By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. Wee’v hit a snagg!

    1. ohai and conga kittens

  2. I shall call this piece “nap in E major”

  3. Reminez me awf dat nawty joek… :evil:

    1. *snerk* shurlee yoo doant meen teh wun abowt teh diffrent flowurz awn teh diffrunt keybaord insurmints, du yoo???
      Ohai catena! Nais tu sii yoo heer!

    2. Ai donut gno dat joek…wispr it 2 mii…

      1. *wiss purrz* Wat’s bedder dan roeziz awn teh pii yano? Tulips awn yur oar gahn.
        *skamperswiffakwikness awf tu teh naughtee barn*

        1. Teh nawty barn is here?! And is dere a CHRG(wdoi) for ebberybuddy and teh CCC and floofy baving caps and fyrmens and ebberyting? *weeps for joi* Can sumbuddy pls pass meh a shamwow?

          1. *Hands doctorcat a neggstra medium shamwow*

          2. Evreefing is here.

            Eggspeshally the peeps.


  4. Singing in the key of “ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz”

    Conga rats Annie adn close nwt thurd puddy-tat!

  5. This has put a damper on teh occashun

    1. O Ai dunno – a kitteh iz a lawt bedder dan sum moozik!

      1. There is that.

        I remember one of my music teachers (I think the context was something that was going to be performed / played before we had to do something) saying “this is a piece of modern music, so it will sound as if it has got a lot of wrong notes in it”

        1. no rong notez wen kitteh plaiz it.

    2. Adn dat will be sustained fru teh purr formunz

  6. ♫ Sum sai lub it iz teh ribber
    dat drowns teh tendur reed.
    Sum sai lub it iz teh rayzor
    dat leebz yer sole tu bleed
    Sum sai lub it iz a hongur
    an endless achy need
    Ai sai lub it is teh flowur
    and napz itz onlee need. ♪

    1. Nd concert haz A-Major prollem ;)

      1. Ifn sumwun kloaziz teh lid onna keez, den teh liddlol kitteh will B-Flat

        1. And teh pointy ends will B-Sharp.

          1. And dat, uv korse, wud B natural! ;)

        2. ;)
          Ai wunda wot tiny kitteh am liek awn teh scales ??

          1. Abowt twelb ownsiz, Aifink!

          2. but kittehs does not has scales. kittehs has fur…

            1. But teh fishes haz scalez, mebbe dem izz scales pb meens?

              1. But ob korse, you can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish!

  7. Letz hoap kitteh haz nawt tinkloled (in) teh ivories :roll:

  8. I noo dat awl peyanoes hazza “sawftee” pedlol, butt (!) I nawt b teh nowin it wuz teh kyoot!

    1. Deh cyoot am deh important part!! *nods*

  9. This little one has an orinje fleck tween her ears kind of like my Freya, only Freya’s is narrower. Is like Bast gaved her a schmoo on teh forehed. :-)

    1. awww… wun uv mai hart kittehs, Morai, wuz orinj nd wyt. hims bak wuz orinj wiff a wyt dawt, nd him belleh wuz wyt wiff a norinj dawt. kynda lyke sumwun pooshd teh kuller fru!

      1. Never stops amazing me, the incredible colours and patterns of kittehfurs! Eben when they duz it in black-an-white, they hazza creative!

        1. Colorful kittehfurs make feline kittehfleurs!

  10. In Catnegee hawl, dey can heer teh kitteh purr eben in teh ball coneyz.

      1. praktis praktis praktis

  11. Despite his vast repertoire and understanding of piano literature, when the audience asked Alfonso for “Kitten on the Keys” he always took it literally…

        1. GMTA mai leeje!

          1. I likez dat version wif deh player piano roll thingy. :D

  12. I hazza slite pouting. We was gonna do cheezburgers tunite (oooh Seanya duz ebil cheezburgers, shredded cheez on bof sides of bun wif sprinkles of bakon bits, all toasted just enuff to melt, before puting teh meet in)… but her just called to check an teh stoopy (major national company) groseree store am still owt uv teh onlee cheez ai can safely eet, a dairy-free wun. *sulk* Evree yeer, teh unibersitee studints come back to town, an it be lyk lokusts have gone thru teh stoars, but teh stoars never ever fink to order eggstra uv ennyfing. :roll:

    Ohwell. Ai gotta go get groceries fur elderly naybur lady.

    On teh plus side, there be posts skejuled from nao until teh noon capshun-me on Munday so ai can relaks an play when ai get back. Duz need to do some srs housework (honest trooth, if landlord had to come in here rite nao, wud probably evikt us :oops: ai hadda bad anteedepressant medication reaction this spring an teh clutter got sorta bad) but if ai can alternate teh howsewurk wif the playing, it be nawt so bad. :-)

    1. LOL Prysma…

      Ai tolded dis tu mai sally gurl adn hur bringed ober hurz pig eer choo wif teh sweet tater innit foar u.

      1. That be very sweet of her. Nawt kwite teh sayme as a cheezburger, but very thotful. But ai cud nawt deprive her uv her treet, nononono, cud nawt du that….

  13. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Liddill Sttypdt Kitteh
    Awn T3h Keez meenz No Mewzikk
    until hurz waykz up!

    Liddill Strypdt Kitteh
    habz Ornjj Hylyetee Dawt dat
    addz Ekkstra Misschiff!!

    Liddill Strypdt Kitteh
    can fitz in Prittee Wun’z Grayt
    Beeg Jynoarmuss Purss!!! :-)


    1. Ohai Jack! Nais tu sii yoo heer! Dat am teh lurvlee pome! Adn troo, too~

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