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    1. ‘Coz Ai dunno wat dis iz abowt!

      1. Its frum wun ob teh StarTrek moobiez. In wun ob teh orijinul seereez eppysoads, Kirk leebs Khan (playd by Rikardo Montelbloln) adn hims sooper-genetic-modifyed-hyoominz awn der oan plannit, tu mayk ob it whut dey will.

        In teh moobie, we fynd owt it went nawt well, adn Khan gets rebenj awn Kirk by strandin him awn a barrin plannit tuu. Heerz a klip ob teh faymuss skreem.

        1. O thx, Ai unnerstan wat it iz abowt naow.

    2. Dats Khraaaaazee! ;) Congrats anni!

  1. Wud dat be Khan Noonian Singh, by enny chanss?

    1. Well it ain’t Genghis.

      Bill and Ted captured him wif uh Twinkee.

      1. Wottan eggsalad advenchoor!

  2. Star Trek reference.
    ai r a Trekkie. \\//
    Kaptan Kirk skreemz is in da moovee

    =^.^= meow

    1. Ai aer nawt a trekkie – did u gess dat?

      1. Iz otay. Libs lawng an prawspurr ennyhoo! :grin:

        1. Ai hab awlreddee libbed a lawng tiem!

  3. SpawkKitteh: Try using teh Kobayashi Maru scenario awn him.
    McCoyKitteh: Awr yew owt ob yor Vulcan mind?

    Besides, hao awr wii gunna get Ricardo Montalban to get in the bawks?

    1. Mite happenz. Butt (!) onlee iffn teh bocks iz lyned wif rich Korintheeyan lether.

      1. Lyke in teh “small krysler” Cordoba? :lol:

        1. Bwaaahahaahaaaa!
          Bozz, de playn de playn!!!
          Hao yu FINDING dat stuffs???

          1. :lol: :lol: :lol:
            AP’s papa izza geenyus at finding stuff dat is relebant tew teh LOLs and cawmints.
            Ai liek tew bayte him sumtiemz jes tew sii wut hii comz awp wif. ;-)

            Nise wun ‘Niser

              1. Oh AP. Yew know dat modesty duzzint become yew.
                Yew hab tew put in teh right serch terms too, and it always taiks mii sew lawng tew find wut ai yam luuking foar dat ai miss awl teh conbersayshuns. Ai wuld much ravver leeb dat stuffs tew teh eggspert. :mrgreen:

                Iz he buying it? DON’T LUUK RITE AT ‘IM. *sheesh* [sneeks uh peek]

              2. U fink mai modesty duz nawt bayr kloase egzaminayshunz?

                Hmpff. Ai see no reezin tu stand heer adn be insultifyed.

              3. :lol: :lol: :lol:
                [fawlz awf teh ottoman larfing]

              4. Or, tu keepin it in teh StarTrek genre…

              5. I wanna kno how’s yoo namify a linkee ratherdan jest copy/paste da hole fink

              6. oops, furgot teh slash :oops: <a href=”linkee-heer“>bloo-wurdz</a>

    2. Ohai, nativv andz ebbeewunz:

      ‘Eek! T3h Cat’ duz himz
      Khawn! immpurrsunnayshunn lurrndz
      drum Kevinn Pawllikk!

      ‘Eek! T3h Cat’ feenkz himz
      Khawn! immpurrsunnayshunn will
      maykz Hewminz tremmbillz!!

      ‘Eek! T3h Cat’ haz a
      cawnfewzzd. Hewminz shoodz habz Beeg
      Frytenndz… Nawt laffeengz!!! :-)


      1. *clappity clappity clappity* Hard tu be askeerd when yoo has teh gigglols. :lol:

  4. Bed tiem! G’nite awl!

  5. Yay! Prysma Kaaaaaat has postified mai LOL! Fankees, PK! Ai hoaps yu awl enjoified itt. Ai haz a happee. ::::Duz happytale dansdadansdans:::::: Weels inn kart wif sillybratoree noms adn drinkees.

    1. Congarats awn yor FP, NM. Feelz guud, don’t it? :-D
      [grabs uh choklit martoonie tew sillybrate]

      1. Yay! :) Yup, PK reely knoz hao tu treetin us cheezpeeps ryte.

        1. *gets owt teh chair and teh whip*

            1. (pssst, ai uploaded a cupple pics to teh gallery erlier of Freya showing her tummy – an wun uv her an CoryBear)

    2. ;-)

      {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Niall Mor}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  6. Uh oh..just got 3 lions ub dis abuv teh Cheezland Paij..
    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp/sess_6d0ce35f8f835b2a3105b059addf4819, O_RDWR) failed: No space left on device (28) in /home/cheezlan/public_html/wp-content/plugins/counterize/counterize.php on line 16

    1. O.o – Luuks like teh tmp folder gawt uh liddlol full. Purrhaps tew mush activity awl at wunce. I fink it’s transitory though. I neber gawt it. Izzit still there when yew refresh? Maybe host needs to adjust teh schedule for purjing teh temp folder oar mehbii it wuz just in teh process ob dynamically expanding itself. It’s curious tho dat the calling function came from cheezlan (wifowt the d). Mehbii it wuz jes uh typo dat gawt correkted. Cheezland seems tew be fine.

      1. cheezlan, no d, is the ftp login an stuffs, cause is 8 letters (hao old-fashuned :roll: ). Counterize is the WP plugin that tracks traffic an tells me fings like, what time of day gets teh mostestest cheezpeeps. The last bit’s a direct address to the plugin itself. But what this be, ai haz no idea. If it happens again, will look into it, tho.

  7. FYOO! As suun as yur responts apeerd, teh stoopy stuff disampeerd. Nao DAT’S mad skillz!!!
    *Froze owt flannick an replaysis wiffe gnu wun*
    Fanx NC…yu amma a jean yus wunts agen!! ♥♥

    1. Aw shucks. Ai didn’t dew nuffin’.

      literally ;-)

  8. Awf tu a nyse dinnur owt an a sho (Russloll Brand libe at teh River Rock)…BBL

    1. oooh, Have fun. If you’ve read his bio, he’s a cat lover!

  9. When I saw this moobie, all I could think was ‘look at his pecs!’

  10. Fine teefs, that Buster haz….

    1. Hi prolly sharpins tehm awn Nenne’s leg furniture during teh lawng Norbegian winturs …

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