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  1. Myte be tuu layte, kitteh … ur alreaddy luukin kynda pink.

    1. Conoinksulations, AP!
      *Lines up for all flu shots*

      1. Fankeez, pjp! :) Um, doze fingz luuk kynda poyntee … :?

    2. Congas, AngelPlume nd awlso tu Annipuss for teh LOL ;)

      1. It wuz a joynt effert wiv Puddy, akchoolee.

  2. Tuu layte, kitteh 8O

    Luks liek teh greedy piggeh haz gripped yoo !! * swollode yoo, aifinkso *

    1. need to fling sum burdies an reskyoo teh kitteh!

  3. Tihs littlol kitteh piggeh went tu market …

    1. *Stays home and noms roast beef*

      1. Oui, oui, oui !! * fawms a que ov wun wiv a playt n cutlolery *

  4. If yoo thort ai wuz a boor, wel ime NAWT… nd tihs proovs it, STN !! ** o.O, maybi ai shud refink tihs ? **

  5. Errm, tehre seems tu bee sum sawt ov con-flu-ence happning :roll:

    1. Oh noes! Floofy pigz has gon virul!

      1. It gibs yoo teh strange deez ears ;)

  6. o.O
    luks liek the pig floo-shot did knot wurk??
    Wut wud happen if we gabe u bird floo shot too?

      1. my thoughts purrzactleh!!
        we’d need sturdier brollies, that’s fur sure!!

    1. Nawt wurree kitteh, u habs tu hab wings to hab floo. An piggeh’s nawt hab wings so berry fyoo hab floo’d.

      1. Ai hab nawt gottid wings an Ai had teh piggeh floo!

        1. yes, someone gave it to you for catmas a few years ago…

    2. Answer: Kitteh wuld bii teh protagonist AND antagonist ob hiz own hit video game.

      1. :D

        Hao veri vaccinating :) * gibs mee sumfing tu tihnk abowt *

  7. i can haz anti-peepls-putting-silly-costyooms-on-me vaxeen, plz?

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