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  1. We can du wat we liek an dey won’t noe it wuz us!

        1. Adn wotta nies sprize to see dis LOL. Grate pic, bellaandbonnie!!! :-)

          1. Gud capshunin, CB!

          2. Congarats to B&B and Dan the Man!

            1. Hoo am dis Dan ob hoom yoo speeks?
              Inkwiring minds wants to noes.

              1. Dan iz de ozziest hubcat in de hole wyde wurrld! Himz haz hiz oan diggR hat N evrting!

          3. Fankees for grate capshun, CB! Oooh Dan the Man is B&B’s hubcat, and teh fotoe ..phoeto … pichur taker.

            1. Aha! Grate jawb on teh pichoor! :-) Teh capshun wrote itself.

  2. Um, duz yoo gno hao to tayk dem off?

    1. Bery cayrfully aifink… owt fur teh poky bits.

      1. Juss wayt a bit … its almoast moalting seezun.

  3. Evreebuddy’s gonna be terrorfied!!!

    (We gonna attract teh trollus rongnomus an t. notafelis fur shur!!!! mebbe moar!!!!)

    1. Ohai, prysma! Gud fing we still has teh cro-kay mallits handy.

  4. Waytaminnit! Ware’s teh bag ob candees? Yoo was spozed to hoald it!

  5. 1. it wuz halolween nite an me an my frend wuz owt trikk or treeting in owr skary costuums. then we seed sum peepls in costuums just like owrs! lol graet costuums! we sed, an pulled on wun ob thems mask.

    but unnerneeth teh mask wuz… :shock:

    1. 2. …anotter mask :-P, and anotter ;-), and anotter :twisted:, and anotter :mrgreen:, and anotter, :-D, and anotter :-(, and anotter :-| and anotter :-?

      Dis went awn foar hours until…

      1. 3. Der wuz nuffin leff atoll!! Dey wuz da hedless trickstorez! Yoo cud luk rite der Dred neks an sea…

          1. 5. Erm… OK
            dat mobster wuz full ub soop!! Mineestonee soop!! Butt den der wuz a Dred bubbloling inna da soop an a hyooj Rock Troll camd owtta dat soop an started growing an frowin stones. Doze stones awl turnid into leetol Rock Trollz wen dey hit da ground …

            1. 6. Oh deer! Rokk trollz growin owtta rokks shootin owtta teh nekk ob teh hedless monstur, bubblin frum teh minestronee soops in hims stummik?

              Wut kud possibly be wurser? (we fawt) We wuz sorry we askd, cuz negst…

              1. 7. Teh mini-strony boileded over an teh grownd turned intu sumfing sorta like lava!!! (Yu wud nawt wanna walk on it, ennyway!!) So evreewun hadda clime up on any abailable surface an figure owt hao tu get playses wifout eber touching teh ground!! But teh lil Rock Trolls scampured arown on teh grownd wif no feer of teh lavasoop, driving awl kittehs mad wif wanting to catch tehm and find out if them was nommable. But teh Trolls….

              2. 8. Wuzzunt cownting awn teh kitteh’s creatibbity wiffa cloas lion, a payper clip, adn . . .

              3. 9. …a fyoo hoola hoops. Frowin teh hoops intu teh treez arown teh yard, connektifyed wiff teh kloazlyon, dey wuz ablol tu mayking a ziplyne arown teh yard. Yoozin teh paypurklips, dey zippd arown hedbattin teh rokk trollz. Dis wuz fun until…

              4. 10. Sumbunneh gawt hurt. . .

              5. 11. …because teh rokk trollz figured owt how dat they culd splatter uh liddlol lava awn teh trees tew make dem cawmbust, which made teh ziplining kittehs fawl om thar heds. The kittehs had tew kom awp wif anudder plan. :idea: Wanna dem grabbed uh pajama lawnchair and tied the cloas line and paypurr clip to sum pajamas. Den hii hooked uh troll with teh papur clip, loaded the pajamas intew the lawnchair, poynted the pajama lawnchair skyward and pulled teh trigger. *FWOOM* *ZOOM* Teh troll disamapeered intew teh stratosphere. Teh kittehs luuked at eech udder pleezed wif the results until…

              6. 12. Dey merembered dat dis partikewlur lawnchair waz mayd by teh Acme Boomerang Lawnchair Co.


                Splat! Rock Trollz are naw lettol Pebbol Trollz. Elebenty milliun ub dens … Awl full ub meenness

            2. 6. before long ther wuz elebenty duzzin liddle Rokk Trollz! they all stood in a circlol arownd me an started…

              1. 7. To do teh hokey pokey. . .

              2. 8. Meanwhile, nearby sum peeploz wuz habbin uh party for their frend hoo wuz going to Japan. Teh frend did nawt want tew leeb teh girl behind, and wunnada frend’s frend wuz obsessed wif filming eberyfind wif teh video camera. They herd teh ruckus dat teh Rock Troll wuz making owtside and ran owt to investigate. Eberybawdy wuz milling abowt in the streets, and some people were running arownd scared. Then teh grouwnd started to rumble, like sumfing berry berry hebby wuz walking nearby in teh vicinity. Eberybawdy wuz wondering wut all the comoshun wuz about, wen all ob uh sudden, teh Rock Troll…

              3. 9. Grabbid da leetol Rock Trolls an startid a Rock Band playin Rock Lobster

              4. 10. Witch was goin berry well, until teh kittehs rolled up a bigbig dish ob melted budder adn putted awn dere bibs. . .

              5. 11. Den da Trolls tossed da Lobster dey wuz playin inta da buddar , witch splashid awl ober da kitteh witch in turns madid da Rock Trollz start likliklikkin der lips an droolin onna da buddared kittehz. Den dey …

              6. 12. Reelyzed dey waz missin dere faybrit teebee show . . .

              7. … so teh kittehz was ablol tu nommin teh budderd lobsturz in peese, adn likk-likk-likkin teh splashifyed budderz awfa eech obbers.

              8. An den dey startid a Rock Band an playd da Rock Lobster song

              9. Sorry to be off-lolspeek and off-thread for a sec..but I am laughing so hard my makeup just ran down my cheeks…you guys are SO funneh!!!!!

              10. Aifinkso iz bedededer dan teers runnin daon ter legg :shock:

      2. 3…We notissd dat won ob teh trikky treeters wuz gon – adn so was teh candeee!!!!! :eek: :-( :cry:


          1. 5. So we startid puttin awn teh masks, adn saw dat teh whirld luukd a littlol diffrint fru eech wun … we cud seeing fingz we cudnt see befoar. Wen we putted awn teh :P mask, we cud seeing wayr awl teh snaylz adn slugz wuz hydin! Adn wen we putted awn teh :twisted: mask, we saw ghosteez floatin arown! Dat wuz skayree!

            We hoapd wun ob teh masks wud showing us wayr owr missin frend wented…

            1. 6. then we putted on teh :mrgreen: mask, an all ob a sudden evreefing wented dark, an then we fownd owrselfs in…

              1. 7. A disco, wiff flashy lites, adn leeshoor soots ebryware! . . .

              2. 8. An a band ub Rock Trolls playin LOUD moosick wif litnin boltz shootin outta der ….

              3. 9. Eers, adn teh lowder teh myoozik, teh bigger teh litnin bolts. Teh drummer started a drum so low . . .

              4. 10. Dat da drumz wuz sinkin inta da flor, witch cauzd a riber ub lava ta sway akross da dans dans flor

              5. 11. Causin teh leeshoor soots to melt adn reveel . . .

              6. 12. …dat eberywun in teh disco wuz really uh headless mini-strony soup rock monster, which is ware awl the lava wuz coming frum. Thankfully, there were lotsa couches in teh disco dat we used tew escape by hopping frum wun tew the neggst. Wen we gawt owtside, uh bunch ob peeplol were milling abowt. One of dem sed, “Whoa! DeJa Vu man!” He wuz instantly killed wen frum teh sky fell…

              7. 13. maneee shiney disco prism globez?

              8. 14. luuks cloasleh* Yup, disko bawlz fawlin frum teh sky. Adn iffn u luuks intu eech littlol mirrur, yoo can seeing…

              9. 15. Letters dat sez “Cawshun, fings in teh mirrur ar cloaser dan dey appears”

              10. 16. uh oh, WAT fings ar cloaser dan dey appeerz?!?!
                *gettin skared nao!*

              11. 17. Robin had guud reeun tew bii skared becoz wen shii luuked closer at wunnadoze disco bawlz, in wunnada mirrors that wuz anglold towards teh sky, shii culd sii sumfing getting closer. It gawt closer and closer. Shii wundered wut culd bii falling frum teh heavens. :-? :?: Then it struck her.

                No…really. It literally struck her.

                It was a…

              12. 18. ohalp ohalp i ben strukked. calls the fyremans (the cute wunz plzkthx)

              13. 19. It was teh ankor frown by Troll E Troll trine to stawp hims car (poynts downfred.) Dat’s gonna leeb a mark.

              14. 20. holy moly. ya a mark i tink. leik mehbeh a DENT?
                onoez, nebbber duh samez… :(

              15. 21. Nawt a prollem, yoo juss hammers it bakk owt from teh inside . . . no, wait, aifink dat’s for cars . . .oh deer.

              16. 22. I haz an akkor stukked in mai hed! ofurpeetsaik.

              17. where did that other commint go?

              18. Y duz Peet wan yoo ta habz a anchor inna yer hed???

              19. *boop beep beep*
                Ohai, merjensees? Yesh, we got a merjensee heer in Cheezland.
                Well, yoo see, a nankor fell owt ob teh sky adn hitted Robin rite on her noggin.
                Whut? No, aiz nawt ben nippin, nawt mush ennyway.
                Otay, fanks. Oh, adn pleez to send teh hunky fyremens, k?
                *floofs hare, chekks lippystik, drayps seff acrost won ob teh sofas adn wayts. . .*

              20. *ahem* aifinks u gonna has teh lawng wayt, CB.

    2. A Skary Bear nawt bare!!! Rawr!!!

    3. Hay Gib meh bakk mai mask!!

      Izz teh onliest nite awl yeer dat Ai can dribe mai splortscar in Cheezlandz. U want teh ried? U can sit in teh romblol seetz.

      1. :shock: whoa! cool car!!

      2. *Hops in*
        *Rumblol rumblol*
        Kewl! :-)

        1. Hang awn tite!!

          * stawmps awn teh gas peddlol liek onlee a troll can *

          Dis am fun!!

          **zoomz daown teh boolivard at tawp speed, swerbs tu avoid teh fowntin wiffowt slowing doawn. **

          Um, Aifinkso Ai forgetted tu put teh brakes bakk inna car. Duz teh Do Nut in frunt uf teh Splort recubbery ward adn hedds back tu teh fowntin…

          1. To pikk up CB, hoo felled owt ob teh car on dat tite ohai speed tern adn landed in teh fowntin. . .

            1. **Dribes bai teh fowntin, skweelz past teh pi stawl awn two wheelz. **

              Halps mai brakes nawt wurkz!!

              * skweezes teh canayjin goose *

              HONK HONK Heer ai come.

              1. *tayks a step tu teh leff*
                8O *tayks a fyoo moar*

              2. * frows aowt teh ankor tu teh leff *

                Ai hoep dat catches sumfing!!…Did Ai furgit tu tie it tu teh bumpur nawt sekkund?

              3. :o *jumps as hye as ai can!*

              4. Witch was almoast ohai enough.

              5. Ankle chain rappifies APs ankol an da anchor KRAKS off. Naw AP iz bean dragged ahinny T-E-Ts Splortmobile

              6. *snag!-rapraprap-yank!-drag* Mmmrrrooooww!!

              7. Hrmmmm. I gess it wuz tied to da bumperz.
                *wabez buy buy ta AP*

              8. * Splortsmobile crashez intu teh hay mound bai the NB. *

                * TET goes flying fru teh wind sheeld adn landz inna watur troff. Watches wif a maize ment as AP fliez bai at teh end uf teh ankor chayn*

                Dat wuz Fun Wii can due it again? Mai otter splortzkar izza mazzerratti, it duz 185.

              9. Ai herd yoo lost yor licenss adn nao yoo cant dribe.

              10. *poleese mans takes offa hims sons glassiz*

                Butt aye hazzta take yer liscents sew naw yoo kinnawt dribe!!!

              11. WHOOOT!!! GMTA CB!!!

              12. Dat’s Okay, teh Burfdai fairy gibbed meh teh noo lissuns, butt ai eeted it.

  6. *Cweenmj am dressinged in hur tradishunlol kostuum: *
    *blak toonik wif glow-in-deh-dark Jakl Anternz awl ober it,*
    *poyzun green n wyte striped legginz adn pointy blak shooz;*
    *a purplol spider web cape wif matching glubz; *
    *deh owtfit b cumpleetinged wif deh lubblee orinj mylar hairz*

    *Shii steps owt ontu portch and hangz sign by deh frunt door*
    *deh sign reads:*

    Knock Twice fur Trick or Treet

    *Deh cween goze back inside and waitz*

    1. *gets owt ob teh fowntin, shayks off teh wadders*
      *climes teh steps, adn . . .*
      Tee hee :-)

      1. *opunz door*
        *reechez intu majik kawldron*
        Heer am ur treet!

        *goez bak inside and waitz fur next Trik-or-Treater*

        1. Oh. Ah. Er…fanks. I fink. Huummm. Whut to do wif squirmee fings…. Heh heh heh.

      2. Yay! *bownses down teh steps*
        bownsee bownsee bownsee
        *sits daon by a tree adn opins teh bag*

        1. Aifinks teh tree myte wanting dem moar den u duz.

          1. Aifink yor rite. Hay, wanna trayd? :-)
            Oh, ai see yoo alreddy slurpped on yors. Nebber mind. ;-)

    2. *klymz up tu teh porch*

      1. *opunz door*
        *reechez intu majik kawldron*
        Heer am ur treet!

        *goez bak inside and waitz fur next Trik-or-Treater*

        1. *puts it daon kayrfully awn teh porch*
          *sniff-sniff* :| *lap-lap-lap* :) Nommy! Fanks! *shlurp-shlurp* :D

          1. wud yu lyke sume squirmees wif dat? I has sum awn hand…. (eww! Wipes hand awn grassez).

            1. *sniff-sniff* Izzat ghakk? Is u a klingon? :? Cud u rinsing awf teh durts?
              Aifink dey myte be yummy, if u can keep dem in teh boal lawng enuff tu nom.

              1. Yep, dey am Worf teh trubblol.

              2. Eben betterer den turtlolhedd soop.

              3. Spencer puppeh sez squirmmyy werms am bedderer iffn yoo rolls onna dem nawt sekkond

          2. :mrgreen:
            Glad u like it.
            It am an old family recipe.
            made frum old family memberz.

            1. Dat egsplaynz wye teh meety bits wuz a littlol tuff.
              Hao oald wuz dey wen u mayded teh soops?

              1. b4 oar after dey wuz interred??

              2. :| *feelz an ominuss rumblin in mai tummeh*

              3. *Puts sebral feet between seff adn AP*
                *Duzzunt say hooz feet*

              4. *gets a whiff frum teh feets* 8O bbbllaarrrgggghh!!!

              5. Oh noze … More barfing’.

                *tossiz elebenty ShamWowz in APs jeneral direkshun*

            2. Hm… familee soop… Anybodi merember teh Tom Lehrer song?…

              ♫ Wun dai wehn she had nuffing tu do,
              Sing rikketi-tikkiti-tin;
              Wun dai wehn she had nuffing tu do,
              She chopt her youngr brother in two,
              Adn served him up in an Eyerish Stoooooo….
              Adn invited teh neigh-borz innnn,,,
              bor zinnnnn,,,
              Invited teh neigh-borz in… ♫

              1. :shock: Er, no cant say aiz herd dat won befoar.

              2. :lol: Whut a gem! Fankys for teh link adn teh larf, Lungdoc.

              3. berry berry ufunny!!! Rickkity tickkity tin!

    3. *KNOCK KNOCK*

      1. *opunz door*
        *reechez intu majik kawldron*
        Heer am ur treet! :mrgreen:

        *goez bak inside and waitz fur next Trik-or-Treater*

        1. OOH Nommy Fank U!!!

        2. sorry, laffin so hard….

      1. *opunz door*
        *reechez intu majik kawldron*
        Heer am ur treet!

        *goez bak inside and waitz fur next Trik-or-Treater*

        1. EEP! :eek: I gets duh feeling dat ai IZ teh treet.
          [puts awn anudder CHRG and 50’s style baving cap *snap*]

          1. Iz okai nc66, Ai haz dere teefs, want sum? Dey iz nootrishuss adn delishuss.

            1. Mmmm…fankeez. Delishus!

              [puts uh set in mowf and makes funny faces]
              Look at mii, ai’m uh zawmbie, ai’m uh zawmbie. Unghhhhhh!

              [pawnders wut wuld happen if ai bit my treet with wunna Troll E Troll’s treets]

              1. NC 66 – yoo olds enuf ta kno panderin beez Iz ill-eagle

              2. Ai old enuff tew gno LOTS ob fings.
                Neber stawped mii before. STN :-P
                [goze back tew trying tew fit pennies in teh slots ob teh outlet]

              3. Ai nawt noes yoo can pawn teefs.
                :idea: *Starts luukin unner teh pillows*

        2. OMG laffin even harder!!!!

          1. *hans robin a paper bagz*. Dep Breffs R ….

      1. *opunz door*
        *reechez intu majik kawldron*
        Heer am ur treet!

        *goez bak inside and waitz fur next Trik-or-Treater*

        1. sry it took so long — i wuz stampeded by Trik-r-treeterz IRL. :mrgreen:

          1. No problem. Fankeez :-D
            Funny tho that yew gabe fingurrz tu mii. ;-)

      2. *Pssst* Shirley, yoo wanna trayd?

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