By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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    1. Congo-ratts CatBurgh on nawt bein sekond!!

      *hands yu pena koladay wiff a twirlee umbrela*

      1. Fanks, JDK!
        *munchez twirly umbrella, sips pena koladay*
        Aaaah :-)

  1. adn wutebber it wuz it dun skared me culorless!!
    Ai can haz a goste?

  2. *looks arownd*

    Skary ghost goggie is skary?!?! Evreewun peed inna flannik!!!!!

    Conga-goblins, CB!

    1. **gets owt da raggity towels and spray*

    2. Fanks, prysma. Aifink ebrywun am restin up from teh prayde. It was teh ossim! Corse, dere was awlso teh bownsy haus, adn teh adbenchoors . . . *yawn* :-)

  3. Ghost doggee!!!!! AIEEEEEE!!!!!! *runzawayfast*

    1. him iz lukkin for hiz eerz!

      1. Tehre ghost eerz.

      1. *dansy tu deh left*

        *dansy tu deh rite*

        *spin and twurl*
        MASH!! MASH!! :mrgreen:

        1. Ohai, mai cween! I can haz cutz in?

          *dans 2 teh left*

          *dans 2 teh rite*

          *spinz n twurlz*
          MASH!! MASH!!

          1. Ohai My Leej. May ai cutz in nao?
            [bows tew teh cween] ;-)

            [turns tew Aahz] :twisted:
            *dans dans dans*
            Quit leeding.
            *dans dans dans*
            [spins Aahz]
            *dans dans dans*
            [twirlz Aahz]
            *dans dans dans*
            [dips Aahz]

            1. Hay! Ifn U cutz in U hasta let mii leed!

            2. Whut kinda dip diju twirl Aahz in?


              1. Dubble dip (U nawt spowsta dew dat)
                Egg sallid
                Fromaj (Fronsch 4 cheez)

              2. Gwakka molly
                Hawt peppur
                Instant soop
                Jelly beanz

              3. Keebler crackers and artichoke dip
                Low cal dip
                Mexican 7 layer dip

              4. Nacho Cheez dip
                Onion dip
                Pimento dip

              5. Quwykk adn ezee pakkijj unnyun soop dypp

                Roas reyud peyppr Heummeus

                Speashul ressapee hawt peyppr dyp


              6. DIP!?! Erm…ai fink ai’ll pass.

  4. 1. it wuz a Dark an Stormy Nite. Teh litning litninged, the thunder thunderd, teh rayn rayned down an teh winds blowd. i stood owt on teh sidewalk, trying to see wher my splortscar had blowd away to, wen owt frum teh dark woods at teh end ob teh street came a…

    1. 2. a big blak wuff wiff a cape!
      it wuz BIG and HAREE adn smelled funee…
      He wuz luukin to bite…

      1. 3. Inta a ole tyre!! Himz fought it wuz a donut . Cuz, well hims smellz funneh …
        Butt wen he biteid da tyre he borked offa toof an as da blud drippid inna da steet anuffer mobster combed outta da woodz

        1. 4. butt (!) teh mobster wuzza zawmbee hoo wuz teh amblin rownd saiyin “BRAYNZ! BRAYNZ!” Haowsumebber, teh zawmbee mobster’z wyf follerd himz owtta teh woodz, kumplaynin dat himz nebber nommed ennyfing bisydz braynz …
          butt (!) I gess U hadded 2 b dere

    2. 2. sayl bote wif sayles dat glowed inna dark adn dat floated fru teh clowdz…

      1. 3. As it mooned troo da kloudz da bote gabe orf a loud sound … Der wuz a terribobblol purty onna dat bote .. A purty ub ebil weezolz. Dey wuz dansdansin an …

    3. 2. rebel yell followed by a herd og cats ob awl sizes being chased by a gunormous garden gnome with a green ffelt hat and glowing red eyes. He had a gisnt rake in one hand and a flutterby net in teh other adn he kept trying to scoop up a cat or two in teh net!! ai sweare ai herd him growl ‘BRAINS!! as he passed by. Suddenly the kittehs all stopped and turned around, adn…

      1. 3. watched in awe az teh gnome caught th sailing ship ful of wezils in his flutterby net and turn the boat over! there were weezils flying ebbereeware–but these were not yur everyday weezils. No! they were…

        1. 3. Sooper sooper dooper EBIL Weezilz dat dwink blud and eet tumikks!

    4. 2. Caym a beeg harree spider! It had 8 hairy legs an beeg sharp fangs and 8 glowing eyes! It caymded closer and closer…I was frightened stiff! When awl ov a sudden teh spider looked at me and said…..

      1. 3. Why… Hallo! Do yoo kno da wai to da buss sops? I sposta meets Mai dotter an takes herr shoppin

      2. 3. Ohai… I can borro a cup uv fresh bluds, naybur? Or tu, mebbe… yu has sum to spare, I be sure?

  5. Hallowe’en means many things. Fun and sillehness… but also remembering the friends who have gone across the Rainbow Bridge ahead of us and are waiting. Some traditions say this is a night when the barriers are thinner, and we’re closer to those we miss and wish were still here celebrating with us.

    *pulls the not-red wagon into view – along the edges and tied to weights in the bed are balloons of many many colours*
    *in cups in the bed are magik markers of many many colours*
    *in boxes in the bed are ribbons and streamers to tie to the balloons*

    *writes I miss you on a grassy-green balloon, draws a polydactyl-plus pawprint in darker green, writes Loki under it, and a sun with rays in sparkly gold and writes Nermal under it*
    *ties ribbons to the balloon so they trail along with it as it’s released to drift over teh Meadow*

    *releases more balloons, each with a ribbon with kitteh or goggie or bunneh treats on the end, for them to hunt*

    1. My friend and I did this for my Mom who recently passed away.
      We had a small fire with sage and we talked about the good things we remembered.
      We drank a beer to her.
      … but I am sure she would have rather had one of her own!!
      I miss her.


      1. *writes HC onna purple bloon, cuz dat wuz him’s faborite color for scarfs…him eggstraw gudgudgudgudgud doggie* *ii’s leak a littlol, but dey tender tears ob lub*

    2. *chooses a balloon the colour of honey*
      *writes Ambercat/Ruth on it in sky-blue and lets it go to wander over the Meadow*

      1. Picks a raanbow uf colors, an draws a hart on ebery one, an den writes der names: Munchkin, Mouse, Mma, Maui, Geronimo. An tries knot tu haf to muchly deh leeky eyes.
        The Meadow jus haz tu bee a beutimuss plase!

    3. *grabs a blak an whyte bloon an rites teh orijinal Spot onnit an sendz it awn itz way…findz an orinj (bnp) an whyte bloon an writes teh orijnal Star onnit an it floats neer teh udder bloon…finally ai findz a pritteh bloo bloon onnit an ai rite Ai lubs yew Mom onnit an it meetz wif teh udder two bloons an dey gently float ober tew teh meddow*

    4. Fankees, Prysma!
      *takes several ballunes adn markers*
      *rites, rites, rites on dem*
      *lets dem fly ohai away towards teh brij*

    5. *picks out a balloon that’s rosy-pink*
      *writes in shiny silver, KimKiwi, and lets it go*

      *chooses a balloon that shimmers with fiery colours and writes, in deep blue, dansdansdans Lyanthya and lets it go*

      *chooses a sky-blue balloon and writes, Maus in red and lets it go*

      *chooses one that’s bright red and writes, in gold, ohatagoosiam, fanx fur D&SNs and lets go*

      [for peeps new to this, I’m not just being depressing… remembering our crossed-over cheezpeeps and furkids and others is an old cheezpeep tradition at celebrations]

      1. Dat’s rite. Itz not sad, itz a celebration ov teh joy wii had in habbin dese peeps in ower life. Dis way dey iz always wif us….

        1. U iz teh rite, Spotstarsmom! Wii mite can haz teh leekee aiz cuz we missiz dem, butt (!) wii kim rimemburz awl teh wunnermuss happeetayl tymz wii hadded wif dem. Teh membreez nawt ebber goez awai.

          *pikz raynbow-kullerd bloon, ritez Lyanthya onnit, n letz it goe*
          *Aahz rimemburz win Lyanthya dansdansdanst 24 strait owerz 4 himz burfday*

      2. picks a pearly white balloon an writs
        to all the luvved wunz mai shadow-kat iz takin care of
        an ar waitin fur me….

    6. picks a small grey balloon adn writes ib ut, ‘little rescue kitteh’ adn lets it gloat ober teh medow…

    7. choozes a sage-blu-green balloon that iz mai Mom’s eyeez

      1. {{{{{{Robin}}}}}}

    8. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{alla Cheezpeeps}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

        1. ote——-teh CHEEZLAND MASH!!!!!
          twist twist twist dans dans dans

        2. Yesyes, yu can!!!

          *twist dans shimmy twist shakegroovethang spin fallober pickselfup*

          I ment to do that….

    9. **Tu teh toona uf Ghosts uf Culloden**

      Can u hear Dem, can u see Dem
      Marching proudly fru the door,
      Hear the wind blow thru the drifting snow,
      Tell me can u see dem, the hart frendz uf teh meadow.

      ♪ ♫

      1. Byootimus werds fur a byootimus tune — fankyoo!

  6. omai doze eyez, doz eyez !!!!!!!!!!!! :shock:

  7. Happee loloween frendz! Wuz a sooper fun dai! Ai maiks wun larst swing fru cheezland fer teh dai tew drawp awf a Halloween Henri teh the Existential Cat. Injoy!!

    Nitey nite!

    1. :lol: Fankees for dat, BF! Sleep well.

    2. ‘Nite BF!!!

      *schmoos an hedbonks*

    3. Eye lurves de Henri! Sew droll!

  8. Ai misted teh partee at nune… :( Butt (!) I drest up ennywaiz:
    Aahz awl drest up wif noe plais 2 goe

    1. Hmmm … leenkee nawt b teh werkinz… I tryz agin…
      Aahz awl drest up wif noe plais 2 goe

      1. Ahhh… datz moar beddurer!

        1. EEEKKK!!!!!!!!!!!
          *peeks back out*

          1. Ohai prysma! Wattz teh prollim? I nawt warin uh kawstoom… I thotted dis wuz uh “kumz az U iz” pardee…

            1. omaigudness, iz yu, Aahz! Aftur all teh Rock Trolls an sordid weerdness arownd here, I hazza tromertized!

              1. Sawree 2 b teh trommertyzzin U, prysma. Ai gitz dat reeakshun winebber I smylolz reel beeg liek dat.

                Butt (!) shoodn’t U B teh yoosta dat bai naow? Dere’z awlwaiz summa teh sordid weerdniss rownd heer, don’cha noe… :)

  9. (gotta run for a bit – late wif kitteh suppers :shock: and also insidentally hyoomin suppers… back soon)

  10. Tudai habs been teh fun. G’nite/g’day to Cheezpeeps ebryware. *schmooz*
    *Yawns, stretjs adn heds daon teh haul for sum sleepytiems*

  11. Das teh last tiem I hire Zak Bacons, Nick Grrr-ruff, Aaron Good-boy-win

    1. Heehee!

      Overly dramatic show is overly dramatic…

      1. :shock: Ohhhh! didja here dat?


        Ai sed…DID YOO HEAR DAT?

        shhhhhhhh :mad:

        1. Shhhh! Be vewwy vewwy kwyit. I’m hunting zombeez. Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh!

    2. Ai hab teh hard thyme wachin dat so, ai cant stawp laffin at Zak’z hare-don’t… him’z brabaddoh….

      1. But, hii warez teh Ed Hardy style T-Shirts. DAT makes him teh cool, right? :roll:

        1. Mebbe ifn himz wares teh Lorelan Hardy shurtz…

          1. [NC66 and Stan investigate Zak Bacons howse]
            [and go tew czech owt sum noysez in teh basement]
            [Stan trips ober sekrit switch anda trap door open awp beneeth NC66]
            [NC66 fawlz intew uh putrid pit of…dirty smelly sweaty Ed Hardy shirt laundry]
            [luuks awp at Stan through teh trap door]
            Here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.

            1. Or should ai say, “another fine myth?” But, then they wuld nawt be Ghost Adventurers, now would they? ;-)

  12. adn tehy sae in teh nite
    az teh moonz on teh rize
    yoo can see awl teh hayt
    adn teh madniss in tehir eyz
    so yoo run adn yoo hied
    in yoor fayvrit hiedin playse
    adn teh teerz adn teh swet
    run liek ribberz daon yoor fayse
    adn teh storeez yoo woz told
    wen yoo wer a littul kitteh
    gallup cross yoor miend
    ownlee nao tehre nott so pritteh
    az tehy wer wen yoo shivvurd
    wif taht so dee liishuss friet
    az yoo sat rownd teh fier
    on taht long ago niet
    adn iz nao howlolween
    adn yoo iz nao awl groen
    adn insted of beein wif frenz
    yoo ar awl on yoor own
    in teh end tehre iz ownlee
    wun fing taht yoo can do
    tahtz tu gavver up yoor currayj
    adn jump up adn showt BOO!

    1. Izz berree gud, dayuts whut yew dew, skreem BOO, lol!!

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