1. Congrats, ‘Niser!

      1. Fanks anni! Aifinkso deez R prittee bois!!

        1. Yep! Teh littlol wun haz lubblee markins an a gorjuss kuller!

  1. Parints aer imbarrisin!

    1. Ohai, anni! Yeff, kitten luks laik he iz blushin – an taht’s hard for a ginger cat!

      1. …either blushin or the narsty sun-burn… (ginger peepz are prone to bowf, aifinkso!)

  2. Ai jus’ noe he’s gonna maek mii act it out when teh relatibs coem ober for Krismuss…

    1. Ohai, Shepmom andz ebbeewunz:

      It’z beddah dan putz
      awn ‘Pleh!” Bunneh Pajammaz
      lyke Rallfee hadbz 2!

      Daddeh Kittehz feekz
      dayz ‘Keeng ubz t3h Junngill’. Wawntz
      dayr sunz 2 beez 2!!

      Mommee Kitteh woodz
      habz sed: “Guud boi! Naow goez fyndz
      eeben beegurr wun!”!!! :-)


  3. Liddill Ornjj Tukkz Kitteh
    shood letz Parrenull Yoonit
    habz a Grayt Beeg PROWDZ! :-)


    1. “Parrenull Yoonit” :lol: Ohai Jack! Am dey frum Franss? Boi kitteh needs mass kwantiteehs. ;-)

  4. Juss wayt till hims old enuff tu introdoosin tu teh gurlz daon teh street!

    1. Fergit teh gurlz daon teh street, Tom Jr. alreddee been tu teh bakk allee. :twisted:

      Heddz tu NB.

      1. Shhhh! Whut papa duznt kno…

  5. Oranjie cats! Mai faborite (after Jellicles) (:-) !
    Gud caption Bluesfan473, Daddy cat duz look feersum proud!

    1. An teh babycat duz look utterly embarrassed. Iz a purrfect capshun, aifinkso. :-)

      1. Oh, an the favrit kitteh colurs? Part of why I be teh prysma kitteh is coz teh midnite an black-tuxie kittehs am my favrits… an also teh tabbies… an teh orinj wuns tu… oh, an teh grey wuns… an teh cally-coes an torties… an did I menshun teh whyte wuns?… an teh inneresting uneek wuns that turn up sumtimes in teh infinite varietees of kitteh colurs. ;-) Deside, I cannot do it! :lol:

        1. Ohai, prysma! Me neever!

        2. Kittehs aer juss liek peepl – iz nawt teh kuller uv teh owtsied dat matterz – iz wat iz insied dat cownts!

        3. (but pawsibly, sintse evree midnite an black-tuxie I has ever met has been teh luvvymonster eben tho them so misunnerstood, tehy may has a teeensy edge… :lol: )

          1. In TTI, A blakk kitteh is thort 2 bring gud lukk – bai moast peepl, anniwai.

            1. I lyks reeding teh superstitions an stuff. I remember rhyme I red that sed was from TTI, “If teh cat of teh house is black, Teh lasses of lovers will have no lack.” Sumfing like that.

          2. ai noe, colors nawt reallee matter, but seems every kitteh I hav ben owned by is either an oranjie or a jellicle (b/w). So………? but ai lubs themz all!!!! if ai could i’d be owned by manee manee kittehs. (:-)

            1. I haz 4 – I has teh endless lubs fur teh kittehs, but after 4 kittehs, tu hyoomins run owt of abailablol hands! :lol: Ifinkso we has reeched outer limit, but I will still make space fur fostering if need be. An, if I know teh kitten gonna has a future, I wud hand-raise eben a teenytiny newbie kitten again inna hartbeat. :-) (Eva, one of teh Cheezland ofishal reps, was maybe a day old, no more, when her got bandoned an I becomed her mom – Cory-Bear whu am still wif me was 2.5 weeks. Iz hard wurk an hard tu see tehm leev, but is magic watching tehm grow up!)

          3. mai dad an i went to the shelter a few days ago to giv the kittehs there lubs and pets. and there wuz a beautiful all-blakk kitteh wif a tiny white vest of about 20 hairs, such a pretty boi! and dad an he got along well and he got many pets from my dad (an me). he wud stretch up to ur hand and push his head into it…wuz hard to leave, but we will go bak again….the kittehs there needin lots of lubs….

            1. They duz, and you and yur dad be teh awsum for spending the time wtih them!!! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{robin and robin’s dad}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  6. Whu-hu!! Conga ratz, bf! Grate won!

  7. Hims mumcat sez, Be nyse tu teh goggeh, butt(!) ai sez, yooz
    goggeh’s noaz az a skratchin post if yoo hab tuu !! **taht’s mai boy :cool: **

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