By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. sunovawot adn damommza, kubered in “Teh Clowk uv Invisubilitee” so no oen cna see us, prisent owr Howl-O-Ween Powem!


    it woz a drak adn stawmee niet
    adn ai woz fild wif friet
    teh wind woz shril
    ai flet teh fril
    ten muun shed littul liet

    teh goestz adn gobblinz tuu
    luukd kwite a bit liek yoo
    butt yoo ar gon
    adn ai goe on
    noe lawngur feelin bloo

    ai berreed yoo kwite deep
    in a manglold heep
    yoo cannawt strae
    awae yool stae
    adn in teh grownd yool sleep

    ai feel a breez of duum
    tahtz enturrin mai ruum
    it maykz a shaep
    beehind mai drayp
    haz yoo ekskaypd yoor tuum


    teh tuum iz nott for mee
    mai spirrit muss wawk freee
    noe moer ai’l stae
    wer wunse ai lae
    for yoo stil howld teh kee

    teh kee taht biendz mai sole
    haz draggd mee form mai hoel
    ai cannawt rest
    in grownd unblest
    so return wot yoo stoel

    wotz taht, yoo dowt mai miet
    beeleev ai cannawt fiet
    yett in tihs stayt
    mai powrz ar grayt
    adn heer ai haz teh riet

    in lief ai woz noe saynt
    mai sole bor deemunz taynt
    butt taht meenz nawt
    ai haz yoo cawt
    yoo muss ansur mai playnt

    so lettuz plae tihs gaym
    of con seek wense adn blaym
    weel tayk a turn
    in hel yool burn
    tu yoor eeturnal shaym

    *Gibs owt chonkolite kubered aibawls to eburee bawdie* Happee Howl-O-Ween!

      1. *Hides behynd teh cween*
        *Reeches owt a paw adn grabs a treet*
        *Lik lik lik awf awl teh chonklit, tehn looks at teh treet*
        :shock: *runsawaiwiffashivver*
        Well dun, sunovawot adn damommza!

        1. Yoo did nawt kno teh treet wuzza ai bawl?? *looks at yoo wif oen ai* :-D

    1. *shivurrs*
      Iz just 9.00 in teh moaning heer an fool daylite adn I still haz a skeerd! How am I goin tu gets inny werkwerkwerk dun wiff teh cubbers oveh my hedd?

      1. *pushes werk unner teh cubbers, along wiffa flashylite*
        Yore welcom! ;-)

    2. applesauce! applesauce!!!Dat waz scary adn ominuss!

    3. :shock: ooh! spooky!
      *applsaws aplsaws*

  2. Annipuss iz disgyzed az an uglee awld witsh (Hoo sed “dat wuz nawt diffiklut”?) wiv tradishunul broomstikk aksesseree. Her iz carryin a beeg bag uv Ingerlish sweetiez (Dass candeez fur doez hoo aer nawt byelingwul) Likkerish awlsorts, peppermint hummbuggz, assid drops an whine gumz.

    1. mmm, peppymints!

      i never wuld hab knowd it wuz yoo, anni!

      1. Anni! Wut a wunnermuss dis guys yoo haz!

        1. Dats Anni? Nawt pawssible!

  3. *Deh nite watchman adn deh YNGz am awl dressed az werewolvez
    *adn am riding on a float dat am dekkerated to look like a dark,
    *misty swamp. Dhere am a big tree wif hanging mosses;
    *adn a dense fog driftingz across deh floor uv deh float.
    *Dhere am a big full moon rising at deh very back,
    *casting a greenish-yellow light on deh menz.
    *Dhey haz deh guitarz and drumz and electronic keeboards.
    *Az deh float moves down deh parade route, dhe Nite Watchman singz:
    I see deh bad moon a-rizin.
    I see trubblol on deh way.
    I see erfkwakez adn litenin’.
    I see bad tiymz tuday.
    Don’t go arownd tunite,
    Well, itz bownd tu take ur life,
    Dhere’z a bad moon on deh rize.
    I heer hurrycanez a-blowin’.
    I noez deh end am kumming soon.
    I feer ribberz over flowin’.
    I heer deh voyse uv rage adn rune.
    Don’t go arownd tunite,
    Well, itz bownd tu take ur life,
    Dhere’z a bad moon on deh rize.
    ♪♫ ♪♫
    Hope u got ur fingz tugezzer.
    Hope u am kwite prepared tu dye.
    Lookz like wii’re in fur nasty wezzer.
    Wun ai iz taken fur an ai.
    Don’t go arownd tunite,
    Well, itz bownd tu take ur life,
    Dhere’z a bad moon on deh rize.
    Don’t go arownd tunite,
    Well, itz bownd tu take ur life,
    Dhere’z a bad moon on deh rize.

      1. Taeks Prysma’s hnad adn dansdansdans wif herz!

        1. Tayks damommza’s hand adn joyns in teh dansdansdans!

        2. Dansis sittin doun 2 sabe teh fawl doun go boom!

    1. Spotstarsmom singz along….”Dere’s a baffroom on teh rite!!!” :) Couldn’t halp mice elf….

  4. Prysma glides along, standing up wif a careful fur balinse, in her rownd kitteh bed wif prism danglies arown it, teh hole fing floating on teh cast rainbows.Fiery colurs shimmer an ripple arown her. Her be waring a close-fitting metallic-gold longsleeve catsoot wif mennymenny overlapping rows of frinje across teh body an upper legs, in countless shades of reds an orinjes an lellows, fluttering lyk fevvers wif every motion. What seems tu be a cape of eereedesent fire colurs turns owt tu be wings – big spredding isis-wings (teh wuns wif a short rod yu can hold to make tehm ekstend past yur hand) that flash and shimmer as teh wind of movingness catches tehm. Her hair am gavvered up wif a crest of fevvers in flame colurs, an her wares a bird-face mask across her eyes, glittering wif sekwins an trailing short strands of beeds, each ending wif a fevver, daon ober her cheeks.

    Arownd her feets am Cory-Bear an Freya an Trick-or-Treat (Happy Gotcha Day, Trick-monster!!!) an Angel. Cory an Freya an Trick am lukking arown wif an eggsited an tossing candee owt uv teh bed wif paw-swipes an batting okasionally at bits of prysma’s costume, making it harder tu stay standing-up, while Angel soopervises.Teh candees am lil packijes of swedish berries an of speermint leefs an of gumdrops an of jujubes an of jellybeens (nawt teh kind on kitteh paws).

    1. CatBurgh leeps frew teh aer, frowing candy corms at to teh crowd, adn joins teh otter prayders. Seh am blinding brillyunt in her royal bloo adn green leotard adn pink tootoo, pared wif gold naggahyde gogo boots (deep breff) – awl tawped off by her akwa-kuller seekwin snorgle snorklol. Seh hoists teh Cheezland flag ohai adn steps owt to teh beet ob teh Cheezland Conga Rats Drum Lion.
      ♫♪♩Ba-da Ba-da Bah BOOM
      Ba-da Ba-da Bah BOOM
      Chikka Chikka Chik BOOM
      Ba-da Ba-da Bah BOOM ♫♪♩

      1. Ai cna haz awl taht candee?? SQUEEEEEEE!! Ai putz it in mai bukkit!

        1. Izzit bloo? Teh bukkit, nawt teh candees. ;-)

          1. Teh bukkit ADN teh candee iz bloo..adn naow so iz mah tung!

  5. *dingling dingling*

    Wendyzski rides in inna nold-fashunf penny-farthing bicycle, dressed in the hite ub victorian ladeez fashions. How skandalus – yoo can see her ankles!!! Onna bak uv her jakket she has lotsuv sparklee jools an metal bits dat spells out ‘Vociferous Velocipediennes” in fansee letterings.

    I can has steampunk biker gang?
    (and I reeelee reelee reelee wants to make dis kostoom for reels)

    1. Xkyuse mii, butt (!!) ai bleeve ai kin see yur, um, lower extremities. Yu miet want to ajest yur, um, garmintz.

  6. Bluesfan473 struts hurr stuff daown teh abenue. Hurr red kloak iz stylishlee saiftee pinnd inno a va-va-voom
    Jessica Rabbit dress !

    shee haz had tew stuff a payre uv fuzzee bunneh slippers inn hurr brazeer tew git teh kleevidje butt teh effekt iz stunning nun teh less

    1. az itz a bit chillee shee hazza luvlee blak wrap ober hurr showlders wich, awn kloser luuk, turnz owt tew bee Tucker, purrin lyke a motorbote.

      BF iz karryin a hayuge bowl uv yummeh byte syzed popkorm bawls fer awl tew shayre

      1. Nom! *snarffle snarffle glup* Fankees, BF! :-)

      2. Yu iz nawt bad, BF, yew iz juss drawn dat way! :D

      3. Um….BF…….sum ov yer fuzz iz showin…..*gigglols*

  7. lunarmommy comes along very dignifyed, dressd az teh Marshun Qween. she iz paynted all green, an hur hayr iz green an done up on top ob her hed all fansee, wif a tall poynty gold crown wif her Marshun antennas stikking throo it, an her dress iz green velvit an haz a big tall collar standing up behind. teh hem ob teh mang – maggif – awsum dress trayls owt abowt elbenty feet, so she haz sum tame trollz she borrord frum teh burfday faktory to carry it so it not gets dirty. In wun hand she carries a Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator and in teh ovver wun she holds a ACME Disintegration Pistol (bofe wif teh safties on so no wun gets hurt).

    behind hur comes anovver borrord tame troll, riding on lunarmommy’s liddle red tricycle, wif scary baloons tied to teh handlol bars an teh horn playing “planet claire” by teh 52-Beez an skwirting owt candee over teh crowd!

    1. Spooky myooziks!
      Fankys, LM!

    2. *sings along wif ‘Planet Claire’*

  8. oooh, i just notissed, nc66 set up a bownsy howse on teh last post!

    1. Ai waz juss dere, adn lemme tell yoo it am teh beez neez, teh catz pajamas, teh. . .well it am just plane kewl!!! :-)

  9. The All Goggie Vuvuzela Marching Band, all wearing scary werewolf costumes, parades along, blaaaarting and praaaaaarping with all their might! Listen! They’re playing Thriller ! (I think)

    1. *passes owt neon eerplugs to teh crowd*

    2. Ooo–werewolfz an vuvuzelaz!! Noffink cud bii scaryier!

  10. Caro and Sue comes alawng wif gypsee kostumes, wif elebenty hundred beedee neklasez an a kullerful dress and scarf. In da gypsee wagun iz awl teh kittehs we haz at da moment, includin teh two we iz trying to find foreber homez for.. On da sidez uf the wagun it says, Free Kitteh! Inquire wifin! Littolest kitteh is hangin frum wun of the stringz uf beeds. Ack! Stagger!

  11. “T3h afturrnoon amz
    oberkasst andz coald wiff
    t3h hintz ubz wurss 2

    cumz az Jack Deth pullz
    up t3h cawllurrz ubz himz oaldz
    skuffdz andz woarn Trentch Cote

    andz leenz cloassurr az
    himz Fedoara dipz low andz
    andz slowlee murrjjez

    wiff the shaoddoz ubz
    an alleeway, lawnnng, deepz andz
    full ubz missturree.

    Defftlee avoydeengz
    t3h lowdz, boysturruss Parrayde
    ubz cawstyoomdz Cheezpeepz

    intentz awn maykeengz
    dayr pressenss knowndz wiff
    mewzikkz andz canndee!”!!! :D


    1. :shock: whoo wuz dat mysteereous strainger?

    2. *Grabs Jack’s hand adn pulls him into teh prade*
      Try it, yule liek it!
      *Hazza worree as teh sunlite (hay, it’s owt dere sumwares!) lands on Jack’s fais*

  12. Ai nawt lykes wayrin kostooms, so ai wantid tu hazzin juss mai debil-hornz. But papa conbinsd meh tu wayring dis skayree red debilz-cayp tuu. *runs arown snatchin up candeez*

    *papa marchez alawng passin owt Reesez peenutbudder cups adn roalz ob Smarteez*

    1. Fanks, AP!
      *Eets a Smartee*
      Teh skware root ob elebenty fibe is fibe. Hay, it werks!!! :-)

  13. [putz awn mask and sneeks owt ob wurkity foar a minute to drag sumfing in frum teh last lol]
    [hurry hurry hurries awp tew teh last lol and releases uh presshur valve]
    *fold* *fold* *fold* *fold* *fold* *fold*
    *fold* *fold* *fold* *fold* *fold* *fold*
    *fold* *fold* *fold* *fold* *fold* *fold*
    [stashes uh few items in a larj trunk]
    [runz tew the end ob teh parade route]
    [where teh parade after party iz setting awp]
    [dragging uh big bag anda trunk behind him]

    Oof! Umph! Ung!
    [unwraps teh folded awp fing]
    *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold*
    *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold*
    *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold*
    [attachez ohai powurr air pump adn starts motor]
    *vroom* *whoosh* *pshhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*
    [duh jiant bownsy howse in teh shape ob uh zawmbie mowse re-inflates]
    [beeg enuff tew fit awl teh cheeze peeps]
    [sordid candies, candy applols and popcorm bawls awr velcro’d tew teh ceiling]
    [adds sum squirt guns filled wif applol cider, rolls ob tee pee and rotten eggs mini creem pies]
    [hops in]
    *boing* :-)
    *boing* *boing* :-D
    *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing*
    *boingboingboingboingboing* *flip* *boing*

    [hops owt of bownsy hows]
    [rummajez trunk]
    [pullz owt futuristic looking hip mounted gun luuking fing]
    [loads uh rolled awp sumfing in teh nozzlol and pullz trigger]

    [it goes sayling across teh crowd]
    [wun cheezpeep ketchez adn unrollz it tew reveal]
    [flannlol PJ’s monogrammed wif the CL logo]
    [dat kom wif fuzzy wererabbit slippers]
    [and uh multi-pak ob glow in the dark necklaces]
    [wen yew walk, teh wererabbit slippers’ eyes light awp and they howl]
    OW OW OWOOOOoooooooo…

    [loads awp sum moar]

    [leebs FPJ air cannon neggst tew bownsy howse]
    [runz orf bak tew wurkity]

    1. Whutzdis?
      *pikks up FPJ air cannon adn aims it ober teh hed ob teh crowd*
      *KA FWOOM*
      Kewl! :-)

    2. *Annipuss, still in her witsh disgyze bownsiz awn teh bownsee howse* Wheeee Ai aer flyin awn mai broomstikk!

    3. *BF grabs a payre uv fuzzeh wererabbit slipperz an slips dem awn inn plaise uv teh Jessica Rabbit ohai heelz*

      Whew! Dats bedder! Ai dunno haow peeps sashay rownd inn doze kynd uv shooz!

  14. Neenerbeener stands on a float wif a ribber of blue crepe paper on either side of her and big river rocks piled up on the ‘shore’. This is attractive to look at, but the teams of trained squirrels pulling the float are straining mightily..until seberal kittties come out of the crowd to help.
    Neenerbenner is dressed like a rhinemaiden in a Wagner opera–she has majically become tall and wears a blue vvelvet dress wif a magnificent silver breastplate over her …generouse…top. On her head is a silver helmet with many achemy signs on it, topped with magnificent cow horns. Each horn has a little Cheezland flag on top. Big thick blonde braids flow over either ear and down to the ground. On closer look, the braids are made of straw and festooned with nuts and berries. Some of the squirrels have abandoned their stations to visit the braids and have a snack, causing much mischeif!
    At the front of the float sit nb’s four kittehs, throwing out litttle packages of dried fruit and nuts to the crowd and each of them also in a silver helmet with horns and braides. Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Vavlvkyries’ plays in the background.

    1. Hi yo to hoi!!!

    2. Gud fing teh kittehs am frowing owt teh froots adn nuts, adn nawt teh skwirrls.
      Magnifissint flote, neenerbeener!

    3. Ai luv teh smell uv dried fruitz an berriez in teh morning! Glad tehres no majic fier!

  15. I was just looking at “Homemade Halloween Costumes” on Google Images for inspiration… When did Halloween become the sluttiest holiday? :shock:

    1. Wen it stopt bein a bit uv ufn an kommershul greed stept in.

    2. I agree, had the same reaction. It’s all “sexy this” and “sexy that.”
      We hosted our annual costume party over the weekend. In last minute desperation, I folded a tablecloth in half, taped plastic utensils and plates on it, along with napkins and pictures of a window and a vase of flowers. I draped it around my shoulders and called myself “Table for Two by the Window.” It went over like a lead balloon. *sign* :-)

      1. *sneeks in frum werkitty* Dat wuz a bery inbentive kost yoom, CatBurgh! Ai votes fybe cheesbergers!

        1. Fankees, muchcat! *hedbonks adn purrs* :-)

    3. When teh groan-ups startid horning in on teh kidletz’ funn.

        1. Well, yur custyoom duzn’t sound excessivelii sexy. Maebii ai’m overestimating teh sighz uv teh tablecloth.

          1. :lol: At owr partees teh peeps are awl ob boomers, adn peeps gets berry creatib! Yooshually, after teh first 30-45 minnits, we awl chanjes to bloo genes adn swetshirts. Best costyoom ebar: peeps caym as stink bugs, wearin brown swetshirts wif large brown cardbored shield-shayps awn dere bakks adn antennas on dere heds.

    4. You guys do all realize that Hallowe’en’s roots have nothing to do with kids, rite? *hazza kwizzikal*

      As far as I’m conserned, iz all playing wif fantaseas, in this sentury. If peeps’ fantaseas be seksy, that be up to them. Sum of em be a tad excessive, but whatever. *shrugs* *wanders off to take nap, cause short on sleeps*

      1. Rite yoo are, prysma! To eech hims/hers own.

  16. ladykitteh am on her way to a meeting an cannawt join us, but sez tu wish evreewun a happy Howlowe’en frum her!!!

  17. *Gunnersmama kyoo zup hur VLC Awl-Beevur Cheezband (Bancoober branch)….making shur teh glockenshpeelz am in toon wiff teh fronsch hornz an teh kazoo seckshun*
    Otay..ebbrybunny, lion up..Hay!! Yu der!! Yesh, ai meenz yu Mistur “Ai’z tuu cuul fur skuul” wiff teh zombeh Just In Beevur mask..Ai NO hooz unner der..stawp fwappin yur bandmaytz wiff dat taylol!!!
    Nao..making shur yr kostyoomz am awl zippifyed up!!!…
    *GM leedz hur band owt tu joyning teh parayd, wunnerin iffen ennybunny will reckognyz hur in hur kostyoom ,Teh Michelin Wommin…(awl hur had tu du wuz putting awn a tite wyte lee oh tard…an yooz a bottlol ub Wite-Owt fur teh fais..)
    Anna Wun anna TU….Leff Rite Leff ..Noe, yur UVVER Leff… :roll:

    ♫♪Ai wuz wurking awm mai lolz layte wun nite, Wen mai aiz behelded a neerie site, Teh kitteh frum mai lol began tu rize, An suddenlee tu mai sooprize…♫♪
    ♪♪♫Him did teh mash…him did Teh Cheezland Mash…..(Teh Cheezland Mash)..It wuz uh lolcat smash! (Teh Cheezland Mash)..It cot awn inna flash (Teh Cheezland Mash)…Him did Teh Mash, Him did Teh Cheeeeezland Mash…Wah-oooooh…wah-wah-ooooh♫♪♪…
    ♫Frum mai lolbortoree in Bancoober east, tu teh kitchen floar, ware teh kittehs feest…, Teh cheezpeepz awl caym frum dare bedz ware dey lade….Tu joyneen in Teh Lolloween parade♪♪
    ♪♫Dey did Teh Mash..dey did Teh Cheezland Mash (Teh Cheezland Mash)..It wuz a lolcat smash, (Teh Cheezland Mash), It cot awn inna flash (Teh Cheezland Mash)..Dey did Teh Mash, Dey did Teh Cheezland Mash! Wah-ooooh..wah-wah-oooooh♫
    ♫Frum owta him’z cawffin, Ben Huh’s voyse did ring..seemz him wuz trubbled bai juss wun fing..He opinned teh lid an shooked him’z fist, “Whatebber happind tu mai ICHC Twist?”…IT’Z NAO TEH MASH, IT’Z NAO TEH CHEEZLAND MASH, (TEH CHEEZLAND MASH)..IT COT AWN INNA FLASH, (TEH CHEEZLAND MASH)..IT’Z NAO A LOLCAT SMASH!, (TEH CHEEZLAND MASH), WEER DUIN TEH CHEEZLAND MASH!!…WAH-OOOH..WAH-WAH-OOOOH….♪♫♪

    *Gm frow zowt pawfullz ub sordid chonklit an uvver deck a dint treetz frum hur wheelee-barrow wiff teh punkinz awn it..heerz sum VLC Nanaimo sum sum candeed sum beest jerkee an sum tawk oh chipz an sum liddlol pakkits ub salsa an sum Cadberry Flayk barz….an sum Tim Tamz an sum Oh Ree Yoze….*
    GM an teh VLC Awl-Beevur Band (Bancoober branch) disampeerz rownd teh cornur bai teh fowntin…

    1. WOOOOOOT!!!

      *shimmeez tew teh cheezland mash*

      1. Ai do teh mash..the CHEEZLAND mawnster mash..Ai do teh mash!

        *damommza dansdansdans wif ebbery won*

          1. Fankies fur teh moooozik CatBurgh!!

    2. :lol: Dedded Ben in hims koffin wuz brillyunt! *duz teh cheezland mash*

  18. MamaCat arrives, wearing a blue gingham dress with a white apron. A long black tail sticks out from behind, and on top of her head are two pointy ears. Whiskers on each side of her nose complete the look. She is carrying three sets of mittens on strings and a pie.
    “Hi all, anyone seen three kittens with cold hands? I found these mittens, and I know who they belong to!”
    MamaCat passes out pie to everyone, since it is a magical pie tin that never runs out of pie, and always has a person’s favorite piece right there to be eaten.
    She walks through the crowd, handing out pie and looking for the three missing kittens with cold paws……

    1. Butt, butt (!!), if ai sez taht ai am a nawty kitteh who haz lost hur mittehs, ai shall get no pie. (Hides hands in pocket).

      1. Butt (!) I gib pi eben tu teh nawty kittehs awn lollyween!
        Hands piece of pi to MeezerMom….

        1. Fankies. Um, those mittehz taht yu founded–is tehy on a string?

    2. Ohai, MamaCat! Ai can has deep dish applol wif sinnamom-shoogars sprinklolled on top? Fanks!
      *CB sets up a taybul wif wippy creems adn isee kreems for dose taht wants*

    3. Mai pawz is cold… ai can haz pie??

    4. Ai wud habs ae nais salays ub Boysenberry pai, fankies MamaCat, dayut wuzz deelysheus, diss amma n berry gud paeraeyd, alla peeps izz habbn feun adn dayuts whut deh Haowloeweeyn izz awl aebaeyout!!

  19. Elsa Mama skipz up ta da payraid root warin a tallz hat wif lejiz an pouchiz an udder fings kiitehs likee ta sleptz in. Der beez kittehs ub awl kolorz playin an sleepin da hat twee an kandies an nip toiz be shootin owt da top ub da hat.

    1. Ooooh! naow dats a fansee hat!!

    2. *fyndz a playse in teh hat-tree tu setlolling daon affer teh shoogur-hye krashez*

    *catena runz kumez streeken fru, dressd as Lay Dee Gude Eye Fah, tossen sparklee rappd choklit trufflez in her waek*
    Enne won sene mai hoarse?
    *and iz goarn in a flash (epp rope ree utlee enuf)*

    1. Hay der!! Puts sumub doze spark lolly kandee rappers ober yer speeshell bits!!!

    2. :shock:

      Dun’t luuk Ethyl!!

      Tew lait, sheez alreddy bean insensd

    3. *WHISTLOLZ* *Frweeeee Frewwwwww*

  21. *Sets owt big boal ob toof brushes adn lentil floss*
    Heer, yoo awl mite needs dis after awl teh shoogary stuffs.
    Yore welcom. ;-)

    1. Lentil floss? Hmmm..nuffin lyke a kleen bean, ai allus sez….

    2. Oochie!! Doze brushiz gibz my roof an owie!! Wye wee gotta brushify owr toofz eeneewae? Leestawaez I donnut eet wiff mai toof … :/

      1. Teh d’ohnuts am part ob teh prollem. ;-)

    3. (Considurz TPing CB’s snorgle snorkle)

      1. Teh bownsey howse iz stawked. Jes sayin’ ;-)

        1. Heh heh. Fanks for teh tip, NC.
          *Looks for a bakk way owt*

    4. Toof brushez and dental floss?!?

      [grabs sum mini pies frum teh bownsey howse and flings dem at CB]

      *bownse* *grab* *fling* *splat*
      *bownse* *grab* *fling* *splat*
      *bownse* *grab* *fling* *splat*

      1. *Tries to catch teh mini pies in mouf in mid aer*
        *Wipes wippy creem frum fais* :-)
        Hay, dat was Lentil floss, nawt Dentil. :razz:

        1. OHHHHhhhhhhh………
          Dat’s diffrunt then, isn’t it?

    5. Harumphf! Adds mentle floss to teh boal. ;-)

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