By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. Noe need 2 thank me!

  2. peeces of ate…

      1. and conga parrots on leading teh tye

        1. Thx! Congrats 2 u 2!

  3. Ide ratha has Parrot Bay, kitteh!

  4. 8O
    umm, iffn enny wun needs me ai’ll be in teh crows nest
    *greeses mast*
    *poots pirate scarf ova fevvas*

    1. *snert* doan’t tell me yoo’z askared ub a skwee littlol kitteh, Gumbie! :lol:

      1. ai iz nawt taykin enny chansis, it tuuk alawt ov effort tu ̶p̶h̶o̶t̶o̶s̶h̶o̶p̶ grow thees fevvers obernite

    2. soon az i, um, get teh crows owt ob teh way.
      *ties on bib, gets owt knife an fork*

  5. Shibbur mee timburrz!

  6. Dis bemynds mii ob teh wun dat sez “I has a herb” Saem pic diffrunt objekt in teef?

  7. Arrrr! Is teh famis pirit Nom De Plume!

    1. “Nom de plume”. Ai lurrrrves eet!!!

  8. Avast Mateys!! Ai’m up adn me timbers are shivvered by awl the fine Pirates Present! Ai think ai’ll take my grogg to the poop deck adn enjoy the sailing! Oy, it’s a fine day for pirating!!!

  9. Avasst, Skurrvee Dawggz!

    Snawrlee McSnawrlee
    Kitteh fott t3h Payrutt wuz
    beezing Awbbnokkshuss!

    Noyzzee Payrutt waz
    keepeengz Snawrlee McSnawrlee
    Kitteh passt himz Napz!

    Snawrlee McSnawrlee
    sez: “Ubz coarss U knoez dis meenz
    WAR!” Andz Payrutt lawsst!!! :-)

    Cap’n Jack.

    1. *clappity clap clap*
      *showts tu Jack frum teh crows nest…*
      Parutts am owr frends!

    2. *Puts daown blunderbuss n cutlass n flint-lokk n monkee n pipe* Clappityclappity Cap’n Jack!!! (Mai mouthy kitteh naow hazza gnu naem: Snarly McSnarlee!)

      *Tryss tu pick up items listed abuvv* *sigh* Dis pyratt needs 2 eggstra hands & a big belt!

      1. Ahoy, Cholius!

        Gibbs ‘Buddurr Feengurrz’
        Cholius Garyt Beeg Napp Sakk
        4 drawppdtz Wepprunnree!

        “Keepz t3h Muzzill up
        wiff T3h Blunndurrbuss. Flintz Lawkz
        canz beez layd awn sydez!”!!

        Addjusstz Iee Patch 4
        Buddurr Feengurrz. “Iee syte amz
        berreh eesennchull!”!!! :-)

        Cap’n Jack.

        1. Hay Ai rezembal dat… :smile:

          *changes awl stashunaree tu “Buddurr Feengurrz Cholius”* :mrgreen:

    3. It iz, it iz a gloryuz tihng tu bii a pie rut king!

      1. Ai sinks a few moar ships, it’s troo,
        Tahn a well-bred monark awt tu du;
        But mani a king on a first-class throan–
        If he wantz tu kall hiz krown hiz oan–
        Must manage somehow tu get thru
        Moar dirtee wurk tahn ever Ai du!! :) *Arr*

  10. Aaarrr Mateys. It be a foine day fur pyrating. So ai brings you da trailer ob my faborite funny pyrate mobie: “Swashbuckler” (1976), wiffa grate cast.

    1. Ai haz nebber zeen it, but reviews awn aarrrr bery bery good! Ai will haz tu rent it sumtyme! (Lub Robert Shaw)

  11. Wii can has Theme Song?

    Capital Ship
    (Charles Edward Carryl)

    A capital ship for an ocean trip
    Was the “Walloping Window Blind”
    No wind that blew dismayed her crew
    Or troubled the captain’s mind
    The man at the wheel was made to feel
    Contempt for the wildest blow-ow-ow
    Tho’ it oft appeared when the gale had cleared
    That he’d been in his bunk below

    So, blow ye winds, heigh-ho
    A-roving I will go
    I’ll stay no more on England’s shore
    So let the music play-ay-ay
    I’m off for the morning train
    To cross the raging main
    I’m off to my love with a boxing glove
    10,000 miles away

    The bos’un’s mate was very sedate
    Yet fond of amusement too
    He played hop-scotch with the starboard watch
    While the captain tickled the crew
    The gunner he was apparently mad
    For he sat on the after ra-ra-rail
    And fired salutes with the captain’s boots
    In the teeth of a booming gale

    The captain sat on the commodore’s hat
    And dined in a royal way
    Off pickles & figs & little roast pigs
    And gunners bread each day
    The cook was Dutch and behaved as such
    For the diet he served the crew-ew-ew
    Was a couple of tons of hot-cross buns
    Served up with sugar and glue

    Then we all fell ill as mariners will
    On a diet that’s rough and crude
    And we shivered and shook as we dipped the cook
    In a tub of his gluesome food
    All nautical pride we cast aside
    And we ran the vessel asho-o-ore
    On the Gulliby Isles where the poopoo smiles
    And the rubbily ubdugs roar

    Composed of sand was that favored land
    And trimmed with cinnamon straws
    And pink and blue was the pleasing hue
    Of the ticke-toe teaser’s claws
    We sat on the edge of a sandy ledge
    And shot at the whistling bee-ee-ee
    While the rugabug bats wore waterproof hats
    As they dipped in the shining sea

    On rugabug bark from dawn till dark
    We dined till we all had grown
    Uncommonly shrunk when a Chinese junk
    Came up from the Torrible Zone
    She was stubby and square, but we didn’t much care
    So we cheerily put to sea-ea-ea
    And we left all the crew of the junk to chew
    On the bark of the rubabug tree

  12. Moar pyrat poemz? Heer’z wun from teh late Shel Siverstein, in “Where teh Sidewalk Endz”… translated…


    “Walk teh plank!” sez Pyrat Jim.
    “Butt (!) Kaptan Jim, ai kannawt swim!”

    “Tehn yu mus steer us thru teh gale.”
    “Butt (!) Kaptan Jim, ai kannawt sail!”

    “Tehn down wif teh galli-slaivs yu go!”
    “Butt (!) Kaptan Jim, ai kannawt row!”

    “Tehn yu must bee teh pyrat’s clerk!”
    “Butt (!) Kaptan Jim, ai kannawt werk!”

    “Tehn a pyrat kaptan yu must bee!”
    “Fankyew, Jim,” sez Kaptan Me.


    1. Clappity, clappity too!!! :-)

  13. Frum Pirate (Kittehs) of Penzance

    I am the very model of a modern Kitteh-General,
    I’ve tuna steaks and cod and skate; of chicken I have several
    I know the cats of Katmandu and others geographical
    From modern times where Kittehs climb to others neoclassical

    1. Adn wehn Ai learn teh diffrence of a puzzl from a paradocks
      Adn more important, learn to tell a shoe-rack from a litterbocks,
      Adn wear mai pyrat-patch wiff pride, adn nok all teh fridge-magnets down,
      Yu’ll sai no finer Kitteh-General haz ever been arown!

      1. Mennee applozzes for wun of mah favrits!!! Well dun O Lungdoc!
        (Has yu ever singed teh Majur-Giniral Stanlee?? I has singed Rooth.)

        1. Ai haz nevr singed teh Glibert adn Sullolivan in publics, oanlee foar fun. Adn fun it is, wiff teh silleh lyrics adn bouncy music!

        2. Hoorah! Ai is singing Rooth rite nao! Nawt mutch taim fur playing heer, naoadays!

    2. Amazing, Smudgie and Lungdoc . . . allmus lyke yew wuz joyned at teh brayne.

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