By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. *CatBurgh terns off teh lites adn shines a flashylite unner her chins*
    1. It was a dark adn stormy nite. Akshully, was more liek dusk wiffa drizzul, butt(!) datz nawt teh point ob owr story.

    1. Jinjer, a lubbly white kitteh, adn Spot, hoo was all grey sept for his white bib adn chin adn boots . . . wait, mebbe his name was Boots . . . ennyways, had just finnished dere after-dinner pre-midnite snack adn were trine to halp dere dye jestshuns by stretjin owt dere diss tended tummehs on teh sofa, when . . . BANG CLANG BANG!!! Dere was a banging frum unner teh floor boreds. . .

      1. HOO IS DEER? Jinjer whisspurred…

        1. Aiz nawt a deer, sed teh mawnster. Ai izza . . .

          1. *wunnerz wut happind to da nummers* :D
            5. Iz a Elk!

            1. 6. A Dred Elk… Wif a killifyin stair

              1. 7. Kittehs opt for teh ellybaytor insted. . .
                (Teh mawnster eated teh nummers) ;-)

              2. 8. teh ellyvator lite went “ding” an teh door opened. inside teh ellyvator wuz all dark!! :shock: but i had to get up to te h5nd flore anyway for my appoyntmint. so i stepped into teh ellyvator, an teh door clozed, an tehn…

        2. 4. KWASH!!! BANG BANG. KRASH!

          1. 5. Kittehs, finking wifakwikness, poynts teh paws ob gilt at eech otter. . .

            1. yoo didz it!! Mammy told yoo ta puts yer choocho twain awai

            2. 6. “It waz u!” “Waz nawt, it waz yu!!”

              They staired at eech uvver in dismay. All teh kwashing an banging in teh howse was spost to be by them, no wun an nuffing else was allowed tu do it. Espeshally in a place they kittehs cud nawt reech, unner teh floorboreds!

              What was in tehir howse infrinjing on kitteh rites an responsibilitees? Tehy looked ober teh edge of teh cowch at teh floor wif a caushus, an saw…

              1. Teh dust bunnehs commink to lief. . .

              2. 8. Oh noes!!! What tu du? If tehy called teh hyoomins, tehn teh horriblol monster called VAK YOOM wud be bringed owt tu fiting teh dust bunnies, coz teh hyoomins had no useful natural weppinry. Teh VAK YOOM monstur was (probably) wurser and (defnitly) noizier tehn teh dusty bunnehs!!! Tehy wud just has to…

              3. 9. Goez bak ta sweep!

              4. 10. Sept dey cudunt cuzza teh dust bunnehs moanin adn groanin, so tehy gotted a can ob aunty dust stuffs adn . . .

              5. *wwwwhhhhoooossshhhhhh*
                Blows dem silleh bunniez akross da rum

              6. 10 (wiffa continyood) Ai missed teh sweep befoar. :lol:
                So dey went in surch ob a dusty pan. . .

              7. 11. Their hyoomin was behind on washing dishes an tehre was menny dirty pans, but finding a dusty wun prooved moar difficult. While Spot-mebbe-Boots watched in aww, Jinjur hooked a paw unner teh closet door an jiggloled it open.

                “Duzzint yu see mai mask?” her whispured. “I lerneded frum LCB. Nao, lukk fur teh dusty pan.”

                But it was berry dark in teh closet an…

              8. 12. Dere waz stuffs dat krunched unnerfoots. . .

            3. 6. …heering the stares kreeking ominomnomnomnomnousleh….

              1. 7. Kittehs wisht dey had bizzited teh litter bawks. . .

  2. *Cweenmj am dressinged in hur tradishunlol kostuum: *
    *blak toonik wif glow-in-deh-dark Jakl Anternz awl ober it,*
    *poyzun green n wyte striped legginz adn pointy blak shooz;*
    *a purplol spider web cape wif matching glubz; *
    *deh owtfit b cumpleetinged wif deh lubblee orinj mylar hairz*

    *Shii steps owt ontu portch and hangz sign by deh frunt door*
    *deh sign reads:*

    Knock Twice fur Trick or Treet

    *Deh cween goze back inside and waitz*

    1. nb quickly cuts arms and leg holes in a big green garbage bag and puts it on, tying it gently around the neck and topping it off with a red stocking hat

      knok knok–olive calling!

      1. *kwiklee cuts breffing wholez inna da olive hed*

        1. :shock: Dat’s gonna leeb a mark!
          *brings bandijs adn aunty septik*

      2. *opunz door*
        Heer am ur treet!

        *goez bak inside and waitz fur next Trik-or-Treater*

        1. *wiff da Tigger costume full of poppycormcrumbs, NP slyly sneeks behind EM for a handful of more onomnomnomnoms*

          1. An kombs bak wiiffy a hanful ub MUDs wif a lleef stikid on tawp

            1. *ducks jest in tiem*

    2. *knok knok * cween?
      *knok knok * cween?
      *knok knok * cween?

      1. *opunz door*
        Heer am ur treet!

        *goez bak inside and waitz fur next Trik-or-Treater*

        1. Harummmmppphhh … Da olibe guy gutted kandy kormz an I gottid a muddy pi wif leefs!!

          1. :lol:
            Catburg got shopped of fingers!!!!

  3. Otay, let’s try a diffrunt openin lion:
    1. Millicent hoped that her gentleman caller would be tall, dark, and handsome, as the dating service said he would be . . .

    1. Butt she wuz nawt eggspectin ta see Sir Prize, da tall dark an hamsome …

      1. :blush: frows a 2. Uppity der

        1. 3. * Sir Prize tappities him hoof impatently*

        1. 4. Ohai mii Cween!! Kwik jumpinna mi bukkit an we kin goez … Wee hab registrashuns atta da fissie stor furr sushi!

    2. 2. Shii had been wayting a looong time and wuz beginning tu finso dat hii wud nebber show up wen shii hurd deh knok on deh door. Shii ran tu deh mee rawr and checked hur hairz and make-ups wun more time. Shii pofed hur hair up a bit and added just a bit mour rooj. Den shii opuned deh door to seeing…..

      1. 3. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH ….* Misstear TDH skreemz*. Nowun sed yoo wuz a klown aye afeerid ub klownz…. Runawai!!
        *runs down da stares wabin armies ober himz hed*

        1. (him TDH or short-green-an froggy? *gigglol*)

  4. Lessee whut yoo cans do wif dis won:
    1. Chester hadda worry dat teh naybors wud discubber his littlol, shall we sez, indiskreshun ob teh prevyuss nite . . .

    1. 2. Chester?? I fought it wuz Abbnur dat wuz indecrete wif AP lassy nite …
      Sew Chessy, I dohnut Knoz wut yoo didid lass nite..

      1. 3. Abbnur wazza foney naym, adn nao dat yoo noez hoo Ai really is, Ai has to deal wif yoo . . .

        1. 4. Nooooooooooooo. No wantz no Abbner Chessie kissiz …… Dey madid AP faint an an an loose da abolity ta speechify!!!
          * runsawaiwifasouperkwikness*

  5. 2. Chester tryes two stuff teh ebidensse innna gardbadge bag nawt rememembers gardbadge bag issa kleer won.

    1. pleze too pritend taht boxses inna teh boxses nestt :(

      1. *shrugs* Werks for mii. :-)
        3. Chester stuffs teh cleer bag inna bawks. . .

        1. 4. Butt da Baggie burstud opens an a armie auntie jumps owt!!

  6. “It was a dawrk andz
    stoarmee nyte az lyteneengz slashdz
    andz funndurr rummbilldz

    andz crashdz, rattleengz
    windoz andz sendeengz shibburz
    upz t3h spynez ubz too

    brayv Kittehz az dayz
    deeturrminnnz wutz unndurr T3h Bed;
    Mawnsturrz, oarz….. NUFFEENFZ?!” :D


  7. Ai has dokter’s poyntmint, BBL. Has fun!!!

  8. Ai gno izza liddlol eerly, butt(!) ai nawt gunna bii arownd foar teh parade.

    [komz in draggin uh big bag behind him]
    Oof! Umph! Ung!
    [unwraps sumfing awl folded awp]
    *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold*
    *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold*
    *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold* *unfold*
    [attachez ohai powurr air pump adn starts motor]
    *vroom* *whoosh* *pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
    [uh jiant bownsy howse in teh shape ob uh zawmbie mowse inflates]
    [beeg enuff tew fit awl teh cheeze peeps]
    [velcros sordid candies, candy applols and popcorm bawls tew ceiling]
    [hops in]
    *boing* :-)
    *boing* *boing* :-D
    *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing*
    *boingboingboingboingboing* *flip* *boing*

    [hops owt of bownsy hows]
    [rummajez trunk]
    [pullz owt futuristic looking hip mounted gun luuking fing]
    [loads uh rolled awp sumfing in teh nozzlol and pullz trigger]

    [it goes sayling across teh crowd]
    [wun cheezpeep ketchez adn unrollz it tew reveal]
    [flannlol PJ’s monogrammed wif the CL logo]
    [dat kom wif fuzzy wererabbit slippers]
    [wen yew walk, teh eyes light awp and they howl]
    OW OW OWOOOOoooooooo…

    [loads awp sum moar]

    [leebs PJ air cannon neggst tew bownsy howse]

    1. o.O
      *boing* :-)
      *boing* *boing* *boing* :-)
      *boing* *boing* :-D
      *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing*
      *catches a candy aplol with my hair*
      *boingboingboingboingboing* *flip* *boing*
      *boing* *stick* *unstick*
      *boing* *boing* *stick* *unstick*
      *boing* *boing* *boing* *stick* *unstick* *splat*
      *gets up from just outsied the bowncy castlol where I landed, brushes off hares, snorglols them and goes back to wirk, trying to defuzz the candy applol caught in my hare*
      I mentid to do that!!

      1. *clappity clappity clappity* Byootimus form, Nennepus! Aifinso eben teh Rushin judjis wulda gibben yoo 10z fur yur dismownt! :-D

    2. :shock: it…it…it’s OSSIM, NC66!
      *brefflessly runz an dibes intu frunt dore ub bownsie zombie mowsie howsie*
      *yellz* Ai’ll be in heer, ifn ennywun needs me! :mrgreen: Fankies, NC66! ♥
      *BOYNG BOYNG BOYNG BOYNG BOYNG BOYNG* weeeeeeeee! :-D :-D :-D

    3. *run run run run*
      *Catchez deh monogrammed pjz and werewulf slipperz*

      *Pootz dem on and duz deh Cat Walk*

      I b stylin!!! :mrgreen:

      Fankeez, NC66!!!

      1. OH Mai Cween!!! yoo iz stylin ADN profylin!! :-D

    4. Kewl, NC! Fanks muchly!!!
      *Leeps into teh bownsee mowsee howse*
      *boing boing boing boing boing*
      *falls dawn wiffa negsausted, butt(!) teh bownsee keeps goin!*
      *manoobers self to teh doar, ware won final bownss. . .*
      SPLAT! Ooooh, ai alreddy hazza dizzy, nao ai can has Cheezland PJs adn warewulf slippurs? Oh, adn candees, too plskthx.

  9. Deh crowd am gavvering in d’Beeker Labz parking lot.
    Waiting tu start deh Howl-O-Ween parade.
    I see witchez and werewolfz and mummyz and fiyermenz and ballerinaz and — OMC!!! WUT IN DEH WHIRRLD AM DAT!?!?!?!?!

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