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    1. conga rats on towp of da brayde

      1. Thx, Abbycat nd tu yoo n AP !! * Ai luv hao tehre am moor brayds heer tahn awn DOP faw yeers ;) *

        1. Yoosta happin alla tyme. Ai remembur wen ai nawt-sekkund startid heer (layt ’09) it wuz awl ai kud duing tu get intu teh makramay. Tuuk munffs tu akshully get tu teh tawp.

          Teh way ai see it, weez bringin bakk teh gud oal dayz.

          1. :oops: Sowwy, layt-oh-ayt, den intu oh-nyne. Dems wuz teh dayz!

  1. Its a pakkidj deel … whotta bargin!!

  2. kan put in 10 needuls at wunce

    1. ;)
      Sowns liek a ripper of a deel :D

      1. Kitteh gibs u whutebber hims u kneeds.

      1. Adn can repeeting teh treetmint in kwikk sukseshun, for ekstended periudz!

  3. Quit riding me, isle try tu rimembah tu luk after maiselph !!

  4. teh hoomin duznawt luk like ye is sufferin. In fact, I shal go to bed an see if mai kittehs will come lay on me! Nitey nite!

    1. mee too, iz layt adn ai’d play moor, butt(!) ai am fawling asleep!

  5. Ai will letz U up when U prawmiss nawt tu bai teh gin & eric’s gushifudz eber again!

    1. Is dat similur tu teh Abby Normul stuffs?

      1. Iz teh stuffs eben wallee mart will nawt put itz naem awn.

        1. Ahh, teh stuffs wiff teh yello laybul adn playn blakk print. :P Nebber tryed it, nebber will.

  6. Otay, Isle draw sumfin awn yoor bak nd yoo try tu gess wot it is :)

    1. Ooh! Connectify teh dots! :) Ai lubs dis gaym!

      1. * Draws a nelipse, tehn twu vurticul lines, wun frum teh lhs, run frum teh rhs. Joyns teh twu lines below wiht a nark (or harf a nelipse) * Wot iz it ??

        1. Ooh! Ooh! Ai knoz! Pikk me! :) Izzit a fud boal? Izzit? Huh?

            1. A skritchy-poast! A paypur-towlol toob! A hoal roal ob paypur towlolz!!

              1. Juss a tin ov gushyfud !! ** Butt(!) ai wil awlso aksept a pakkit ov toylet paper **

              2. Oh. Otay. :| We get teh stuff in teh short cans.

  7. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Meezzurr Kitteh amz
    soopurb Akkyoopunkkchurrist
    wiff dull Poyntee Endz!

    Meezzurr Kitteh habz
    sillkee, plushee furr 4 deep
    Massawjj Fayrapee!!

    Meezzurr Kitteh den
    “Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrz” andz Handsumm Wun’z aykkz andz
    paynz will dissappeerz!!! :-)


  8. Ai just finished setting up Friday’s postseses… ai had thot mebbe free trekkie lols, nawt an offishul theme day. Ai haz enuff taht ai nawt can say no tu thta most uv teh day be trekkie! If yu been lukking fur an eggskyoos tu put yur abatart inna red shirt or sumfing, Friedegg wud be a gud thyme…. *haz visions of kittehs inna holodeck* :shock:

    An nao, I needs tu see if ai can get sum sleeps, gotta take Corybear tu teh vet in abowt eight hours so we can see if we can get enny furver wif hims self-plucking allerjees fing. Plz tu send beems we can figgur it owt and it NAWT be his noms?
    (Speeking uv vet, Trick finished hims antee biotics fur hims UTI yesserday, an goes tu vet inna week to making sure it wurked. Aifinkso ai putted a funneh pic of him on mai back inna Gallery.)
    Um, sowree… I hazza tyred an stuffs, I ramblings a bit. I round up teh felions an goez gets sum sleeps nao….

    1. Ai hoep Corybear nd Trick ar fine at teh V.E.T’s, PK !!
      ** PB goze in surch ov a trekkie bling **

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