiem…….!

            1. {{{{{Anni}}}}} Ai tries to sleep nao for awhile…maybe teh ibupro…ibbapr…feel-bedderer-pills wills kick in soon…


            2. Hoep it sune eezes enuff fur u 2 get sum sleep. Ai hab 2 go owt naow – fergottid banananananaz yestidai!

    2. congratz tu anni aand shepmawm onna firzday tie.

      1. Thx Q! Can’t stai an plai – hab shoppin 2 get. PB wull be alawng layter. Bai!

        1. Mutch layter, as it terned owt !! Ohai Q :D

  2. Um…kitteh? Don’t yoo fink it woulds werkwerkwerk better if it wuz a surprise?

    1. maybee kitteh nose teh plan willshock and aww evreewun. stun peepz intu submishun

      1. Aifinkso rest of uniberse nawt pay much attenshun to teebee broadcats frum Erf – wud yu sort thru bajillions of owrs of carp lukking fur relebant stuffs? :roll:

        1. Eben us erflingz nawt pay much attenshun tu teebee broadcasts….. ;)

          1. Wut? Yew mean alienz awr nawt gunna try tew disguys demselbs az Honey Boo Boo wen dey try tew invade us? :roll:

            1. O deer CC, ifen dey dew den jus killify meh naow.

              p.s. noe, ai haz nawt wached teh sho. jus teh kommershuls r enuff tew maik meh feel kweezy.

  3. *cue teh impeerweeial march*
    Dum dum dum dumdee-dum dumdee-dum! 8O

    1. [luuks owt window ob Lego-nium Falkawn]
      Dat’s no moon…
      Wait! Yes. Yes it is.
      [BC turned arownd adn flashed hiz butt at teh liddlol Kessel runner]

  4. He’s missing the finlol leggo peace dough… He wunders where he batbatbated eat!!

    Around the fridje?
    Behind the couch?
    Captured under the credenza?
    Doomed down the toilet?

    1. Expelled thru deh goggie door
      Flew down deh hawl

      1. Got caughtted bai da broom
        Hit ober da cowch
        Inter owter space
        Jacknifed awf freeway

        1. Kikkikkiked owt da door
          Likked da bumpy fings off
          Mixid it wif hare ball barf

          1. Nestloled inn sumwuns shoo
            Owtsyde spaise
            Plantd inn teh gardin
            Qwiet erfling! Datz awn a need tew kno basis!

          2. Nailed awnto Transformer akshun figgur
            Onto da bed wear da hoomins lay awn it (owch!)
            Pushed into return register
            Quietly playsed in hoomin shoo

            1. Restin inna da litteeboks
              Sortid wif da sox
              Tumbloled inna da drier

              1. Under teh pile ob clean lawndry (search to commence after search ob mud puddlol
                Very ohai up awn tawp shelf
                Where noe leggos habs gone before o.O

  5. Kawl meh Vader…..Garth Vader

    Yeah, yeah, ah’m teh yunger bruvver. Dats wai ai gits stuck wif teh small spaise shipz.

    1. *snerk* Ohai BF! Glad tu c yu bee four yu hit da sack! Ai haz ben lurkking abowt but haz nawt ben comminting erlee in da day. Bery tired, n Squeek haz ben in da heet at nite (wai kan’t she howl during da day wen mom’s gone?). Bruvver Garth iz bery pritty BC tho. Muss be nyser dan bruvver Darth.

      1. Ohai! Guud tew see u mai frend!

  6. “Galaxy meets tu announce immediate surrender”

    Great LOL, Bluesfan :D

    * Ai duz hab a speshlol luv faw thoas midnite kittehs :cool: *

    1. Ai kno, rite?! Ai’de surrendurr tew dat bootiful midnite kitteh inna hartbeet!

      1. Ai haz alreedy – mai Romeo iz da byootimuss kitteh n he haz doze sleepy green ais… yea he gits his way most ob da tyme… :roll:

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