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    1. I admit, I had to googlol the name…
      and now I know more about a canadian carpenter than I ever thought I would!

      Canada dry ginger ale and buttertarts anyone?

      1. Hee-hee, mee tuu !! * nawt tu wurree *
        NOM, plzthx !! * slurp, slurp, nom nom nom *

  1. Tihs building’s nawt finisht !! * sumwun left *

    1. akshulleh, it’s in pretty gud knick, if it’s been like taht since “sumwun” left the bilding!!!

      1. Elvis … ??
        No, tehre’s a floor in yoor statement’s foundayshen …

  2. *tiptoez in soe’z nawt 2 waek up sleepin cheezland*
    Ai aer bakk frum teh dokturs wiv a gud riport an fownd dere wuz nowun heer!

    1. Glad tidings frum teh doktur, then! Glad to here it! It’s all taht wawking you do. :-) Keep it up! (taht will be $50 USD for my expert consooltation on your helf) gigglols

      1. We doan’t hab 2 pai 2 see teh doktur in TTI! – an we get free meds iffn we aer ober 60 oar hab sertin kondishunz. Ai kwalifie awn 3 poynts soe Ai rekkun dey shud pai me!

        1. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

          Glad to hear you passed your MOT, Annipuss!

          1. Soe aer Ai! Ai wuz shore mai shugr wud hab gon up, but it had gon doun!!!!

        2. Ai know, silly! Butt(!) ai’m an “American” and we’re so special we will give you an opinion, unasked for, and charge you for it! hahaha gigglols merrily on my way to bed. Hugs to all you loverly cheezpeeps :-)

        3. Wow, maybe I should move there unless you have giant spiders like Australia!
          I have to drop my health insurance at the end of the year ($550/mo) since I can’t pay that and deductibles. I guess next year I will have to pay the $2000 (?) fine since I can’t afford insurance. Thanks Obama. :(

          1. Sweetie, that’s a horrible situation. I make no secret of thinking that demanding people pay for basic health care is barbaric (in Canada, most stuff is also covered).

            However, with a US election coming up, any political references can, even here, turn into a battle. The comment is fine except the last two words. You have my love and my sympathy, but for the sake of site harmony, political references need to stay outside.

            This isn’t just you, this applies to everyone. That’s why I’m not editing the comment, so it’s clear what I’m talking about.

            And if anyone decides to reply to this on a political basis rather than a friendly one, I’ll start deleting comments. Not joking.


    2. *wakes up*
      oh no – I wasunt sleeping!! I was resting my eyelids! yepp – that’s wut I wus doing!!!

      yay for gud riports!!!!

  3. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Leeroy Jeffro Gibbz
    Midnyte Kitteh wawlkz awff disstanssez.
    Mezzurr twyce. Cut wunss!

    Leeroy Jeffro Gibbz
    Midnyte Kitteh habz hewjj planz
    4 Kitteh Cawndo!!

    Leeroy Jeffro Gibbz
    Midnyte Kitteh canz awllso
    deezyne Skratcheengz Poastz!!! :-)


  4. ai wishes taht guy wood fixify mai hause!

  5. we are going to have to tear all this down and start over.

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