By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!

Okay, here’s the situation:
NOT counting themes or uncaptioned pics, I currently have 330 LOLs waiting to go on the FP.
Sounds like a lot, right?
240 of those are by the same 6 contributors.
Top 12 contributors have sent in a whopping 297 out of 330 LOLs.
I’m trying to make sure that no one person gets the FP too often, but that is becoming srsly difficult.
Those of you in the top 5 or top 12, thank you, I know I’m not the only one who loves you for it! Without you, there wouldn’t be much of a site.
Those of you who aren’t – go check the How-To on finding pics to caption. Go browse through the Gallery. Go retrieve stuff from your profile at DOP. Look at pics of your own furkids and caption them. Whatever. But make LOLs and send them in. No silliness about “I hope this is good enough.” It will be.

Edited to add for comparison: every week there are 56 posts. Of these, 36 are non-theme-day captioned LOLs.


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  1. Yes, mother.

    *hangs head in shame*

    I really don’t mind if the same 6 Top LOL producers get the glory. I really really don’t. But I’ll try to make LOLs over the weekend.

    1. *shufflols awl tu korner wif Upfi n hangs hed in shayme* – Ai admit Ai haz nawt dun any capshuning b/c Ai thote it wuz tu pyooter nollijible fur meh. But Ai PROMMISS tu try awn da weekend awn mai mumcat’s pyooter (pleh werk pyooter may nawt allow dis).

      Any uvver peeps – ifn Ai gits a cheepo kamera wif regulur films how kan Ai submit mai pix? Is there stuff in da how-to fur non-pyooter smart peeps liek meh?

      1. ai iz nawt ‘puter smart at awl butt reely, kapshuning iz nawt hard. Az far az submittin ur own piks, ai dunt kno anee wai eggsept wiff a digitlol kamera wat komes wif teh stuffs u needz tew uplode teh piks tew ur ‘puter.

      2. I usually get the camerashop to make digital copies of the photos I take wif my disposablol camerah! Then u gets a cd an u can transphurr to the pc and caption them from there…

        I keep using disposablol camerahs – because the camera peeps keep gibbing me a nyoo disposablol camera wehn I develop a disposablol camera… :roll:

    2. * hangs hed in shaym wif Upfi adn Cholius *
      * cownts to fibe *
      Otay, ebrybunneh owt ob teh Corner ob Shaym – We can fiksify teh sichooayshun !!!
      :eek: :idea:
      * runs off to go frew oald piccy albums * BBL

  2. I think that it is a case of “We can’t all, and some of us don’t” as Eeyore said! Some pictures practically write the caption for you while others, despite being excellent photos of beautiful cats, just don’t ‘say’ anything!

  3. Yesh !! It rilly isn hard (if ai kan doing it, ennywun kan) and itz ufn!! Trai it – yu’ll like it !

    Fool Diskloshur: If ur thinking “ai kan’t maek lols acawase ai nawt noes awl tat compooter stuffs lyke prysma adn seanya adn pb adn uzzer peeps” – be ashoored – yoo kan doo it ! Ai nawt noes dat stuffs eezer. Ai terns awn mai compooter adn iffit duz ennysing weerd ai runsarawnd in a pannik and cawls a nefew-kid tu fiksing it.

    (Ai uses de roflbot fing tu put werds awn de pixors)

    1. yesh! pleez tew maik lots an lots uv lols ebreewun! wee dunt want prysma an seanya tew run owt affer awl dere hard wurks! alzo bery guud an eezy tew uze (aifinkso aneewai). an pizap hazza lot uv loliday an uvver stikkers iffen u wantz tew dekoramate ur abatar er pixure.

      ai alzo admitz dat ai stil uze teh lolmaiker at DOP, akawse ahm uzed tew itz’. ai jus dunt submit teh lols fer votin dere an wunst ai copee it tew mai ‘puter ai deelete it ober dere. sumtymes ai crop awf teh DOP bannur.

      ai hazza kwestion fer aneewun whooz tride BigHugeLabs fer kapshuning…dew u haz tew register (ai kno it sez itz free) inn order tew uze teh site? ai karnt git it tew uplode a pixure.

      azza addid note, ai dunt kno iffen ai am in teh tawp 12 purrpetratorz er nawt but ai dunt mynd seein teh saim uvver peeps git teh FP offin, iff dats wats abailablol.

      1. BigHugeLabs wantz yoo to rejester … Emeow addy anna gassywerd.

    2. Teh technical side is nawt a problum for me, ai can edit images left, right, and center. Mai wit doesn’t extend as far as capshuns go… ai can do a witty remark here in the comments, but that’s about it. Still, I’ll try.

      1. If yu can do it a comment box yu can do it on a pikshur of a kitty-cat. Sumtimez da capshun just jumps out at me but more often it duzzent.
        So, sum ov my capshuns are witty an sumtimez dey seem flat to me. BUT dat duzzent meen dat sum other peep mite not laff an laff at dem!!! Ive had onez I never thot anyone else wud like go to da frontpaj many timez, at dat plase we all usta go to. I’ve had a few ov da onez I didn’t think were my best make ta frontpaj here too, cauze yu never kno what other peeps will like.
        SO>>>Just make a comment on the fase ov a kitty pikshur an send it in!! Yu are as clever az I am, trooly!!!

        1. That am exactly what I keep telling peeps! Peeps submit stuff an say, “Ihopeso this am good enuff” an stuffs lyk that, an I can only shake hed (nawt saying whose) while I gigloling at the stuffs being sent! I gibs me a sad to think hao much more awsumness is owt there but naw reeching me because sumwun nawt sended it finking it not good enuff, an hao much more awsumness izzint being dun at awl because peeps fink, “I nawt clevver, I cannawt do” or “I nawt good wif computers, is too complimicated.”

          If pic nawt all photoshoppt, an I can reed the caption easily (watch owt fur white-on-white or fansea fonts), an it no has ennyfing too potentially disturbing oar innapropriate (an I has had VERY few of those), it will go wif teh uvvers to post. An peeps will lol. If it happens tu be kwiet at teh time yur nawt-sekkund lol comes up, nawt take purrsonally, it happins tu evreewun, an neggst time, probly won’t.

          Where did this soapbox come from?
          *hops off, flips it over, and hops inside*

  4. an, an, an if u nawt noes haow tu bee puttin awn teh wurds, prysma adn seanya adn pb adn teh uzzer peeps kan bee puttin it awn fur u, u jus haz tu send dem teh pik, adn in teh bodi ob teh emayo u say ‘dis pik be by so an so, an i want it tu say dis” an dey put it dere fur u! i pwomise, dey du!

    1. Shoor, taht am fine wiht mee !! Juss emayo tu me at teh gmail dot com nd weel wurk it owt !!

    2. of corse – Just ask for help an u shall get it!!! :-)

    3. I subcontracts that nao. *waves to pb* ;-) But if it comes tu me, I will forward it. It WILL get doned. *nodnod*

      If anyone wants to do a how-to on their particular method for captioning (paint, the various sites, whatever) I’ll post it.

  5. 240 by the same 6 contributors? I’ve only sent 5 – I’d better get to work! ;)

    1. hurree, hurree! ur fawling beehynd! ;)

  6. Twy it!! Yule like it!!
    Likee potaytoe chips … Oar pastasheeooz! Yoo kant maek jest wun …
    *hands hed* well sum ub us kant… :blush:

    1. Pastasheeos r sooo addictib fur meh, kannawt eatz juss wun!! (Eben wif da proteckib kubbering tu remoob)

      1. yesh – az Abby onna NCIS sed … “Hab yoo eber eeten jest wun pastasheeoh …?”

        Duz eenee wun sae – lets hab a pastasheeoh … KNO iz awlawes lest hab SUM pastasheeohzzzzzzz :D

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