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  1. Nuffin werf watchin agane!

    1. Noooooo! Nawt Honey Boo Boo again! :-(

      Congarats, anni.

      1. Thx NC! Dere is a sho here abowt teh Home Guard (groops uv amachoor soljerz in WWII) cawld Dad’s Army – still endliss re-runs lawng affer moast uf teh akters hab gon 2 teh beeg stoodeeoh in teh skie!

        1. yeah, one of the channels heer shows the Andy Griffith Show and Leave it to Beaver every nite.

          1. Ther am uh channlol here called Antenna TV dat shows awl teh grate old shows. Dat’s ware ai get my Monkees and Benny Hill fixes.

            1. Dere aer sum gud awld showz dat aer werf ripeetin, but dey nebber seem 2 hab dem heer!

            2. Heer we com, wokkin daon teh street
              Get teh ufnniest luuks frum
              Ebbrywun we meet…

              1. EERWURM! :-D

                Oh boi, its gunna bii wunnadoze daze. Weneber ai get dat sawng stuck in mai hed, it always maiks mii act teh silly.

              2. yu can telling teh diffruns HAO?

              3. *gigglol*
                grate hat GM

              4. Fankeez..lubz yur kitteh’s bruum!

              5. Dat wuz mai thort 2, GM!

              6. Fankees GM! (Ai had da BIG KRUSH awn Davey Jones, so AI dun mine da stikk-in-mai-hed song).

                Sry NC! Wat’s ur faborit myoosic?

              7. Me TU! Butt (!) ai seed himmin pursun wunts an he wuz SEW liddlol!
                Wantid tu stik himmin mai pokkit an tayk him hoam azza pet!

              8. Ai liek awl kinds ob myoosik. Ai nawt picky.
                [humz … ♫ I gawt uh lubbly bunch ob coconuts ♫] ;-)

                Gotta go. C-ya later cheezpeeps. *waves*

              9. *waves* By-by!!

            3. Mee too!!! Ai lubs Benny Hill!!!

      2. :shock: eeek …..runzz aweigh wifquikniss. lukz bak. ohai nativeca66. ai dint rekognize u. *peekz unr masque* iz gud 2 c youse.

        1. Ohai noodle. Guud tew sii yew tuu.
          Did ai skare yew? :twisted:
          [innosint luuk]
          I dunno why. No one is skared ob clowns. :roll: ;-)

          1. dat’s nawt bozo – dat’s insayn klown possey! :shock:

            1. *snerk* Insane Klown Awn-Hiz-Own… :wink:

              1. …witch is eggsakly hao him’s gunna stay, luukin lyk dat! :lol:

              2. Naw, he reeterns tu hiz yoosual hansum selv after Halloween!! (Wish Ai cud du dis abatar fing, gonna luuk intu it) Cents Ai haz elebenty-too purrsunalitees Ai wud chayng myne awl da tiem! (It’s liek meeting new peeps ebery day)

  2. Oh noes! Did sleepy kitteh make evreewun fall asleep? It got very quiet all of a sudden….

    1. Offn iz kwyut at dis tiem.

      1. zzzzz…..snnooorreeee…….zzzzzz

        1. huh, hoo woked mi up? zzzzzzzzzzzz….

  3. sleeps btw takes.

  4. oops… jus a bit L8. ai stil gotz 2 get mai holleween coztume 2 geathr. eeek.. hoo took ovr nativeca66? roonz annipuss. yep iz off ton cuite in diz posting.

    1. Ai wuz at lunch, tryin tu git dis buuk ober wif (Mokingjay – da lass of da Hunger Game trilogy).

  5. Itz mai Fuzz!!!! Ai hazz such a happee!!! Fankew Prysma!!! Furst dey catch teh mousses in teh housses an nao dey mayk teh frunt paij!!! Ai haz such a prowd of my Fuzz!!!!

    Star whuz realllllllly relaxed teh nite ai tuk dis pichur. Hur iz such a silleh gurl!!!

    Dis mayd mai day!!!!

    *frows cormfetti*

    1. *bats at confetti*
      she’s a cutie-pie. Everytime I look at this pic I smile – she’s so relaxed!

    2. Oh good, rite kitteh. *faints in reeleef*

      Wait, whut? Catching mooses in hooses?

      1. Yesh, huzbin bawt a treadmill frum a frend. It apparently had a mousse nest in it. Fuzz cornered wun, trap caught anuvver and den teh uther nite Fuzz killified a mousse!!! Furst tyme!! Ai noe it’z awful, butt(!) wii were sew prowd ov dem!!!

        *kwikly put fainting cowch under Prysma* Star sez fankew fur puttin hur awn teh frunt payj!!!

        {{{{{{{{Prysma and Cheezpeeps}}}}}}}}}}

        1. Nawt awful – yu SHUD hazza proud of tehm. Tehy be Mitey Hunters! Tehy doing What Kittehs Du Best.

          Ai berry certain they hadda prowd uv dem!!!

  6. Whose a purty gurl?

  7. Doze Keows habs Meeses tew peesus, kawz dey izz naow “maiytee heunteurz ub deh weurld”!!

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