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    1. Saons fare tu mee !! Congarats, AP ;)

        1. * puts it on … hey, a nyse smart luk :) *

          1. Teh lasseez will be chaysin u nao!

            1. o.O, ide betta pull my socks up nd pedlol, pedlol, pedlol !!
              * Nd nawt fawl off if tehy bite mai anklols :roll: *

  1. Well, well, well !! Sew it wuz awl a plot !!

  2. Well, dat souwnd gud.
    *Frows Timmy and Lassie boff a hotdog*

    1. *chomp!* *… … … splash*

      1. o.O !! Woz taht teh hotdog fawling in teh wawter oar Timmy 8O ??

  3. Ai suppoaz Lassie duznot want tu go owt agenn in teh cold ?? Wud shi purrfurr tu sit in frunt ov teh heeter nd wotch teebee ??

    1. *Waves paw and opts for warm teebee* Wat’s on tonite?

  4. LOL!!!!! Hilarious caption Shepmom!! :)

      1. Ai aer weighlayte tu teh partee…WOOT!!! Shepmom!!! Dat wuz gratewun!!

  5. @@@@@@late to teh funz but canna stop laffing – gud wun shepmom!!!

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