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  1. Dentiss kitteh lukks doun in teh mouf!

    1. :oops: Waek up, annipuss – iz a goggie, nawt a kitteh dentiss!

      1. At taht size, it am a neezy mistayk :)

  2. *runs round inna frenzy*
    which lol to commint????

    1. Aifink dis iz teh rite wun fur naow – teh red shert wun bilongz 2 2morro!

      1. *comes in a bit frazzlod*
        *sets out Caek pops and shampers for awl*

        Conga rats an mambo meeces on ur taupe spot, Anni!!!


          1. ur welcome!
            and thanks for using the magic bonking stick on my url… got a bit over excited by all that shampers!

            1. twoz mee. no prollums *grin*

              1. *whispurrs – Fankies!!*

    2. *ahem*
      What post uv a BC inna trekkie red shirt? It was just, uh, swamp gas. Or a wevver balloon. Yesh, it was a wevver balloon flldeded wif swamp gas. Nuffing tu see there.

      I maded a small oops in teh scheduling, that wun had teh wrong day onnit. Fink uv it azza sneek preview for tumorrow.

      1. black cat? red shirt?
        no, no, no one’s scene it heer??

  3. A toof in tiem saves Kay nine !!

      1. Dentist goggie: *sigh*. It’s gunna bii anudder bizzy day at teh orifice.

  4. Sunn iz shynin – tiem Ai went shoppin. BBL, Bai!

  5. Goggeh goeng tu hab tu stik tu biting soft anklols insted ov hard bones !!

  6. Ewwww !! Yoov gawt bad breff !!
    Juss liek a goggeh :? :roll:

    1. luuks lyke big goggie haz stolin teh hoomin bebbehs key toi tew!

      1. Owning new pets can hav sum teeving problems ..

  7. Ohai eberywuns! Ai hadz da pleh “flu” liek tingy goin arownd da Mitten State (iz it aneewears ells?). Ai iz feeling much much better naow. U may wantz tu juss leev return commints in da Cholius sterile commint drawer, Ai’m shur Ai iz still contajuss… :roll:

    1. Ai tihnk ime safe ;)
      Welkom bak, Cholius !!

      1. Mai birus purrtekshun iz up 2 dayt, soe Ai fink Ai aer saef!

  8. This am gonna be a loooong day. Only sleeped for abowt 2 owrs befoar ai waked up an cud nawt get back tu sleep. Gotta leeve in less than haf an owr tu taking Cory-Bear tu teh vet fur 9:30. Elderly upstairs naybur, whu am very sweet at home, hazza doctor’s appointment at aifinkso 1pm an her gets all testy wif taxi drivers an resepshunists an all but ai goes wif her ennywai cuz her hazza nervuss ov being owt by herself. Ai are having teh pleh ankzietee flashes abowt teh bearcat an all (mebbe had sumfing tu du wif bad sleeps).

    Am it tumorrow yet? Or at leest teh evning uv tuday?

    1. {{{{{PK}}}}} Hang in there kiddo. Beams foar Cory.

    2. Yoor goanna hab yoor hans full sew try nawt tu wurree nd juss do wot yoo hav tu, aifinkso !!
      {{{{ Prysma, Cory nd teh Nayber }}}}

  9. Like PK, ai iz having teh lawng day too. Dawter went intu labor eerly eerly dis morning. *yawwwwwn*

    1. Ai did tihnk yoo wuz up’n’abowt urly, NC !! {{{{ NC n Dotter }}}}

  10. Omai – eberywuns habbing bizzee bizzee daees n wurrys!!! {{{{Prysma}}} {{{Corybear}}} {{{NC66 & dotter}}} Pleez dun wurry so much (yea eezzee fur meh tu say huh). Ai iz sending beems ob luv tu awl mai peeps hoo haz da problims tuday!!!

  11. Ai hazza :?: : Iz it saef fur a kitty tu drinks da water ob a beta fish tank? Ai hazza co-wurker hoo juss showed me a vid ob her kitty doin juss dat.

    1. Ai doan kno if it’z safe tu tel a co-wurker tihngs, butt(!) ai wudnut (let kitteh drink frum a fish tank) coz ov bacteria goeng both ways !!

    2. Mm, ai hazza pic uv mai hart-kitteh Loki drinking frum mai mom’s betta’s bowl. Him did it alla thyme an it nevver hurted him or teh fishee enny. Mai mom kept teh bowl berry cleen, but ai haz also had kittehs want tu drink frum an play in fishee tanks wiffa goldfishee. (Wunce, ai mooved in wif a roommate… hims fishees started disappeering owt uv teh akwarium!!! Wun nite ai cauted Loki lifting teh lid an swatting at teh fishees when tehm comed neer teh surface… kweshun ansured :roll: )

      Ennyway, problee PB am rite abowt the bactereeas, but if it happins, ai wud nawt wurrying abowt it. If teh kitteh am helfy an teh fishee am helfy, odds am preddy gud will be no problems.

      1. Ai wud nawt want it tu be teh kitteh’s ONLEE source of water, tho.

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