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    1. Congrats, PB an ‘Niser!

      1. Fanks anni! Ai lubs yoar Halloween kostyoom!!

        1. Iz lass yeer’z! Din’t fink Ai cud omproob awn it!

          1. If yoo cant beet ’em, joyn em :)

      2. Thx, Anni :)
        Ai tihnk ide fawl faw tihs trap !!

    2. Congrats pb, we hazza tye! Awf tu teh tye booteek wiffus!!

      1. Wi duz !! * adjusts tie, buttins up collar … skips tu teh booteek :D *

  1. Luuk owt Red, izza trik!

  2. * sets a snorgglol snorklol neggst tu teh floof *

  3. Am Stellar’s ize slitely opin ?? * reeches owt a hand ….. OWCH !! ….. pulls bak a stump :? *

    1. Yep ifinkso, sheez peekin to bee shur she getz her gurl …

  4. Iffin we katchiz her kin wee hab her stayz round furr a bit?

    1. Mebbe Wii shud go see if teh hawt tub inna Nawty barn is wurking?

    2. Her knows will be sumfing relevant tu her inneretss, plus ai shared this on teh FaceBork wif her an 4.5k tagged… her mebbe nawt off wurk yet, but wif enny luck will stop by. Wen her duz, evreewun pownce, sumwun call teh fyremens, an mebbe we can keep her here. ;-)

    3. Letz hoep noe buddy yoicks this kitteh befoer Red getz heer

  5. Tiem Ai wuz in bed – been up a lawng tiem 2dai! G’nite awl!

  6. YOINK!


    1. RED!!!

      * runswifakwikness.
      powns bunnee kikks
      boops runsawaiwifteh kaliko kitteh *

    2. NObunny yoinks a kitteh (speshully a kalickoh) lyke dat sept ar belubbed RED!!!! Kwikkk!! Lok teh dores an winnows!! Sumbunny get hur a fyremen oar seben!!!!

      1. RED Alert !! RED Alert !! RED Alert !!
        * Dylols 9 elebenty … send awl yoor fyremens nd fyrewimmens, plzthx … no, doan arks wy :) *

    3. ohai red! :D
      good to see you! i was just about to yoink this luverlly calico!

      1. **YOINKS Nc66 too**

        1. [resists]
          Yeah, rite. :roll: Foar abowt wun millisekkun. :-D
          {{{rhsb}}}} Ware awr wii goin’?

          1. Ennyware but Kentucky. I sikk of dis playse.

            1. Sownds liek yew gawt teh upside down flying ducks there. ;-)

              1. We did see some cranes heading South today. One guy said they were headed South about a month early.

                I’m thinking I might need to follow their lead. What’s the weather in Cali?

              2. * frows teh snobawl at Red *

                At leest U nawt haz enny uf dis wiyte stuffs yet.

              3. Eeewww! Keep dat narsty stuff to urself, Mistur!

              4. [puts calico kitteh inside uh giant hallowed owt snowball]
                [sets it near Red, let’s sii wut shii will dew]

              5. Gibz AP sum hawt kokoz tu keep warm wif.

              6. *wunderz hao teh hawt kokoz gonna get insyde mai snobawl*


                Will sumwun plz dig meh owtta dis fing!!

              7. Twill meltify itz wai in, den u can climb aowt teh hole.

              8. *wayts*
                *shibberz sum moar*
                *hoaps its nawt in a styrofoam kup*

              9. 8O Izzat teh bottum ob a kup?!

              10. *frozin kup ob koko fynlolly landz negst tu frozin kaliko kitteh*
                *feebly stikks noze up fru hoal, hedd duznt fit*

                :( *dyez*

              11. U haz pointee endz, adn snowz iz nawt hard to bunnee kikk

              12. Its been hella hawt until today. Only gawt awp tew ninety sumfing. :roll: Hard tew get in the Halloweenie spirit.

    4. Ohai Red! Sorri Ai’m late to teh partee. Good to see yu again! *Waves happitayl wave of howdy from teh Southwest*

  7. Ai noo she wud taik dat bate wif a kwiknes sune az she seed it. yepperz, ai noo it.

  8. Burrbul, ogyaa! *skwee* :-D

    1. Silly grandson. Dat’s wun kyoot kitteh. Huh?

      1. aaaawwww!!!!

        1. Doencha jes wanna *boop* ‘im?

    2. *YOINKS teh bebbehca66…runzawaiwiffakwikness*
      *UNYOINKS teh bebbehca66 an snugglols him bakk intu him’s cot…*
      Grabs a baff-syzed shamwow an towel zoff….

        1. Wuzza reel messeh wun an DATZ a fack!

  9. [ticklols kitteh toepads]
    [ticklol ticklol]
    *wiggle* *wiggle*
    [ticklol ticklol ticklol]

  10. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Hewminz shoodz knoez dat
    Payshunss iz Nawt Furst Naytchurr
    4 Skeemeengz Kitteh!

    Callee~Co Kittehz
    amz berreh, berreh clebburr.
    Habz payshunss ubz Joab!!

    Callee~Co Kitteh
    knoez dat summwun Can’tz reezisst
    Flooffee Belleh Furr!!! :-)


    1. Ohai Jack – Stellar am berree clebber indede! An her trap wurkt!

  11. Ohai NCa66! Yoo gotted tath rite!!!

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