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  1. Catchin a nap wile babbeh sleeps!

      1. * Hans Anni teh tee-shurt ;) *

  2. Like faffer like sonz

    1. Datz teh mom! Fatha iz perchd aot in teh watah tu maik suyr noe otter mail komz kallen!

      1. I haz lawtz awf teh behbeh sea lion bydeeos awn mai yu tueb (realcatena)

        1. How exciting to have seen that. Do you live in an area with lots of critters? I wish there were more by me but if I move out to the country I’ll have to deal with bugs too – no one will hear me scream for help!!

  3. Iz ai doin’ it rite, Mawm?

    1. Awlmost — tip yer hedz up jest a BIT morez …

  4. this looks like a good idea! one 6:30 AM telecon and I’m shot for the rest of the week!

  5. Mah Mawmma habs mah seal ob approobal! :-)

  6. SKWEE sea lyon bebbeh belleh SKWEEEEEEe *titens CHRG(wdoi)*

  7. bebbeh sea lion gots a bellybutton :D

    1. Izzit N In-E oar N owt-E?

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