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  1. egsplayns teh drumming in hims eers

    1. Congrats, PB!

  2. Maed teh drum sownd ufnee 2!

    1. Moor BOOF BOOF BOOF tahn BOOM BOOM BOOM ?? Ai liek it :D

      1. or BOOF MEOW HISS

        conga kittehs to pb and ap on teh tie

        1. Practissing teh drums shud bi band … nuthing wurss wen yoo lib neer a lurner :roll: *n thx, puddy*

  3. kitteh herd it was a bass drum and was looking for teh fishies…

    1. LOL !! * goze tu put teh kettlol awn *

      1. he will look for teh piano tuna after his nap

        1. he’z been snared, tho.

          1. he’d been hopin for a drumstick

            1. That strikes a chord wif me …

  4. it’s a tom-tom-cat…

    1. Claude thott hi hurd a rat-a-tat ;)

    2. Aifinsew hims a drum-hed.

  5. Hi wuz awlwais guilty ov lazy hearing…
    nd nao hi iz teh cymbal ov it

    1. Him needz an eer trumpit!

      1. Hiz dadcat bloze a buglol in teh litter-box room !! *prolly*

  6. pfft – no use doing a big song and dance about it!

    1. *Dancez in wif nomz fur all*
      Wii can haz wafflolz wif budder and maple syrple, cross antz, scrambleifyed eggz, sordid fruits, home fried taterz, sausagez, toast adn jam, adn biskitz wif gravy.

      1. Taht’s a lawt ov brekkfuss nd ai will du mai best tu eat ebbryfing




        .. taht ai am givvin ;)

        *Thx, MJ*

      2. ooo.



        *munch munch munch*

      3. *daintlee snarflols wafflols wif sir up*
        *tawks wylol eeting*
        Sumbunneh menshuned taht a big part of the whirrleds maplol sir up stash wus stoled frum Quebec???

        Wut are we going to do!!
        Oh the hyooje maplol tree!!

        1. Adn, and, and, … dey gonna selling it on deh Black Market!!!!

          hoo noo dhere wuz a Maple Syrple Black Market????

          1. *nodnodnod*
            Hoo nose wut’s reelee going on in VLC… tehy is knot as innosint as tehy seem to bee…

  7. The ivories were just too ticklish!

    This is Claude’s plan B.

    1. * PB ticklols an eye very in teh middlol .. C ? yoo wer rite ;)

  8. :D :D Ohai, peepz!!!! :D :D

    I kin haz ur DEE Tenshuns plz??
    :?: Wait, dat not rite. :?:
    *finkz a minnit*

    Kin I haz ur AY Tenshuns pls??
    Ya, datz better.

    Wii iz gonna haz a Howse Warming party tu sillybrate habbing ower noo home!! Wii b wanting tu show Prysma and Seanya how berry muchly wii appreciate awl deh hard work dey haz dun fur us to b habbing dis wunnerful place tu play.

    Deh party am gonna b on Friday starting on deh Noon Cheezland Time lol. More partying will continue on deh following LOLz
    Dat b
    12 noon Eestern
    11 am Central
    10 am Mountain
    9 am Pacific
    5 pm TTI
    2 am on Caturday in Oz

    Dhere will b singing and dancing and nomz and drinks!!! So git owt ur party clothes, find ur faborite songz, adn put on ur dansing shoos!! Wii will crank up deh Carry Okie machine and PAR~TAY!!

    U kin bringing (or wearing) ur favrit Cheez and/or Kuntry tu halping us sillybrate deh establishment uv ower berry own CHEEZLAND.

  9. Ai dunno wai butt ai hazza thumpin hedayke

  10. rude awakening in 3…..2…..1……

  11. What an ufnny pictyoor! Ohai an obai, peeps! Ai haz a big bizzee deeze daze… Lubs tew awl!

  12. Sorrie mudder canna heer taht rekwest onaccounna mai eers bin drummmed so canna heer…

    Anie rekwest ai donnut liek
    Bee a gud kitteh stop skritchin teh upperholsterie
    Come hear too meet mai noo boifrend

    1. Dunt teeze teh goggie
      Ellafunt-lyke gallopin, enuff awlreddy!
      Get daown!!

      1. Horking up hairbawls stops right nao
        Incinerayting teh curtains
        Jostling teh gueenee piggeh
        Katterwauling at 3am

        1. Liking mai noes at foretirty inna morning
          Meowoling atz foretirty five inna morning
          Noes nips atz five inna morning, ai’m nawt feeding yew yetz!

  13. Clawd haz snared a guud sleepin spawt

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