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  1. Mai lazer iie iz awn u!

  2. We will assimlayt yoo adn add yor strenfs to owr strenfs.

    1. An wee wil add ur toona tew hour bellehs

        1. Akshully, Ai am sebben ob elebenty.

          1. Catburgh – LOL!! :)

          2. Oooohhhh… duze yoo ware a skinny tite cat soot too?

            1. Wiffin da Ohai heelz, eben wen yoo iz trekkin an klimin awl ober a Alean plantlet?

              1. Butt(!) ob coarse! Adn nawt to furgets teh aye shadoe adn lippystik.

              2. An purrfectly coffed hares …

        2. Then we will play the song of our people

          *twonk twonk twonk*

          1. AN da song un NC peepol …

            Waa Waa Waa …

            Gurgol gurgol gurgol …

            1. *burp*


              Uhwahhh, coo? Ack, phlbbt!

              1. Aw, grandNC am getting teh new famblee member intu teh bestest soshial circlols (owrs!) rite away! Him gonna be sending lols an making teh FP in no thyme!

                Cheezland: Teh Next Generation

    2. Ai haz a confooz. I fawt teh kittehs hab alweddy assimahalated us. 8O

      1. I lub yer abitar… iz dat kitteh laffin at us or criin ober hour inkredabobbol stoopidz?

  3. OOOh! Ai dint noe yew guise wuz hazzing a Star Trek LOL Dae tudae! Ai juss sendified PK a LOL wif a Star Trek refrinss innit. Mebbe shee will postify itt. *Haz a hoapful*

    1. Dat wud bee kool! Butt ai kno shee gitz a lawt uv emayos annit taiks tyme tew goe fru dem awl sew shee mai nawt see it inn tyme :(

      Butt, iffen u looks ober awn teh syde an up a bit it tellz wat theme dayz is komin up an wen, sew u kahn maik sum lols spefikalee fer doze. Whut ai duz iz puts teh theme dai uv mai lols in teh subjekt lyne alzo, lyke dis LOLSubs/Monty Python (er wat eber theme it iz)

      1. Oh, we am habin Monty Python theme day? I sended in Monty Python ref lol, butt didn’t menshun as such… :(

        1. Wel…iz nawt awn teh skejule yet butt prysma menshuned it (amung lots uf uvver pawsibilitees) awn teh ‘theme days’ tab up tawp dere. Dere iz sum theemze skejuled an sum shee sez she mite dew iffen enuff lols kome inn tew maik up a dayz wurf. Sew ai haz startd sendin sum fer theemze eben if nawt awn skejule yit. Ai karnt wait fer Monty Pyfon dai sew send doze lolz! ;)

          1. sew aifinkso shee wil see ur lol HCR an put it wif teh uvvr MP wunz, ai jus startd puttin teh theme inna subjekt lyne fer (hopefullee) eezier sortin.

      2. OOOhhh… A Monte Python theme — WANT.

        I habs sum piktors of kitteh sittin silly an dey kin be frum da “Ministree of Silly Sits” (raffer dan da wun ub Silly Walks …)

        We shud hab a hole dae of Ministree of Silly Sitz kittehs … ifinkso.

        1. wai dat wud bee downrite awsumlee silleh! :)

          1. a Hole dae ub silli sitz shud be eezz peezee, kittehs lubs to sits funneh and inna funney spots.

            Butt cud be danjermaus — ifinkso eberibuddy will splort frum da sillie…

            1. OAr a hole dae of LOL dat fit da Kapshun …

              “If Aye Fitz; Aye Sitz!”

              1. Ai hazza bunch of kittehs in weerd places… is wunna the pawsible themes, if ai gets a few more. But…. *goes to add “If I Fits Innit, I Sits Innit” tu pawsible themes*

              2. I gotz sum i kin send yoo (Aye kno — yoo arrrr findin dat hardz ta beleef…)

              3. Astonished. Ai are toadallee astonished. :shock: Ai meen, yu sending me so few lols! Onlee, lyk, duzzins….

                *gigglol* Ai teezing yu, ai lubs getting yur lols.

                BTW, ai hadda tempted tu use teh pic uv yur tu kittehs in teh tub… teh opposite haf-white-haf-black faces maked me fink of a classic trek epeesode….

    2. *hazza lazee an answers evreewun in wun commint*

      NM, I gotted it an ai loled fur reel but ai alreddy had teh start trek lineup all scheduled an was wurking on tumorro. :-( Trek wazzint orijinally gonna be most of a day, was just gonna tu a cupple, but ai kept getting moar! Will be duing anuvver Trek day, aifinkso, but nawt sure when, an probly will nawt wait that long to post yurs. Just ’cause I like it. :-D

      BF, putting teh theme in teh subject line taht way duz halps – makes it kwik an eezy tu see! Speshially if iz last minnit befoar a theme day an ai running late. :lol:

      HCR, ai seez tehm all *tries tu look impressiv an stuff, an fawls over giggloling* Most stuff going into theme days naw sent in as “his is fur a theme day,” is just ai gotted a few that hadda similar an ai desyded tehy make a theme!

      Evreewun, au gotted a lot uv awsum stuffs in teh last day or so, an has added a few moar pawsible themes tu teh Theme Days page. If is sumfing yu want tu see but it nawt hazza date yet, tehn send me lols (or even capshun-me photos) fur that theme, ’cause ai nawt gonna skejole tehm until ai haz at least most of a day uv ’em. By diffrint peeps, tho! Ai haz six awsum minion lols but 4 am from AngelPlume and tu from ElsaMama an ai tries nawt tu has same purrson back tu back so is effectively only two fur minion day. Yu see? Ai haz Python wuns: HCR, Elsa Mama, maryqos, and aifinkso 5 frum Bluesfan473 whu ai gonna rename Pythonfan473 :lol:

    3. Ohai, Niall Mor! Adn prysma sed mebbe ifn dare be too menny lols for wun theme dai, mebbe we can has a repeet daon teh rode, or sumfin.

      1. *gigglol* Ai shuds hab red to teh bottom, den Ai wuds hab seen dat prysma hursef ansirred awl kwestshuns.

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