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  1. Make loves to teh camera!

    1. Ohai, Missy. Conga rats awn yor tawp spot!
      Kitteh gots lots to strut.

      1. It’s quiet tunite. *Wunners if ebrybunneh is prepping for teh howse warming tuhmorrow.*

        1. aifinkso ebbreewuns duing teh lass minnit howswerk fur teh partee! mai ruums kleen, ai backumed, nd skerred teh kittehs *intu* teh wuudwerk!

          1. Omai, omai yew has been teh bizzyB. Aiz nawt so gud at teh dustifying, butt(!) berry gud at frowing junk into teh spayr rum, den shut teh door kwikkwikkwik befoar it fawls owt.

            1. *snerk* ai haz wun uv doze ruums, tu! ;) aifinks mai tu skeredy bois am gunna bii hyding in dere suun: wii haz sum litening nd funders heer.

              1. My hole apartmint is wun uv those ruums!!!

      2. Ohai, CB! Yes, kitteh is hawt hawt hawt!

      3. Ohai Missy, CB! Congacatwawks awn yoor fastfastfast fingrrrs, Missy.
        Woss gnu in teh whirrled?

        1. Sneezeecat!!! *run run run hedbonk* :eek: owie owie owie. ;-)
          Fings heer am fine. Hawt wevver am finely coolin down justatinybit.
          Howzabowt yew?

          1. well, I dunno abowt there, but heer it was 104 degrrrreez. Dis is nawt atum enuff fer me.

              1. Agreed! Lotsa summer stuffs went undun dis yeer becaws ob teh toodarnhawts.

              2. :lol: mai lawn luuks lyke a junglol! eben awn teh ryding mowur iz tu hawt!

              3. Awl datz growin in my yard am teh creepy creeping charlie adn teh crabby grass. :(

              4. Ow. :???: Sowee mai hedd iz so hard.
                We iz juss afyoo daze away frum braking teh rekord fore lawngest dry spell in norfwest histree. Nawt sooper hawt but berry dry fore a rayn foresst.
                I iz glad yu iz coolin orf a liddlol bit. Duz yu haz teh hyoomiditty tu maek it eben wurser?
                (I juss sawr teh Diary of a Wimpy Cat LOL awn yoor payj. Laft so hard–spezhully win Susie Q eated teh dust bunneh an froo up behine teh cowch!)

              5. Eek! Damn Yankees Earwurm!!!

              6. :D
                I’d liek tu coo wiff mai bebbeh tunite
                Adn pitch sum woo wiff mai bebbeh tunite
                Butt(!) pilloe yool be mai bebbeh tunite
                Coz iz toodarnhawt!

                (Ummm, aifinkso Kiss Me, Kate earwurm.)

            1. wow! ownlee 92 heer: fall muss bii awn teh wai… :roll:

  2. O mai, it am kwiet!
    and, yes I haz ben working on sumfing fur deh party tomorrow! :D

    1. Ohai, mai cween! Yew will forgibs ifn ai nawt curtsee, aiz still dizzy frum running into Missy. :)

      1. Aiz so dizzy ai has a confuzzled. It am Sneezeecat ai ran into. :lol:

        1. Whew! I hadda eggzistinchul cry sis fur a minnit tehre!

  3. i’z too seksy for my stripes,
    too seksy for my stripes,
    too seksy

    1. An it’s tru! Dat iz wun luffly kitteh!

  4. stray cat strut? ownlee dis kitteh dun luuk lyke enne stray!

      1. *snaps finners, taps tows* :-)
        Grate kitteh pics! Fanks, mai cween.

      2. Awn dat note ;-) aiz orf to sleepy tiem.
        xoxoxo to awl.

  5. *klikety-klik-flash gows teh kamurah*
    *klik flash*
    Mawdul kitteh! Obur heer! :-)
    *klik flash klik flash*
    *klik flash*
    Ai’s ur biggizt fan! Please tu be mah mjoos?!
    *klik flash*
    *klik flash klik flash klik flash*
    #mawdul kitteh gits blinded bye awl teh flashingz adn fawls awf teh stage#

    *kwijitlee puts teh kamurah awai adn slowlee baks awt uv teh ruum*

  6. Ohai evvybuddy! Dis is wunnermuss! Iz gud to see teh cheezpeeps here. I can has joining? *snugglols in happily*

    1. *Pulls doctorcat into a big groop hug*
      Consider yoreself in!

      1. What CB sed! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{doctorcat}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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