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  1. Skoar uv elebentee!

    1. Dat iz elebentee eech fur stiel, purrformuns an flooff!

      1. Teh uneven legs add a nyse tutch !!

        1. *nodnod* Iz teh artistic flair taht makes it wurk!

          1. We lubs owr Tira throw pillo!

          2. PK – didja see LJ az a smooshed bug? dats nawt the best pik but da onlee wun i cud find. in sum yoo nawt see her hed — jest all da belli floof

            Lady Janez beez mostlee fine wif her cone ub shame (she jest ginnin eberywun her bestest luk ub dissgust)– but da SPencer puppeh wans ta kno whut I did to herz and cud i PWEEEEZEEEeeee tak it off herz cuz its fweekin himz owt …

            1. O.o Um… *goes to look*

              *fishes emeow owt of spam bukkit and hoses it off*

              My spam filter grabbeded it fur no eggsplainable reezun, and the uvver emeows yu sended, tu. I shud mebbe add “Gallery” tu teh filter fur submissions. Cannawt add every pawsibility, tho. Hay, all peeps! If yu get creative wif teh subject line, at best, it takes longer for me to notice yu sended sumfing! An it mite fall in teh (ewww) spam bukkit in my emeow!

              Her very cute. :D Will add tu gallery but not this minnit cause ai need sum lonsch. ;-)

              Ennywun else want a bakkin-an-tomato sammich?

              1. Oppsie — sowwie — will onlee uze LOLSub furr now on …

    2. Nd taht’s a gud gud skore !! * congas, Annipuss ;) *

      1. Thx PB – u shaer teh onnerz wiv me!

        1. Tiem faw sum Tim Tams tu sillehbrayte :) * Waivs daon fred tu Bluesfan *

          1. Ai aer habbin a chokklitt feest 2dai naow teh bludd tests aer dun wiv! Bakk 2 bein gud 2morro!

            1. Milk oar dark chonklitt, may ai arks ??

              1. Dark thx – milk iz 2 sweet. Nebber liekt it mutch.

              2. Ai’z wiv you dair, Annni. I like the bittersweet chonklit, meself

              3. Mmmm, dark chonklit. I allowz maiseff free oar fore skwares ebreeday… and cawlz it a helf food treemint. :cool:

              4. hubby went to belgium on a werk trip and brought back some dark chocolate (neuhaus). we’ve been having a piece each every otter nite!

              5. Yep Ai hab 2 skwarez a dai. Chikklit iz a bitamin essenshul fur helf!

    3. *holds up skore uv elebentee fur anni and pb in teh fast-n-clevver competishun*

  2. Teh gowld meddlol winnur fer shure!

    1. :D

      Ai wish ai had a gold medlol faw sleaping … wud bee nyse :roll:

  3. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    “Heer we habz t3h deep
    andz denss ‘Belleh Floofeeness’
    dat t3h Hewminz LUBZ!”!

    ‘Belleh Flooffeeness
    needz t3h Haz Floof Soot andz t3h
    Ekkstra Tawll Snoarkill”!!

    “Thoaz hoo krayv t3h plush
    Belleh Flooffeeness amz t3h
    Grayt Advennchurrurrz!”!!! :-)


  4. And a gold medlol for Tess for teh awsum Lol!

  5. Ai did mai Lolympics nap trayning in mai yooth !! * fizziks clarsez, frum memree :roll: *

  6. *rawrz* *blohz vuvuzela* woot woot!

  7. *sighs* That’s the wun fing dat I misses by havin bunbuns stead uv kittehs. No belleh rubbins.

    I only very rarelee seesbunny-belleh. Sometimes they flops-an-rolls to show happy an contented, but is over too soons. Mostlee I only sees bunny-belleh when I is doin a bunnicure or *whispers* butt-gland keening. Oh the indigniteee!

    1. Ohai, Wendyzski !! Hao menni bunbun hav yoo gawt ??
      Ai doan hab enni butt(!) tehre wer lawts ov braon nd blak wuns awn mai biek-ride tunite at sunset :)

      1. i only has wun. She was mean to the bunnyboy we were fostering as a possible husbun for her, so he had to go back to the shelter before she bited him again. (He gotted adoptifyd a few days later)

        She issa black satin an very pretty

    2. We yoosta hab bunbuns… in fack, wun wuz named Bunbun an teh uvver Fuzzbun (angora). An yoor rite–nawt mutch in teh way uv belleh luvvinz.

      Now awl we gots izza goggie butt(!) oh, wot a goggie! Owr Simba izza Ninglish Mastiff an he’z wotchoo cawl a “fuzzy” witch meenz him haz got teh longlonglong hares. So, at 175 pownz him haz an enormuss belleh wiff enormuss belleh floofs an him LUBS tu be snorgled!!!

      Oh, adn chikkins. But we neber snorgles dem at atoll.

      1. 175?!? My brother in law has a pit bull mix that is 60ish pounds, and I think that she is a big dog!

  8. “Butt (!) teh Rushin judj gibs hims ownlee a three poynt two!”

    1. Boooo! Hisssss!

      1. :D its worse than the figure skatking debacle!

  9. Ohai, ebbrywunz! Ai hoaps yu awl am habbing a moast wundermuss dae!

    1. An backattcha, NM!

  10. Luv teh capshun TessM!

    1. Yay, TessM! Ai gibs yor lol a six poynt lebenty owt ob 6.0!!! :-)

  11. of korse Tess wuld come up wif a grayte capshun for a Throw Pillow pic!! @@@@@

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