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  1. :( Mai repyootayshun wiff mai frenz is rooind furebbers!!

    1. Conga rats and o… erm – otterly cute otters on ur taupe spot, AP!!

      Lets have sum otterly lovely caek to sillybrayte!!!

      1. Fankeez, nenne! :) Wowz, dats impressib! Did u mayking dat urseff?!

        1. hee – I wish!
          I yoinked it of the internet :-D

  2. ur embarrasing me!!
    go embarrass some otter erm otter….

    1. Is der an otter otter wiff an otter favver adn muvver dat treetingz dem diffrint?

      1. it is otterly possiblol…

    2. Consmooshulatrions, AP and Nenne!

  3. *Stops*

    1. 8O Stop eet! Ai wants sum tuu! :? Umm, whut egzakkery ar we eetin? *hoaps its fisheez*

      1. Weez eeting Nenne’s caek!
        *Noms a kyoot purplol rock*
        Fanks, Nenne!

  4. DAD !! Yoor wisskers am gibbing mee a rash !!

    ..nd MUM, ermmmm, yoors tooo :oops:

  5. Salleh muss tihnk ai luk silleh :oops:

    ** Yoov manadged tu sully mai repootayshen :( **

  6. “Wy, ai otter … !!”

    (Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)

  7. Elsa Mama wil bi pleezed wen shi sees anubber FP :D

    1. Hur naymz gettin pritteh hyooj in teh tag bawx. :roll:

      1. Ai liek taht box coz wi can appreshyate ebbrywun’s part, big oar smorl (no jugsdment) :)

      2. it just meens the rest of us hastu steppup to the playte!!!

        *steps up wiffa playte hoping there’s more caek*

        1. * steps up to teh playt, swings a bat nd lets go ….
          … teh bat sqweeks, flys off nd mayks a run faw its home cave *

          Anni has a caek mowtain, Nenne !! Prolly finisht bai nao ;)

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