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  1. An frum annuder fadder too!
    Ai tink sew!

    1. Tehre’s a hoal nayburhud ov possibilolities … :roll:

      Congarats, Dalicat, awn yoor nawt-sekond nd tu Nennepus for teh LOL !! ** dans dans dans ;) **

  2. And we’re BACK :D !! ** Good, good work, PKnS **

    1. …(pssst, poussinboi, hau du eye make teh reelie BIG smilie fase?)

      1. *wispurz* Yooz a kolon adn a kapitlol D. No spaysez between, spaysez awn eeber syde.

      2. Yoo can type in twu ways: :D or yoo can use :grin:

        Moor smylolies heer in teh Cheeztown Cryer:

        1. ( tank yu sew mush ! :D )

  3. Tank u PKnS!! Tank u bery much!!!

    1. Yeff, ai had a wurry. Glad awl is well agen. (plz tu ignorifyin mai emayl lettin u kno)

  4. Ai tryz nawt tu be seen wiff hims. Bad foar mai repyootayshunz, ykno.

    1. Yesh, an himz luks lyke he beelungs tu teh Sharks, ur maibe eben deh Jets! Repyootayshunz bery bery beeg ting!

  5. Photobomb Kitteh does Photobomb…really well…

  6. ha ha wahoo nebbermind!

  7. Kitteh at teh bak is a sour-puss


  8. Sorry about the downtime, guys. We may need to move the Gallery to Flickr or something… apparently that’s the source of the problem. You’ve got me HOW, they’re all small-sized pics and it’s a pretty minimalist interface, but whatever, can’t argue with the computer report on usage.

    Anyway… everyone thank Seanya, plzkthx. She’s still feeling like carp after a terrible week, but she made the host company unsuspend the site and talked to them about WARNING us if there’s a problem, (which they originally promised to do), all in a matter of, what, half an hour?

    1. Schmooz to bof uf yooz!!!!! {{{PK&S}}}} U guyz am awsumz!!!!

      1. Thnks, Prysma nd Seanya !! Teh gallery muss hab sum stoopy code rather tahn teh size of teh files being teh prollem !! Why teh host can’t mannidg processor bandwidth per account insted ov overloading beets me !! (Maybe teh host runs stoopy code, too :roll: )

        1. Yeah, something is getting mismanaged somewhere… the gallery software is pretty minimalist to begin with and I have as many options as possible turned off. I think I WILL do the Flickr account, just so we no longer have to worry about it. I think the WP install itself isn’t a problem, at least, all the issues appear to be with

          Anyway, Seanya got them to add a note to the account that we’re never away for more than a few hours so if something goes wrong, open ticket FIRST and if we don’t respond in 6-8 hours (say, asleep), THEN take action.

    2. Yuze guiz ar teh bestus!!!

    3. Elebenty hunnerds uf goldified starrs fur yu bof!!! Yeh PK&S!!!

      1. Fankies, fankies, FANKIES, Seanya. I dunnoe how you talking to peeps somewhere at uvver end of fone and get tehm to du what you want, but THANK YOU.

    4. {{{ seanya }}} Schmooz tu ya fur lookin owt fur us krayzeez cheezpeeps. ;)

    5. OK was just messaging with the host and the “new” policy with us will be:

      I shall now leave a not for your account. If there are any issues with your account to first open a ticket and if there is not response for 6-8 hours that disable access to your site.

      Most times peeps don’t respond to notifications or such timely … now they realize we are serious about keeping cheezland a happy and constantly up site! Let’s hope that no more surprizes come in … and if they do, the techs READ the notes in the file, and not just click suspend. Sadly enough tho, this “warning” was something we were told that was going to be there when we signed up, but hopefully now peeps can easily see it.

      Thanks all for thanks … but seriously it was only a bit of messaging and growlings at peeps … LOL

    6. fank yooz to seanya an pk for all teh hard wurk!

    7. Fank u, Seanya!


  9. Ifinkso is one in every famblee like this… and i dunno if I mean the serius-cat-R-serius wun or teh silleh photobomb wun. ;-)

    1. Big sister nd littlol bother in PB’s howss !! *no, ime nawt teh oldest oar yungest*

    2. i wuz teh wun in my fambly.
      (can yoo guessing wich wun iz me? :mrgreen: )

      1. Nawt teh baby; teh gurl wiv teh smurk :lol:

  10. i dunno exactly wat haz been goin on but I wish Prysma and Seanya bestest
    and giv many hugs for their wunnerful efforts..

    ((((((((((prysma & seanya))))))))))))

    thank u both muchleez!!!

    1. Teh company taht hosts on tehir site suspended us for abowt half an hour coz they saw alerts tu say we wuz hogging tehir network. Awl gud faw nao.

      1. oh! it must have been a mistake or sumting, but thaks for lettin me noe, poussinboi!

        1. Something’s up with the gallery software, I think… tomorrow when we’re more awake, we’ll look at either fixes or relocating to Flickr and getting a paid account (free won’t do it) – hate to move stuff offsite to a place so visible and searchable by the whole world, but there might be ways to keep us on a lower profile. If we even want that, some people might like the idea of their pics being available to a wider audience. Idunno, will work on that tomorrow. :-)

  11. Uddurr Kitteh haz
    curree~uss andz den himz habz
    disskubburrdz CatzNip!

    Uddurr Kitteh feenkz
    himz can duz enneefeengz. So
    himz bawthurrz Bruddurr!!

    Uddurr Kitteh will
    habz hangoaburr layturr, but
    himz will haz ‘Phun!’ naow!!! :D


    1. clappity, clappity!

      yes, kitteh iz a
      bovver tu himz bruvver, butt(!)
      taht’s whut dey am for!

  12. ohai, putting dis heer reel qwick:

    heer iz a tentatib skedyool for teh halolween festibities:

    12midnite am – Dark and Stormie Nite, lunarmommy
    3am –
    6am –
    *9am – Dark an Stomrie Nite, CatBurgh.
    **12noon pm – costuum parade begins
    ***3pm – burfday party; live-akshun trol-hed crokay game (hosted by burfday fairy) will also begin heer
    **6pm – Dark an Stormie Nite, lunarmommy
    *9pm –
    12midnite am Nov 1rd (lets finish dis off in style!) – Dark an stormie nite, lunarmommy

    remember to wear yor costuums an bring a virchual bag ob yor favrite candee to passing owt!

    (asteriksksks indicate traffik bizziness)

    if anywun wants to host a Dark an Stormy nite (i iz not selfish wif teh wuns i haz sined up for, if sumwun else wants wun ob thoze times) or hazza novver idea for wun ob teh blank times, speek up!

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