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  1. It iz a sine uv awld ayj!

    1. Tehy shud bring thoas charts cloaser, taht’z wot eye think !! * congas, Annipuss *

      1. Ai need lawnger armz!

  2. I tihnk ime seeing tihngs !! * grate pikky nd capshen, EM *

    1. Yep! Gud wun EM!

  3. Naow…cud u git ur poyntee end OWT UV MAI EYE!!!!


  4. brilliant – but the answer was Dolphin Shark Mannatee (huge) Blue whale Orca…
    Next line?

    1. Aye sowee but eye dohknot reed seafud! I landbased weener goggie

    2. reely? ai wuz shure it sed biskit tennisbawl skweekytoi walkies!

      1. Dat wuz da nawt sekkond line!! Den der wuz
        Malemanz … delibbery truk driber …. Papper Boi an bikkee rider!!

        1. ai gnu ai red it sumware! Grate capshun fer dis pic EM!

          1. Fankee. It wuz an innspurrashun.

  5. optishun kitteh optishes

    and conga rats, ap

  6. Nao, fa lo teh red lite….noes, nawt chayse it! Wif yoar eis, yu stoopy goggie! Gett bak in teh chare!!

    1. No self-respecktin kitteh optrishun cud hab da red dot tingy in his/her offiss – he/she wud nawt get anyfing dunaifkinso… :roll:

      1. My silleh goggie lubs da red lite awl most as much as Miss Pebs. Butt himz Iz more likee to try to grabify da majikol emmittor frum my hand

        1. Ai gess goggie nawt so dumm…hoodathote!

          1. He figgerz heel kill it at da sorse.
            My older goggie (da Lady Jane) luks at dot, luks bak at me an gibs me her bestest “yoo am a iddiot” luk. She gibs me dat luk allotz

  7. Ohai, ai am home frum teh vet!

    Teh silleh Cory-Bear rubbed hims nose an cihn raw trying tu get owt uv teh carryer. Him onle haz ever dun taht twice, last time an this time. Nawt know what up wif taht…

    Ennyway, vet putted him back on teh steroids low-dose fur a bit, an we starting him on a anteehistamine, an him getting teh omega oils suppulment, an him getting a topical stuffs tu putting on him skin, an we haz a hoping that neggst time we stop teh steroids, which am making him gain a lil wait him nawt need, teh uvver stuffs will keep halping. And-or it will freeze owtside an tehre will be less allerjens.

    If all else fails, we gonna has to try a food allerjy test. Cory wud nawt be allowed tu haz ENNYFING, nawt a single treet or single kibbul, eggsept a speshal diet. In a 4-cat howsehold used tu free-feeding… uh… that shud be… just abowt unpossible! So I praying wif a fervent tu Bast an CC an evvreefing else that it nawt be a food fing!!!

    1. Hoep it awk werks owt OK!

    2. Ai hadz tu try dat wuns wif Miss Kitty, hoo getz a skin allergy eberee yeer. She wud scratchify herself raw in da neck or ears or legs. Da vet did da allergy test n Ai had tu runarowndwifmaihedchoppdoff tu feed da uffers wifout her “fud” (it wuz icky tu say da leest). Dey desided after dat didn’t halp dat a steroid shot wud du, an it did! Naow awl Ai haz tu du iz taek her in in summer fur her shot an dat’s awl. Dey kan awl eat da regular fuuds agin. Romeo’s former mum told me dis week dat Romeo mite du da saem ting, but Ai brushifies him ebery uffer dayee n he’s guud, juss sum dandriff. No raw areas. Part ob dis is probably da wood floor (no carpet fur da furst tiem in yeers) an it wuz so dry dis summer, so not so many bugs. Ai fank CC fur mai litlol babyss health.

    3. {{{{{Cory}}}}} mae yur irchees dissappear soon!

    4. Ohai PK. I hope dat Cory’s icheez go away soon. I hab tew take GeMeaux in soon. She gawt teh hawt spawts awn the eerz, which we’ve been ablol tew manage with topiclol antibiotic, but nao sheez gawt uh sport awn her chin and neck.

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