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  1. We aer nawt amyoozd!

    1. Congamuppetulashuns awn ur nawt sekkund anni kwik paws!

      1. Thx Cholius! Ai can’t bemembur wat dey sed, but Aifink Ai wuz awn teh rite lienz!

  2. Dey much much cyooter dan doze ole muppets!! (Mai faborit myoosicle in da hole wurl iz Muppet Treshur Eyeland! Yesh Ai no awl da werds n sign along – tu mai kittehs’ dizmayee)

    1. ooh, i lubs that wun!

      an not just cawz ob Tim Curry.
      well, ok. mostly cawz ob Tim Curry.
      but for ovver reezons too!

      1. Yesh Tim luuks guud, n Ai lub Jennifer Saunders as the innkeeper!

  3. statler an waldorf’s graetest hits:

    1. I lubs these guys. (An Animal, an Beaker, an…)

      My favrit Statler and Waldorf:

      – Boo!
      – Boooo!
      – That was the worst thing I ever heard!
      – It was terrible!
      – Horrendous!
      – Well, it wasn’t that bad.
      – Oh yeah?
      – There were parts of it I liked.
      – Yeah, I liked a lot of it.
      – Yeah, it was good, actually.
      – It was great!
      – It’s wonderful!
      – Ah, bravo!
      – More!
      – More!
      – More!
      – More!

      And the reverse:
      – That was wonderful!
      – Bravo!
      – I loved that!
      – Ah, that was great!
      – Well, it was pretty good.
      – Well, it wasn’t bad…
      – Uh, there were parts of it that weren’t very good though.
      – It could have been a lot better.
      – I didn’t really like it.
      – It was pretty terrible.
      – It was bad.
      – It was awful!
      – It was terrible!
      – Take ’em away!
      – Bah, boo!
      – Boo!

      And the all-over-the-map:
      – Brilliant!
      – Weh… that was terrible.
      – Oh it was good.
      – Nah, that was very bad.
      – Well, it was average.
      – Weh… it was in the middle there.
      – Ah, it wasn’t that great.
      – I kind of liked it.
      – It was terrible.
      – I loved it!
      – Get ’em off!
      – More!

      (Thank u Wiki Quotes

    2. :lol: Eben Milton Burll ended up bekommin der strayt-man!

  4. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Uppurr Crust Kittehz
    wundurrz smugglee ifz Hewminz
    habz sum ‘Gray Poopawn’?!

    Uppurr Crust Kittehz
    habz matcheengz Mawnnikullz, spatz
    nyss Tawp Hatz andz Taylz!!

    Uppurr Crust Kittehz
    wawntz Hewmiz 2 maykz clowdee
    skyz andz coaldz goez ‘way!!! :-)


  5. ***Clappity*** Clappity*** Dats a berry gud gud pome, Jack! And a berry big “OHAI” tew awl mah Cheezfrends! Ai habs bin lurking da lass fyoo munfs, and haben’t comminted, BUTT! Ai amz still heer. Ai still doant hab a jawb, BUTT! Ai am still lukking. Ai hoeps ebbrybuddy amz duin well. And as soon as Ai figyer owt haow tew upload pikchurs ob mai kittehs, Ai will. So yew awl kan see awl 8 ob mah byootiful bebbehs. Schmoos tew awl!

    1. Ohai dayr, tengel:

      Frankz U berreh mutch!
      Ekkstendz mai Flooffee Paw ubz
      Frendshippz owtz 2 U!

      Wellcumm 2 t3h mikkz.
      Wii awll habz lawtza Phun! heer.
      Hoapz U haz sum 2!!

      Dayr amz lawtz leenkz
      2 helpz U duz stuffz. Lawwtz
      peepz 2 helpz owtz 2!!! :-)


    2. Eight kittehs? Yoo must hav yoor hans full at meel time, Tengel !! Gud tu see yoo heer :)

    3. Ohai and welcomes!!!!

      To get pics on teh site, yu sending them tu me. Details here: Submission Guidelines

      If they be captioned, they go in teh lineup fur me to post onna site main page AKA Front Page.

      If they nawt be captioned, they go in teh Gallery (see linkee at top) in a folder wif yur name on it, so peeps can add captions if they wants tu, an I pull wun or twu of these a day owt tu post wif no caption. If you nawt want anyone able to caption them, tell me and I will keeping them just to post directly, but they may nawt get much seen that way an only wun at a time and I nawt use same person close tugevver if I can avoiding it.

      Gud lukk wif teh job serch!

  6. Welkum tu cheezland tengel28! We lub tu meetz gnu cheezfrends! *Eggstands multiple floofy pause ob french chips* Wow, 8 kitteh?! U muss hab tu bring in litter bai da truckfull! I haz 4 (naow, Bella went ober da bridge a few munfs ago) n Ai hadda piffiny = wai yoose 2 bawks wen u kan get a larj clear storij bawks n cut a hole in da end? Ai haz ben yoosing it eber cents n da kitteh lub it! It’s eben long enuff fur Romeo, hoo iz long n old n duz nawt moob arownd bery well.

  7. Wii iz heer foar teh partee. Wii nawt leeving til U frow us aowt!!

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