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  1. Prollee teh best sort!

    1. Less paynful. *nodz* ;) Adn congrats!

      1. Thx, AP. We tye agane!

  2. Ai juss praktissin foar nao … wurkin awn mai lysinss.

  3. Hovercat takes a stretch

  4. kitteh’s tayle does not look so relacksed

    1. Eerz luuk a littlol tens tuu. Sumwun gunna get teh pointee endz aifinkso.

  5. Nawt teh flee baff plz!! Ai iz awt uf heer!!

    1. 8O ai is ryte behynd u!! *flyz*

  6. Kitteh needz a deep tishoo massaj affer a lawng daye ob nappin!

  7. concradulashins twins uf nawt sekint Angels and annis!

  8. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Strrrrrretchee Ornjj Kitteh
    seez Dusst Bunneh undurr Beeg
    Lawng Chayr…. ATTAKK!”

    Strrrrrretchee Ornjj Kitteh
    wawntz leep undurr Beeg Lawng Chayr.
    Beekumz Toarpeedo!!

    Strrrrrretchee Ornjj Kitteh
    nawt habz mutch prakktiss, but himz
    berreh purr~sisstent!!! :-)


    1. Jack–Yur mii faburrit part uv ebbery lol. Thx

  9. Bedtiem fur me! G’nite awl!

    1. Gnyte anni! Plezzint dreemz!

  10. Any wun herd about NC 66’s grandbabbeh.

    1. Dawter is at 10 centimeters, but water hazzint broke yet. Still wayting in wayting ruum, but teh Princess Bride is awn the Tee Bee. :-D

      1. Yesh! Aiz watching it heer at hoam. Continyood beems hedded yor way. {{{{{{{NC’s dawter}}}}}}}

  11. nawt mucho tew say, just…iz gibbin massadgiz tew mi sis, whoo seems tew be doin weller..I hoap to be moar ov a part ov dis grupe once she is mucho bettur!!! An lotsa luvbz tew Cheezland, may U Thrive n Survive n DansDansDans!!!!

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